Friday, June 27, 2008


i woke up kinda late today, which i think is around 11am-12pm(?) and never took notice in my phone till like i think 1pm(?) because..

My phone, just like my MSN turns pretty quiet whenever i'm on hols.

i'm just lazy in a way to even check on my phone periodically. :\

it surprised me when i checked and saw like 3 msgs in my inbox.
i know its not much, but i did mention that my phone would turn quiet during the hols, so receiving 3 textmsgs/day is pretty awesome. hahahahaha.

first was from munhong, about lunch and movie.. at like 11am.
sorry, i was already damn late. hahaha. *falls*
this dude is leaving for Melbourne in a few days time i think.
pretty cool cause he's on student exchange thingie, thus he's gonna study in Melbourne U only to pay with ringgits. SO NICE RIGHT?? :)
[btw i think MU is his "dream university"; he's the only one i know who really persist in "whats wrong with melbourne U??" and "come to melbourne!" whenever we discuss about schools.]
thus, congratulations and good luck my friend :)

Second was my fav, cause its from my favouritest unnie, eiko about.....
hopefully you guys feel the happiness all the way from me through your monitor. *rofl*
heehee, i'm still smiling loh, eventhough i think it've been a good 30 minutes or so since she told me the WHOLE story. hahahaha x)

the last one was from maxis, which is very "potong stim" loh. wtf.

anyways lets maintain the happiness in the air and drift back to changmin, and eiko, and me, sitting under a... hut, with marble floors, middle of nowhere.
hee~~~ x)
[copy paste from msn convo box!]

eiko-chan bababu:
better msg you before i forget!!
eiko-chan bababu:
i dream we were going to see TVXQ? SuJu?
eiko-chan bababu:
changmin was there using laptop, sitting on floor, i forgot why but i approached him we chatted, then i join him to watch movie on his laptop.
eiko-chan bababu:
and you go sit beside me, which is very weird, because he like in middle infront of laptop, i'm at his left side, you at my left side~ his right side nobody
eiko-chan bababu:
i ask you go his right side sit, you blush and say you paiseh, then i told him you are his fan, and he laughed~
eiko-chan bababu:
can't remember why, then we break for awhile, when we continue watching back, you sit on his right side and very sweet somemore //=D
eiko-chan bababu:
and i left you two to it (love me yah)~~

hahahahaha~ x)
dont you just love her?? x)

*retarded smile* -out-

faye is flying~

Monday, June 23, 2008

I am secretly an attention seeker.

i think.

If you've browsed through my blog, you would have notice it hasnt been a great week for me. I've been a little emotional about stuff at home.

And I've been suprised today, when ammie asked me
so how are you? you seem a little sad... from your blog.
[ well, sorry ammie for not elaborating more, but i dont feel like boring you with my silly issues :) ]
the reason i am so suprised is because, I've grown up.. pretty much being "invisible" most of the time. I've been outshined in every sense, that i really feel insignificant 90% of my life.
And being the quiet dumb one as most of you know me, the one who totally sucks at communicating? yea, did no good for me either.
However i've never know how to cope with my insignificant, nor express myself, not here, never to mention in real life.

Therefore, it really meant alot when you asked those seemingly three, simple, words.
those words were extremely warm, because it makes me realize there's actually someone there who really is concern about me.
and i really truly appreciate it. Thank you ammie. :)
and i also appreciate you driving today. hahaha. x)
and i really enjoyed listening to both of you talk.
I really love you girls, simple stories brightens me up :)

thank you, i'm feeling the best in a week now :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bunny Love ;)

I was browsing through my sister's computer for some "new" songs.
[see i'm more of an asian, therefore i usually update more on my list of korean and japanese songs, compared to english; eventhough i'm not anywhere near "up-to-date" with them (asian songs) either.]


aint he cute??

...he loves money too!
"돈 돈~" -in the tune of don't don. ;)

Happy birthday unnie.
많이 행복 받들새요~ ;)


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm sorry bout last night.

just got a little too emo.

i just wanna say, its not exactly ALL reports are fake. i mean there are still those very very simple specific report, that i'd believe; not those damn flowery with salt and pepper, beh tahan.
but all in all, i hate ppl who would "fry things up".



I dont know why i always gets emo whenever trying to talk sense into my parents, dad and/or mom.

I really dont understand why cant i talk normally when anything gets serious.
i really really really utterly very much fucking hate myself for this. ARGH!
First they ask me to make decision, when i did, they say "alright! we're right here supporting you" and then the next minute (literally of course) they would be "i dont understand why you were so hard headed on keeping to the decision! you can always try other stuff you know?" or maybe "you dont even know whats out there"(because i dont read papers) i'm sorry to say i fucking hate news because its never first handed, dumbfuck reporters especially tabliods would do anything and everything to make it sounds real and senseful that it actually kill ppl.
come on lah, seriuosly why are you even reading those damn thing? these news have to reach a certain level of cover up to be published too.
and i fucking hate those damn "socialites" who does charity because they want to gain publicity.
understand this, i'm not saying that you have to do it quitely, but dont do stuff just because you want something else in return. i really dont like the idea of taking advantage, in any point. thus i really never get the point of that dumbfuck morale project thing that we're forced to do in f4/f5. its all fake. morale learned "you just have to ACT as if you're nice." :)
I know thats the real world - kiasu/cunning/cover up/damn surface stuff etc. but sit down and think, is this really the real world?
what? so then when everyone lives in peace, before war and all that, that's fake? come on, THAT was real, that was what human was. that, is what human is, if you look deep into yourself.
Kiasu-ness and competition is one thing, but being cunning to get to what you want is an absolute no-no for me. and good news to you all, i wouldnt know i'm being used until very late.
Anyways, this is what happens when the term "cunning" comes into the picture, this is where the war begun, stuff like internal spy, or maybe our more well known term - backstabber.
This was what triggered me most, because before, they'd build me up with darn high expectations and stuff, but ending up with nothing actually.
this is what they call falling from a very high point. you get so dissapointed you dont even know what to say, because whatever you say, they're hinting you to get another option. and how can i not listen to them when they're the ones who'd pay the bills?
seriously the reason i plead for leaving this house is to avoid being slaped back to square one by those issues.
I dont care if i dont own a house, nor a car.
I just want out.
I'd find a way to survive, throw me a budget, whatever you would give.
It'd take me a darn longer time to reach what i aim, but i dont care. please dont give me hopes never to be completed.
I think i have my answer to my previous post already, I WANT TO STUDY ARCHITECTURE.
If you say its a rather hard and unnecessary routh for a lady, i'm sorry, i dont find the relevants in other courses too. There's a certain difficulty in everything, otherwise humans would never reach where we are today. this is about breaking free, getting exposed, taking risk, learning things. We can never stay at point one and live with it for another 10 years. because frankly, you'd get bored wont you? especially those who have a choice to do better, have a change.

And a screencap of the past. I think i've been rebellious since i can remember.

Mommy forced me into piano classes and seriously, instruments is never friendly to me.

kindergarden - piano,
i dont know, the keys are just GIGANTIC, and so HARD to get the tone.
As in when the teacher plays, it'd be "DONGGG". and when i hit it, it'll be "donngg".
then the teacher will get so mad coz i can never get "DONGGG". and then i'd cry every lesson because she's just so darn fierce EVERYDAY.
& yes, i can vaguely remember the way she teached me, she's hold my finger and repeatly slam it againts the key to achieve the "DONGGG-DONGGG-DONGGG" sound, and then ask "WHY CANT YOU PLAY IT LIKE THAT?!"
yes, i absolutely cannot stand fierce-ness. it's all about the love. see, thats why i got interested in language, ICLS has the bestest teachers~ they're all smily and nice ^^

anyways, instrument is never friendly to me part 2.

primary school - pipe thingie, err... this one really damn pukimak. i hate lick hung with passion.
bloody hell, i never sang in primary. you know why? lick hung is so darn good in making every student who's not best in everything feels like an outcast. fuck you lick hung. and yes, back to topic. yea.. my music teacher... hmm... someone ugly, plays good piano.
anyways damn dumb loh seriously, like wtf, i rmb this very well, she always say
"okay, follow my lead and blow it like this -"pee-pee-pee",
and as i can remember every ones goes "pee-pee-pee" in unison.
but she'll go frantic, screaming "NOOO!!! NONONO!! its.. *blow again* pee-pee-pee". and everyone tries again, but is usually suckier than the first.
like wtf! thank YOU, our potential interest in music is all gone, which is why i can rmb her only 2 expressions. 1-bored, 2- ANGRY. :/

Next try was on my sister's guitar, this one damn sad loh really, cause i cant even reach the other end of the tab. =.= hands too small.

BACK to the point of rebellion.
I never accomplish her wish of learning the piano, nor anything. thus, they'd always paster me about "never complete anything" because i'm the only one among us sisters to have no talent in anything at all. everything "半落空".
but i believe, this is the only thing i would like to accomplish right now.
I'm sorry i'm not anywhere near good. but please dont tell me its only a dream. :(

anyways i only gained interest in music in secondary,
when my younger sister can play the piano damn smoothly, and my elder sister, who only went to a few guitar classes can already play a few tunes with emotions,
while I, was just beginning to search for my sound.
I know i'm slow in everything. [not something to be proud of obviously]
I only started singing in secondary, but it was amazing, i've forgotten how i'd horrify both my sisters when i sing out of tune, but i just dont care, i just sang as i never did before without thinking what others thought of me. and seriously i sucked damn bad, because both my sisters can sing real well. [I've grown up, being out-shined in everything.]
I'd say my eldest sister is the singer of all tunes, while my younger, the theatre. :)
and oh, have i tell you how sweet my little sister is?
see, my elder sister, she'd go "omg, you sound damn bad, shut up."
or when we're in karaoke, which my voice would always (and still do) be covered up by everyone else, she's say "eh, where's your voice? go louder!" and pretty much cover my sound even more, and then i'd be screaming till every tune is not right and still only hear a little over hers. BUT!! my little sister, she'd be "no lah, abit soft lah, but right tune." or "not bad not bad, but louder please." or totally stun and then say "shut up."
hahahahah.. damn cute loh really, but anyhow, its a little of those two girls that got me interested in singing.
I love my sisters to bits.
and my elder sis's gonna be home in approx.. 12 hours!!
xD kkya~~~

anyways, I'm all better now talking about my sisters :)
thanks for reading. haha. x)

I love my sisters!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Have i tell you about my recent NEW fringe?

well then i'll tell you now.
i use to be damn skillful in cutting fringe back in secondary school days. dead straight doll fringe to dumb slanting fringe [which didnt grow out in time for my year book *cringe*].. whatever lah, i was pretty much able to "get the look" in a snip.
in fact my skill have degraded into noob level, i currently have three-tiers fringe. yeap. i made that up, i'm a artist! mwahahahaha.

anyways, for your entertainment, let me show you my 3-in-one fringe.




Woah, isnt that a little like "三宝冰"? (ice kacang).
three layers? hahahaha.

Anyhow, i think the result isnt that bad.
...when i have it sideways.

-Ms. Salvi ;)

Rawr! [rocker chick wanna-be] :P


i've sneakily bought the rm99 cleaser from shu uemura, something i've always wanted since like a few years back i dont remember. i've been wanting to lay hands on it since when it only have 3 types, yellow, green and pink i think; now there's like 6/7(?) thats like a little over whelming really, but anyways the one i bought is orange.

"for new and young users. (aka. beginners.) also for sensitive skins" :D

They're at the centre court of midvalley today. giving free make-ups, hair-dos, and photoshoot to all shu uemura spender customer. And/OR free trials for their fake lashes [which they'll take if off after you've done playing with it (:D-not.) =.=]

I friggin love the hair-do, cause its damn fast. as compared to the make up, the hair-do is something i'd categorize as "most productivity in shortest time" I FRIGGIN LOVE THE HAIR-DO! xD haha.

The make up is just.. "meh." for me :/ base coat.. foundation.. eye shadow with not so BOOM-ing effect? etc etc, i dont even know those things she put on me. but its hella LOADS! O_O

btw that make up thing really made me sleepy again. its was so soooo long.

but the camera definately loves it. in real i still love the hair-do much better. hahahaha. :)

idk about the photoshoot, not really my thing, i dunno why must they take like "body" when we only did heads? like so not ngam loh. anyways its 6 shots choose ONE, which you'd get it in A4 for free.

Here are a little photos i took. i'm might upload the "photoshoot" picture when i find a scanner. hahaha..

okay imma go camwhore more before my hair collapse! xD

Sunday, June 15, 2008

how leh?

Strathclyde January intake?
hmm, how leh?
i was damn hyped up because that is the school i've always want to go to, then daddy's talking about the extreme total up that he's gonna invest a year on me, not to his desire, because he thinks thats a little too much (over budget). Then of course, there's the other half of me who's kinda see this field so grey, that i really dont know to go on or not. Next, they were talking about being pretty much jobless after graduation (economy downturn mah). then it got me thinking again, if i graduate an architecture degree holder, what would i do? another days and nights of studios, mean seniors (come on, i'm a bitch already when i'm working on assignments), friggin brain juice squeezing period with minimal outcome. wah, really very grey loh.
now i'm so darn bored, i dont know what i want anymore.
to continue, not to continue.
to go uk, not to go uk.
maybe i could pursue language, but what language?
korean doensnt seem like a wise choice is it?
but european languages?
let me be frank, eventhough i've always want to learn German (i seriously wanna go there! thats like my number1 country, i dont really know why, i'm just attracted to it. haha), i'm still more of an asian person.
anyways i choose uk because its the only available choice NOT south. (OZ and NZ)
i'm not that attracted to uk architecture, its grey, and bulky... damn original lah.
[but i friggin love londoner's accent. hahahahhaa.]

anyways, personally i find spanish architecture the bomb, come on you've got to give credits to the spainish for being the most creative of all nation. flamingo dance? how can you link something so simple (the title) with something so beautiful and teasing? lets not started with the architecture. there's just too much to say. Spain is damn fun! tell me you dont want to go there, everyone know you're lying.
but that was totally slashed out of my option when my dad said, no.
next would be German, its damn fast-forward. whenever i see germany on tee-vee, its like a place of mystery, it gives me a feeling of brutality, even the architecture is like.. transformer. nothing of our kind.

What should i do?


it is really THAT warm to make me drew something that random. i'm not in anyway pro-hip-hop either, anyways! cool anot?
lol i know my drawing lacks skills, but its at least something i feel for right now.
"choi, stop global warming!"

damn. it really is. SO WARM!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

choi, stop global warming.

so i was chatting with seth about the sichuan report, which i came about in jingwen's blog (linked through henneylooyee's blog)
specifically on this report, which i felt the deepest consolation for him and his family.


and then seth said its sadder for them who saw their limbs off to save others.
and then i asked what would really happen if global warming continues?
and he thought the earth might blow up. hahaha.
and i said that we're all gonna drown. logic right?
with the melting of our north and south points, plus its so warm that the earth will shatter (earthquake) which will then leads to tsunami. so wherever you are, highlands, lowlands, we're all gonna be buried alive because we deserve it.

its about time you do your part.
i'm already living OFF air conditioner, i swear i do not even on my air-con on freaking warm days (which really sien-d me out), but i still on my desktop 24/7.. not that wise am i?
hahaha, anyways feedbacks!!! on what you're doing to save the environment.
if you can do it, i'd try my best to accomplish it too ;)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Malaysia's NEXT TOP MODEL!

forget amber chia,
forget that other girl, who looks way better than amber but not as popular sadly :/
and forget malaysia's dreamgirl, whoever she is. sorry for my ignorance,

let me present our very own...
exoticferociouslocaleverybodylovesher"omgwho'sthatgirlflaunting?" LIMLIYIN!

Sneak peak.

with her partner, Fong Yen Jin, nickname Ah Jin.
i know, very scary.
btw, its a runway for recycled material clothing, PAM camp.
for more info, and my more favourite picture of her and the dress (which is amazingly RUNWAY no doubt), go to her blog. linkielinkie :)

well, okay enough tease, here's the video
Sorry its a little shaky, but just LOOK at how she've totally nail it.
Seriously, she's so talented, and she can totally hit the note [I SWEAR she sounds better than Leona Lewis on bleeding love!]
[[so if there's any interested company who'd love to sign her, please do, she's amazingly talented i must repeat.]]
[[[she can sing, she can dance, she plays the piano and clarinet(i think), and as you see, she CAN walk! and she's extremely adaptable. she's a star, you'd just have to polish her to shine better!]]]
gosh i really am promoting am i not? haha. cant help it, she've got so much talent!
its rather a bummer that they only came in 2nd, but still it must have been an amazingly valuable experience for these very bubbly girl and boy. haha, not coincidentally, they're both the loudest ones of our class.
and jin have already made his on screen debut on some ntv7 show.
lets give them a round of applause!! x)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i'm sure you've got familiar with my soba noodles, and i got myself so bored with it, i decided to have a change to udon instead! x) wee~~

BTW i'm practically "home-alone" everyday now, so making a change from my previous hols, i'm so not gonna stuff myself with more instant noodles, they're making me gag. @_@
therefore the kitchen is technically MINE!! [mwahahahaha. mom's usually out till the evenings therefore i think i've been cooking dinner everynight for almost a week now~]
woot woot!! aint that awesome? x)

no, i did not blow up my kitchen in any sense [not like the first few days, where my rice went flying :X; i've raise a level to "above-noob" now okay?? :D and have sorta gotten use to cleaning up. double :D]
so yay for everyone, faye's not whining cleaning up the kitchen anymore!! heehee. :)

anyways, lets let my udon talk.
Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
This was what i made yesterday, udon in plain japanese kicap soup, tempura, and salad.
NOTE!! that ugliest plate of oil is THE BOMB! of the night; its olive oil with black vinegar, eventho simple its awesome! xD try it out yourself, but never EVER, put more vinegar than oil.
its my first attempt in making tempura. its carrot and tomato btw.. look how "healthy" i am! :D
haha. anyways that sucked. cause i "learn-d" from some taiwan show, but the outcome damn sucky loh, really taiwanese taste. believe me, i've been to taiwan. =.= but i'm not saying that they dont have good food in taiwan! i'm just saying it taste like the suckier foods in taiwan. dont get the wrong idea! :)

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
This was today's dinner!
i know it may not look in anyway appetizing AT ALL.
but i love soup noodles!
this is miso, with pork chunks, and obviously, tofu!!
the soup is damn sweet! not as in sugar sweet of course, but the sweetness of meat plus miso! haha. xD
i know i'm contended. hahahaha. cant help it. save yourself! *rofl*

one of my favourite soup of ALL TIMES!

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
i've finally get to made this MYSELF. <3<3<3
several days ago.
really damn nice loh,
and damn easy.

soup-fanatic signing off ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My girls are the best!

This is what happens when we're in a diff course, we would never have the same holidays & schooling time.and never the less what we learn and encounter would be vastly different cause we're ALL in very different courses.
[well i only have one other good friend who's doing something like design, eventhough not architecture =) but only we can really understand the "sanfu"-ness each other undergo doing physical training-model making and computing which would last for weeks.]

anyways, to my dearest friends leiyan, and amiko:
I know i'm in not much stand to say anything, because i am the one who's losing the direction most [well, this doesnt in anyway apply to you ammie, cause you're the most determined apprentice chef i've ever know ;)], and i never know what exactly you all are experiencing for i've never been there, but all i want to say is, i know degree is tough on you guysgirls so far [which i really am already having a break down session whenever thinking about MY time approaching @_@]; you guysgirls are the best, and you guysgirls are the kindest soul i ever know (FOR REAL!). so yes, believe in god in blessing you girls, and believe in me it will turn better. :)
i know that last sentence sound real dumb and lame, but i couldnt get lamer than that.... until we meet up again, cause i've got some good extremely cold jokes. haha. x)
well for ammie who's finals are approaching REAL DARN CLOSE. EXTREMELY GOOD LUCK to you!-three leaf clover-
And leiyan, who's undergoing so many pressure due to the changes... i dont really know what to say, because you're more capable than most of us think of you, i dont know if you already know that. :) btw, She's my first active volunteer friend, she's doing all sorts of events, its pretty amazing, she and the organization.
in conclusion, rainbows appear after rain. :) [eventhough i know ammie would rather just stay with Rain. the solid one x) haha.]

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A beautiful sunday morning~ ;)

despite the fact that i only wake up at noon. xP [i'm seriuos, it was 1200]
but anyhow, i love that i woke up to a cloudy sky, it was so cool [as in cold, not "you're the bomb"],
and the birds are still chirping [seriously did you ever notice that birds NEVER chirp after 10am on a warm day? i did.]
with a mug of warm nescafe, still in my jammies, i sat in the verandah, smiling. It just felt like MORNING! it would be a wonderful day despite that i dont go out on weekends, but its still good, because i just know that i'll be in an extremely good mood today. x) *sings~*

btw, i had the glutinous rice dumplings i made yesterday for brunch.
it was all good, except the too lean meat, seriuosly bak zhangs NEED FATS.
thats when it (fatty pork peices) will make them (bakzhangs) more moisture with a stronger kick of aroma. how can anyone ignore the smell of fatty bakzhangs? x)

Arent they beautiful?? *beams* xD
this is my FIRST time making them!! be proud would you? hahaha..

i know its rather small for a bak zhang, but come on will you? i'm a noob and i must admit its quite hard to do it with small hands. salutes to my grandma, eventho she only made them once for us, years ago when i was still in primary, but that was the most heavenly bak-zhang i had in my memory~ x)

Thats not all!
remember, i said i had a rather progressive week yesterday. *beams*

On thursday, I made OMURICE~!!!


btw, omurice + ketchup, DOES = PERFECT COMBINATION!
mwahahahahha.. i'm damn proud loh seriously. despite the "packaging". hahahahahahahha.
this IS my FIRST time making them & I made three in total :)
and yes of course this is the most presentable one. why would i want to show you my more failure example?

if your reaction now something like:
"huh? isnt that like. NORMAL fried rice with egg on top? meh, the egg not mata-kerbau somemore, cheh."
I STILL DONT CARE! mwahahahhaha.. [told you i'm in an extremely good mood today]

It IS my first time frying rice, and I dont like fried rice, because they're usually too dry and tasteless eventhough they have good chillies and ikan bilis and dried prawns. but let me tell you what i put in MY FIRST FRY RICE!! :D :D :D

- lotsa lotsa garlic.
[you know they always say, "fry your garlics till they gives out that awesome beautiful garlicy smell then only add...." i never gets this, i never smell the awesome beautiful garlicy smell, they still just smell garlic, fry any longer and i smell "overcook". *swt* but anyhow its best RAW with black kicap for bak kut teh! mwahahahaha]
- carrot cubes
- mushroom cubes
- fresh little prawns <33
and of course .RICE. =) [which i actually cooked it with pandan leave, but it doesnt smell pandan at all. booo.]

i swear the last two ingredients is the loviest of the love! haha. x)
see, i really DONT LIKE fried rice, and according to the list in order is how i cooked it.
As it progressed - garlics... carrots... mushrooms... i was so nervously awaiting that nice food-smell; because i hate bad food and for ME to produce one is an ultimate disgrace, plus i'm cooking TWO cups of rice, thats like too much to waste.
Then it finally came when i added the prawns, and let out a breath of relieve. [HAHA. i really did!]
Next step was tough! because i really ponder whether to "ruin" the now good meal with that package of smoked salmon. see i never tried cooked smoked salmon and raw smoked salmon are yuck. so yea. it took me quite a few minutes to finally decide to add it in!

and I SWEAR i am not exagerating, it REALLY IS HEAVENLY!
try it yourself, then you would understand what i mean by this "goddamnomgoodnesswthellisthatAWESOMELYBEAUTIFULsmell?!?!"
hahahaha. x)

all in all, i would say its the BEST fried rice i've ever had and to proudly declare that it is my first time cooking it. wahahahahahah.. i AM seriously damn proud. :D

Saturday, June 7, 2008


we (mom and i) have finally make those glutinous rice dumplings TODAY!
gosh, its so troublesome my hands are sore now.

i'll be back later.
but overall i'd it've been a very progressive week x)
me likey!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A beautiful soul.

I'm gonna talk about my going-to-be-former young maid.

For those who did not know, she's only 17 years of age, yeap, the same as my younger sister. how did she fool the kastam, i do not know, but i am absolutely sure the one who approved her is either blind or blind. haha. because, really she looks very young. and there's just the "aura of innocence" that's going about her.. i dont know how to explain, but anyways, let me tell you a story about this young girl.

She's from a small village on the hills of Cambodia, who lives with her grandmother. Her dad died of old age when she was just 11 if i remember correctly, and her mother is currently working in thailand. Now i know the introduction is nothing great, it could have been any other "immigrant maid's story" but the point is she's just that young innocent. She's this innocent soul who would have been everyone's little sister because she's just so obedient, sweet, and curious about everything that to be frank, she's really quite adorable. but there's also part of "every other maid's story" where she'd lie to get out of trouble, and break some stuff at home. haha. to be frank she'd be the first maid to have broken so many household stuff in such short period. btw, if i got the dates right, think her service period for our house was only 3 months or less. =)

anyways, "obey-ing" mom's request, i bought the young girl for some shopping at carrefour just now.
She was so happy about it, you could actually feel her beam. cute isnt it? =)
and her shopping list is so short, she only wants a long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of socks. why am i talking about her simple shopping list? well, see where she's coming from made her this really simple girl that she wouldnt ask for more, you get me? she really just look for a t-shirt, and a pair of socks. and then she's good to go.

unlike us - the lucky ones, honestly we'd NEVER have a "i'm gonna get ONLY an item to treat myself for doing so well this sem" idea, in situationa like this we'd actually be like....
"okay, i'm gonna get a top... and a bracelet, and a bangle, and a slipper, and K-session, clubbing tonight, and buffet on sunday!"
or a rather simpler example "ma, can i have both/all?" and then when mom says no then we'd be grumpy for the rest of the day.

what i'm trying to say is as tin would have prefered of the outskirt areas, simple ppl like them makes life more simple, less stressful, and in all, more beautiful.
Cities ppl, admit that you actually do take advantage over someone direct or indirectly. i know a number of ppl who could do that without even feeling guilty. because its part of the "chain" of living out here. I'd admit that i take the most advantage of my family, that i could do all mean stuff like cussing and raising voices etc when i'm not in the mood of entertaining, i'm just that uglily rude if that's the way you'd put it, i admit it.

now how do i conclude this?
i know its a different culture, lifestyle, bought up situation etc to start off with. But really, why cant we learn to satisfy ourself with more simple things? I, for one would need a MEGA upturn to reach that level, but it would be a great achievement i believe if i ever reach there =)

In approx 5 hous,...


I'd be maid-free again!

its time to get my hands rough again.

boohoo. =(

Thursday, June 5, 2008 - let's sing! ;)

For those ppl who absolutely love singing, and is not shy to show off their skills, please visit:

Its this site which XH introduced to me two days ago. Its something like habbo hotel, where you interact by you avvie character, same old: walk walk, sit sit, talk talk. BUT! with the addition of earnin meemoneys (idk whats it rightful name, i just named that up. haha.) by SINGING.

yeap, i mean singing for real, through your very own microphone. =D
[ shufei says are you tempted liyin??? ;D ]

and its really, pretty cute.
you will get to encounter listen to so many types of "singers".
potential ones, average ones and not so potential ones.

well, i only played it the night before, then my line got a little coo-koo yesterday. anyways on that night alone, only ONE managed to be printed onto my very limited memory. He's a guy who goes by the nick" 猪肉包", literally translated as pork-pao. very cute nick, haha this behpaiseh fella owns a very soothing voice, and his "professional level" made his perf. period actually sounded like something off radio, and he is also quite funny. he actually read out a comment some other players wrote "you sound handsome, i mean you dont seem like an ugly person" in chinese out of every other normal nice comments he recieved. **main point: after he read that out, he summore laugh damn paiseh-ly. damn wtf *falls* loh. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. behpaiseh.

oh ya, btw, the way you earn your meemoneys here is by recieving votes from the other players throughout your 8-minutes performing period. the more votes you get, the more meemoneys! then you can go buy your cloths, furnitures etc. not like habbo where you'd have to exchange by real credits. so yea, this is another plus point. btw, the furnitures here DO COME WITH YOUR ROOM. so you'd never start off with an empty room [habbo's room are very depressing to start with]

Also, for those shy ppl like me, there's also other working areas to earn your meemoneys! this i have not figure out how to play. but the fastest way to earn your meemoneys is of course SINGING. so SING babehs! ;)

nevertheless, there are also those behpaiseh ppl who sings so horribly, where you'd REALLY suspect if he/she IS "KILLING A PIG". sorry if offend the malays, but thats how we put it in chinese =). but you would still have to salute their courage. because i for one, eventhough understand i might not sound as bad as they are, still is a chicken to sing through a electronic device. cause yea, i absolutely hate my voice through phone, they usually sound much more squeeky than i can accept.

Just check it out ppl!
its really quite interesting, WE NEED MORE TALENTED PPL FOR ENTERTAINMENT!!

;) enjoy~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I've got to admit i absolutely fancy guys who CAN sing, double bonus for them with an extremely inexplainable voice that would make one fall/melt/fly/whatever you like. triple bonus for eyecandy level! haha.

First of all, Kenji Wu. I never knew who he was, the first time listening his song, namely "poem for you" was sung from a different mouth, one that i extremely enjoy singing K with, because her voice is forever so soothing and mesmerizing. I swear! btw, the one i'm talking about is my dear friend chze yoon~ She can do duets, back up, anything, and you would go silent without noticing(at least i did for a good number of times) because you'd just want to listen to that clean sweet voice better. :)
anyhow, i finally heard the original version by kenji wu, after recieving from leiyan. through hotmail. [yes! mp3 (no "+s") may be sent through hotmail! hahahahaha.]
and hah. i must say, he have an awesome voice. very manly, yet still a little teasingly femenine. told you its inexplainable. xP
but anyhow its extremely loveable. i'd give him a 4 out of 5 for singing in a language i understand. HAHAHAHAH. bias i know i dont care :P
Plus, he's quite good looking to be frank. eventhough he looks a little BadBoy type but still overall an agreeable eye candy. :D

Second Kim RyeoWook. little ryeowookie~~~ gosh he's a year older but i really can NOT stop calling him "little wookie" because really, as everyone puts it. he's just too adorable! his baby voice gosh. smexy. and his innocent smile. gosh! *melts* hahahaha..
I already admit i'm bias on language i know. thus, I only got REALLY attracted to him even more after listening to suju-M songs. no, dont bash me yet! I am still pro-13, i do not know anything about the other two extra, well i know one's name is fluffy(?) thats all. i'm not a suju fan. and the only voices i CAN recognize from that group[M] is only ryeowook's and kyuhyun's (the first suju member i took notice in; and whose voice i think outrated both pumpkin's and wookie's during their K.R.Y. days.). other's appear quite similar thus hard to differentiate for a noob ear like me. *shrugs*
anyhow, why was i extremely attracted to his suju-M songs? because you can actually hear the effort he implied. you can really hear those precise, clear chinese words, definately not mumbling. and please remember he's korean. thus such hardwork and achievement is totally to melt for. ;) heehee.

Third and my utmost favourite person, doihavetosaymore? SHIM CHANGMIN!. teehee. *haha. i know you guys can already imagine my current expression x)*
well i know maybe his voice isnt that "out-shining". but i was extremely blown away by some GUY who could sing high notes. and doihavetosaymore? he's just so cute!.
okay cut the crap. i'm boycotting SM still. :(
gosh i really miss this hotlyretardedbutactuallyamazinglysmartandsexycutie :(

well among the other guy artist, i also admire jay chou & khalil fong. :P
anyways, yea, those are my current fav so far. its kinda a pity as to i dont have a certain english guy to fancy no? hah. :)


야!! me no likey school holidays!

i dont mean sem break. cause i'm totally enjoying it without any progression still. *evil laughter*
but little boys and little girls's school break. like wtf. small kids, go home and study, or rot infront of your computer... i dont care, just please. dont. "over-populate". the. malls. please. i beg you.

why am i complaining when its already tuesday of the latter phrase of their TWO weeks hols? =)

because. babified REDBOX [shufei says fuckyou.] bloody cut/close my room acc at 1.50pm, when i only went in at 11.53am. did you realise how wtf this is? that was only TWO hours of singing session. wtheck? seriously loh i very very very very beh syok. I just only finish warming up and was beginning to sound good when they fucking closed my acc. wtf. on NORMAL days i masuk 11+ am keluar pukul tiga also got. but whatthefuck? this is only TWO hours, and we have to finish our lunch, and our soups, and i didnt even get to the verge where i need water thus my enlarged drink was only taken a sip when they closed the acc. =.= damn lame loh. wtf. damn not syok loh. wtf.
oh yes, qing even comprehend till the stage where she only sang HALF of EVERY songs she pick because she wants to sing more. damn not syok loh =.= celaka. HEMP!

no wonder i dont use to love redbox.
fuck you red box. i damn fucking beh syok you. CON MAN!
stupid-chinese-greedy-never-follow-game-plan-ppl. MA-DE!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bye Bye.

This is for my peoples
Who just lost somebody
Your best friend, your baby
Your man or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye
No, no, no

Mamas, daddys, sisters, brothers
Friends and cousins
This is for my peoples
Who lost their grandmothers
Lift your head to the sky
Cause we will never say bye

As a child there were them times
I didn't get it
But you kept me in line
I didn't know why
You didn't show up sometimes
On Sunday mornings and I missed you
But I'm glad we talked through

All them grown folk things
Separation brings
You never let me know it
You never let it show
Because you loved me and obviously
There's so much more left to say
If you were with me today
Face to face

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on I wish
I could talk to you for a while
Miss you but I try not to cry
As time goes by

And it's true that you've
Reached a better place
Still I'd give the world to see your face
And be right here next to you
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say

Bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye

You never got a chance to see
How good I've done
And you never got to
See me back at number one
I wish that you were here
To celebrate together
I wish that we could
Spend the holidays together

I remember when you used to
Tuck me in at night
With the teddy bear you gave me
That I held so tight
I thought you were so strong
You'd make it through whatever
It's so hard to accept the fact
You're gone forever

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on I wish
I could talk to you for a while
Miss you but I try not to cry
As time goes by

And it's true that you've
Reached a better place
Still I'd give the world to see your face
And be right here next to you
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say

Bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye

This is for my peoples
Who just lost somebody
Your best friend, your baby
Your man or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye

Mamas, daddys, sisters, brothers
Friends and cousins
This is for my peoples
Who lost their grandmothers
Lift your head to the sky
Cause we will never say bye, bye.

I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on I wish
I could talk to you for a while
Miss you but I try not to cry
As time goes by

And it's true that you've
Reached a better place
Still I'd give the world to see your face
And be right here next to you
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing to do is say

Bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye, bye bye, bye bye
Bye bye

I have always hated death.
I also dont like saperation.
I don't like watchin the news because there's always more death/murders/wrongness in life.
this morning, i switched on astro to this old hongkong movie, i dont know the title. The synopsis is about this dad, who i believe as every other person would be when they reach a certain age: being paranoid, thus when he found out that he had abdomen cancer, no one in his family believed, thinking he's just being paranoid and everything is just fine as they were. So being the optimist that he is, he decided to just go along the game to remain the happiness throughout his final phrase of days. Until eventually the lie is broken when his eldest daughter found the report. Its just so sad, because you know this person's gonna leave but there's nothing much you can do, the dad refuse to do the operation because there's only 50% of sucessful operation -meaning if it fails, its rightaway byebye, something that he is not ready to do; he'd rather spend these remaining days he have doing things than betting it on the operation table. Its just so sad isnt it? why does saperation always have to be so sad? no. why do we have saperation?
anyways, i dont really know what i'm talking right now.
but after that show, mariah carey's Byebye came playing into my mind - a song that i've only heard once full on mtv, and another time only the very final verse on radio.
It beats whatever songs the chinese artistes sang for sichuan.
however i have to admit i got amazingly touched at a mother's poem, titled "child, hold my hand". the poem covers something like a mother asking her child to hold her hand in the darkness, as a guide to the other side, and not be afraid.
Its just so heart-wrenching to learn this poem is written by a mother who's forced to let go on her precious one. A great step for anyone to take, especially when it is by a cause of disaster/accident rather than sickness.
Mariah Carey's song is the best ever. i know it is not directly for sichuan, but the melody and meaning of it beats every other song available.
四川 加油.