Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tagged by Kimchi unnie *this one seriously Tao Tia* @_@

(1) List your top 10.
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust LOVE for them. (10 - 1, 1 is the hottest.)
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.
(5) Tag five people!

10. Channing Tatum

from She's The Man.

He simply looks so fine! Freakin nice bod, freakin cute features + freakin cute accent. and freaking sweet character in the movie. xD LoL. i dont know. i just enjoy looking at him. Havent turn into a Stalker regarding his REAL life tho. =) anyways He IS H.O.T.

9. Jung Woo-sung

from Daisy
-- this pic made me go *rofl* xD

I like him for his character in the movie.
freakin nice story[much credit to director andrew lau]. Its so sad, yet somewhat real. and yes I do have a fetish for heroes from movies (cute ones espeacially but not superman or any of those sorts. PERIOD.)

*cough-main point-caugh* He's one TALL asian too ;)

But, I'm neither part of his stalk-crew in life.

8. Joe Cheng

From started with a kiss.

I dont much fancy him in The Rose, plainly because his character started rather gay. and that freaked me..
You just have to agree in his talent of acting. =)

7. Xiah Junsu

from TVfXQ.

That charisma, that totally adorable laugh, that awesome rusty voice which blends into every chord just so perfectly, that dolphin squeel, again that laugh and the dolphin squeel(again!). haha..
I just couldn't resist that laugh and dolphin squeel.!! xD

6. Dougie and Tommy

from McFly

[left] Dougie, shy yet wild; as danny says "you just have you tap him on the shoulder and he'll start blable-ing none stop" xD CUTE!. and yea, cute.

[right] Tommy, a really really nice person who cares most bout their fans, with that awsome baby voice (which comes along those baby fats i guess?) xD haha..

Harry --- would be at no.11. Check him out people, he's really REALLY HOT! plus plays the drums awesomely. ;) just a little too quiet and cool/cold. I guess that's part of being real 'artistic'. =)

**I absolutely loves and adore all four of McFly, their talents, their craziness [espeacially dannydougielove] & unforgetably, their music. =)

3. Hero JaeJoong & Micky YuCheon [they just HAVE to tie] ^^

from TVfXQ.

You just have to love them for their never ending jokes even though it really isnt funny but you just have to laugh cause of the way they said it and laughs at themselves.
The more dorkilicious ever!

"micky: so we can't see the sunrise from incheon?" *lol* xD

**- yes i read you Jaejoong, TVXQ will not be TVXQ without all 5 members, yunho would be at no.12 [dont ask me why]

2. Danny Jones

from McFly

Not exactly handsome, but I adore his ability to brings the crowd to the highest point. I mean seriously, I do sing, sways, and gets high infront of the computer watching the performances through as though I was really there! *lol* okay, maybe that's just because it's McFly. =P

*- have I told you he is one cool dork? along dougie and the whole of TVXQ.
**- his signature is of the similar style as changmin, both have had an unforgetable incident at exam... there are a few similarities which freaks me.
***- I love him for him =) not cause he somehow relates to changmin. (I only realize the similarities few months ago, when Danny was already my fav of McFly since... f4/f5?)
****- I admit I simply love McFly as much as TVXQ even though I don't own any of their merchandises.
*****- I am desperate for Motion in the Ocean.

I know you know who's spot it is xD

.. absolutely


1. Choikang Changmin~~

from TVfXQ.

I love his hot-sweet-cute-dorky-playful-yet-serious-n-smart personality with that 'mature-for-his-age' apprearance which really got me hooked when I first saw him on youtube (Always There MV<-- he looks absolutely fine/handsome in there), later to find him of our age ['88-ian; did you realize how small amount of us is in the industry? and with fame? minimal]. Plus his LOVEl NG body. smexy abs. smexy voice that can reach both high and love w chords. He's eager in learning everything and anything possible.

He makes me smiles, makes me cry -- although just that once for school of rock. bloody envy those girls >"<


I just LOVE him =)

OKAY! I'M DONE!! *skips around with joy*
- this was so hard. Cause I can only think of the first and last 2 = 4 person. but I love all TVXQ and McFly members and that would take up 9 places. but I adore the other 3 too!! rearranging the 9 was really tough!! espeacially Harry's one. He's just so hot! xD

now the taggin part..
please DONT kill me. 0=)

1. Amiko chan
2. Tracy
3. Summer
4. - whoever who just love getting tagged.
5. HeeNim - it would be interesting to answer this from a cat's point of view "faye: ankeurae unnie?" x) haha.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A 'Problem' is not a 'problem' unless YOU make it a Problem

Havent I told you that FOOD plays a major role in my life? [i love having 5 meals a day.] I do actually think deep about Life, problems and stuff while munching(espeacially dinner). But as much as my brain rolls, I always forget the contents after an hour(i'm seriuos!-okay, i know you know this. the nick "professor blurbi" frm kimchi unnie makes it all clear didn't it? *lol*). anyways the only part I'll rmb is the "key point" thus it explained my title. ^-*points up*-^ <Quoted from Ballroom Bootcamp>

well anyways, it was bothering me for a few days regarding my recent performances at school and seriously I know I did very very badly =.= *sigh* (eventhough I started the assignment 2 weeks ahead-- its waaaAAaay ahead of time for Professor BlurBi). SERIOUSLY, preparation ahead of time does NOT works for me. I shall and will be the most last minute person you'll ever know and I shall remain. I SWEAR.
-- just an excuse to avoid managing time more 'professionally'; which I dont know how, and a percentage of sticking to it is very much minimal. =X

gahx.. I really hate it when I wanted to blog something, yet I forgotten whats it about (no its not your tag unnie, i got it on draft, dont know who else i adore..) *swt+squeezing brain juices* haha.. xP

-0.u.t with a sigh-


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

문득 노무 힘들어

총말 노무 힘들어..
그러나 포기 않을에.

숙비 화이팅!! 아자 아자!

-- 不会放弃,不肯放弃。

** 영지 언니, 그 탲으 초 보았다, 그렇지만 기쁨이 없어, 죄송해요 잠시 만 기다리새요. =)

Friday, March 16, 2007

I shall NOT play with wires.

- i always get cut/poke/sting by it whenever i uses it.
- its hurts my thumbs, pointies and middle fingers > feeling numb for several days in a row.
- its a hassle to use.
- requires more than bare hands to twist, turn, break, or even make it straight.
- for that ^points up^ i need plyers. which are never my friend - I SWEAR! (nor scissors, eventho it have nothing to do wires,but it is of the same family as plyers;) they somehow find some way to pinch/cut me back T.T

MAIN POINT : i'm now full of cuts and scratches from "playing" with it continously for 2 days.

T.T wuuu...
why does my design always looks more canggih than i can effort? T.T
and why do i always rush for my assignment? (even though i've started 2 weeks ahead, and thats because the due date got delayed. heehee :P)

i need a tutor - in model making.
and a tutor - in time management.

*falls asleep with burnin sensation in her face, hands and feets*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


"Even if we talk less, you always stands a place in my heart."
-i don't think this is quoted frm anywhere. its only a shoutout to my friends, even the ones i don't often contact/lost contact with.

My defination of FRIENDS:
- doesn't have to share interests or even the same view of life.
- shares/shared laughter & time together.
- shares little secrets.
- enjoy every single time spent together eventhough its once a blue moon.
- know that we are always here for each other.
- will always forgive & have faith in each other.

I don't know how much i mean to you guys, but you guys definately make a part in my heart, my life. I know i don't always say the thing you want to hear, or might even said things that hurted your feelings, but i do think it is better to be straight forward than to talk about one behind his/her back (& i hope for so in return. sure i know it'll hurt our feelings/friendship but i think this IS the best). Even though we do not see each other as often, even if we do not talk as often, you ARE part of my puzzle. Just so you know, i am always here for you. Time would not bring us apart, nor would distance. The faith i have in you will last forever. Although the phrase 'always being here for you' could not always be physical, you know you have a place to turn to. and thats here. =)


I know I am selfish, for always not wanna go over to your place. but please understand, Petrol is not cheap, for me to go into your place took almost quarter of my tank. and i need to save as much as possible. unlike you, i do not have any salary, just a small sum of allowance that is enough for my food, assignment and small treats for myself (if i eat lesser that month). You know i love you & precious our friendship as much as you do. =)

that jar of stars did not help much eh?
whatever you're going through, may you solve the problem soon.
(try not to think bout 'right' or 'wrong', you may take that 'wrong' turn and still be 'right')
You might regret in the short run(if you took the 'wrong turn'), but as long as you have faith in yourself and made that decision based on your perception you know things will turn out for the better.
do not let things bring you down; smile and think wise, you'll get a better picture. =) Ganbatte! Good luck <3

Kimchi unnie: (i would put ur name in red, but i think suju will be best ^^)
Thank you for always being so nice to me and allowing me to have heechul as my 'kai lui'.. haha.. the thought of it is still wild XD but me love.
Thank you for always correcting my typos/korean.
Thank you for always always so joyful and the entertainer. that ella voice is THE BEST!! ^^

and you know i love you right?? ^^
총말 감사합니다.

Amane unnie:
I know you think my "love" for changmin is a little too over, and i know how much you're bored with my stupidity/lack of self confidence. Even though we dont know much about each other. i admire the way you can always think/sees things in a big picture. i also admire you for being straight forward yet able to break things so gently. and i totally adore your talent in singing and socializing. Really thankful for knowing such a great person (thanks to jojo ^^) & looking forward to discover more of you and your talent. Hwaiting!

*- it will take time to write about all of you, so bare in mind that it's gonna be a really long post, when i get the time to do so. =)

Saturday, March 10, 2007


haha.. my emotion is actually not as serious as the title. (just for the fun ^^, komene liyin chan!) this actually came in handy cause i was (again.) itching to blog (& actually wanted to blog bout my weird eating habit. with i think might bore you guys more)
so just like every single time, i would go blog hopping first thing i sit in front of the computer. *hop hop hop* into liyin's and...





well anyways here goes~! *dedicated to liyin for tagging me* ;)

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names.

here goes!
1. I am extreamly grumpy when the weather is really hot/warm.
2. I am really *RAWR-fierce* when ppl annoy me when i'm hungry and tired (i mean seriously RAWr!-but i dont know where i get that energy for that *lol*).
3. I sometimes almost use the term "LOL" in real life. (maybe i did but dont rmb)
4. I prefer watching the TV alone.

what else??? *grabs head*

5. I enjoy dancing like a dork & laughing at myself. (but not when i am "THE joke" for other ppl)
6. I dislike one of my relatives. make it hate, either way. 0=)

gosh. i dont even know what are my weird habits/little known facts...

7. I... am... an extreamly fussy shopper.
8. I am an extreamly untidy virgo. 0=)


9. I am a bad friend(?)
10. I regret having a blog and being tagged. (haha.. :P)

OKAY~!! the 'yummy part' hohohoho *evil fangs*
The Six buddies:
1. Kimchi unnie!
2. Amane unnie!
3. Ajumma Tracy!
4. summer!
5. Amiko-chan!
6. limliyin :P haha.. SDO freak - ai chin!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Summer : Get Back Time~! hiya~! XD

after the increasing numbers of pictures frm summer's blog regarding her improving culinary skills at an incredible speed. She never. NEVER. fails to make me hungry.. now its GET BACK TIME`!!!
woo hooo!! hahaha :P

here goes~!!

my lunch today:
Miso soup
misosoba 003
Soba Noodles~!!!
misosoba 004

gosh.. i cooked a 3 person meal when there's only 2 person eating -so full- *burp*
haha.. anyways.. it tasted good!!
however i still prefer cold soba noodle(my expertize. sorta ^^) than eating it with miso soup(my first time ever, which qingy really love--she had 2 bowls!! lol) thus, i brought out my fav salad dressing -> french dressing *chu-* to go with the soba.. and WA-LAH, it tasted REALLY GOOD!! it would be a prefect appetizer cause despite of how full we were, we still managed to finish the 3 person soba noodles!! lol.. or maybe we're just really big eaters *licks mouth & burp*
excuse me~!

haha... just like summer would say, it was really a good achievement ^^
<3 it more when someone else enjoy & compliment on the food.

Hwaiting~! summer lets learn more dishes and have party together~!! xD xD <33

Thursday, March 8, 2007

w00t~! i got connected!!! *cheers with joy*

w00t w00t~! i finally got connected~!! xD xD
wuu..** one night without the internet was killing me, espeacially when my hands are itching to type (chat/blog).. lol. i seriously couldnt fall asleep eventhough i'm really worn-out at 2330 yesterday.

what happened was simple(sorta). i lose my DNS code after the "blackout" my area encounter. as to why is it related to the 'blackout' i have no clue(not as simple for me i guess?). the cure? CALL STREAMYX. <33 ^^
and yay,i got connected~! wee~~

but now, at this exact moment, as high as i am for finally getting connected, as much as i really wanna write a longer post. I can't. I can't really type nor think nor concentrate, for my right hand is really cramp/numb/sore frm the 2/3 hours of drawing detail plans =.=" it is using up every little bits of energy to keep typing. (seriously i have no idea why they want us to draw so many eventhough some design/including mine could be explained in one picture---it is almost simetrical & of the same material, and the lecturer even asked why i drew so many when it looks the same? =.=" thank goodness some lecturer "credited" me for being able to imagine and draw it out in detail ^^)

seriuosly as much as i looovveee designing, design studio has not been at all encouraging. there are 4 lecturer in this class and therefore we have 4 minds and point of views to comply. and worst of all? they always ALWAYS change their mind/words at the next class =.=" wtf?
given today: for tutorial given last week/last class, three of the lecturers told us we have to draw and hand in 4 drawings at the end of class today.(one was absent, the one who's most 'wa tak sii') 4 drawings? "ookay, fine/easy"
and that was what we did (the dorky "nerds")-obediently draw out 2 elevations and 2 sections, showed it to the lecturer(s), got our feedbacks, then go photostat and happily going to pass up the papers when suddenly the "most wa-tak-sii" lecturer say...

"ookay, you can go back now." *refusing to take the papers i was holding*
me: *shoving the papers infront of him + tryin to put it on the stack of drawing under his hands*
lecturer: *looks at me with a blank face*
me: err, dont you want these papers?
lecturer: you've already shown me right?
me: yea..
lecturer: well, okay you can go back now.
me: err.. i thought we were suppose to hand in the drawings.
lecturer: no, you've just have to show us.

=.=" wth???
and around 15 minutes before this convo happens, i've asked another lecturer (before photostating) if it was really nesessary/do we need to hand in the drawings today. and she said yes! *grrr*
talking bout recycling/save mother nature. try talk the sense out of these lecturers who lack communication and <3 causing confusions. =.="
seriously they think paper very cheap ar?
and ppl ask me how do you spend ur allowance so fast??
well now you know. plainly on assignments and food =.= (seriously its only the beginning of the month and i've spent 100++? @_@)

T.T i wanna shop, sing k, watch movies & have yum-cha sessions like every other ppl too~!!

돈 이젠 그만 아닙니다!!

wooo~!!! my very first none-birthday-related post!!! XD xD *cheers* lol

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

생일 축하해 숙칭동생~!! ^^

a happy birthday to my one and only sister, Qingy ^^
may you have a wonderful year ahead and keep fighting~!
may you improve in ur singing ability, learn and decide your future. Live life with no regrets =)
best of luck and you know we love you ^^
... and you know how much i love annoying you as much as you do to me.. wahaha.. so JUST.BE.YOURSELF. maerong~! xD

well, despite the long hours of classes today...
(every tuesday and thursday to be exact, and i'm really really worn out now. am going to bed right after this post- it might be half way through so please bare with me, there is just so many things on my mind now. >"<)
I managed to buy a cake and caught qingy by suprise~! xD wee~~ hahaha..
well, it was almost perfect(the suprise). till me-the poor performer/actor/whatever blew it. i mean I seriuosly am so gullible that i thought qingy found the cake in the refrigerator when she happily shouted "lets have cake!!"
and then i dumbly said "oh.. you found it :("
and she was like "huh? o.O" AHHH!!!" (she didn't know till i said the previous sentence T.T") but luckily she was still happy.. haha.. <3 xD xD
yay~ at least it was 95% perfect... ^^

OKAY about the cake. Its frm the "new" cake house in ss15 thats next to salmon's steak which qingy wanted to try out. DO NOT ( read my words).. DO NOT buy cakes frm that cake house. it was a blueberry cream cheese cake that i bought. and it wasnt even creamy nor cheesed, just blueberry -imagine the sweetness. =.=" seriously its just any other vanilla sponge cake- fancy-fied and it costed me rm52? (written rm48 at the counter-well, + tax i know. but GAHx!! @_@")
anyways at the same shop there are cheaper "sponge cake with cream all over it" which was around 30+ if i'm not wrong, but for a person who does fancy too-creamy stuff it was a N.O. for that so i have to deal with the whatever more expensive ones they have.. i mean berry's is all the way in USJ and i just couldn't bare getting stuck in a traffic at peak hours seriously, for a cake, is that really nessesary? oookay, maybe it is considering berry's cakes are really good ^^ hehe.. =P haha.. i can guess that most of you are sweating right now. xD sorry!
in summary- DO NOT TRY OUT NEW CAKE HOUSES. (not for whole cake events)

oookay.. i shall really call out right now. my eyes are drifting into the screen already. will continue tomorrow~!
byebye, oyasumi!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Lei Yan 'n Li Yin~~ 27th feb. ^^

Happy belated 19th bday to my dearest friend, lei yan.
Enjoy your last year of teen (omitt "twenTEEN" lol..)
May cupid find you true love, friends and family guiding you throughout every bitter & sweet moments of the year and may this year be as happening as possible!
ALSO!! may we finally step foot in clubs~
*cheers* ^^

P/S : Glad you love the dress we bought you~! ^^ *excited*

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happy Belated 19th Birthday(too!) to my always so bubbly coursemate LiYin!!
What are the odds that you and my previous friend *points up* shares the same bday and initials and are both as lovable as usual?!
Shall really introduce the both of you someday~ XD
Well, may you and ah-liang be together as long as time allow-hopefully eternity ;), best of luck in every aspects and may the year be as prosperous as may be.
lets have fun in another year of architorture*!!! xD xD Hwaiting~!
Glad you love the purse we got for you~! ^^ *wee~*

wow, i just realize this blog is only about Birthdays.. LoL.. i shall really, really start bloggin! xP