Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm not trying to be racist.

Really, i absolutely adore malay cruisine, and also adore those mamak ppl cause they are usually the friendliest compared to chinese kopitiam ppl.
but seriously, i swear, SOME MALAYS do get on my nerves.
I, for one, dont like driving. so yes if you're reading this, and would love to call me out/drive me around, please do =). i swear i'll love you to bits. HAHA.
I guess you'd sorta guessed why the mention of racist and driving. Yes, just today, on the road. i got F*-ing pissed by THREE malay drivers. i swear to you the rudest drivers IN PJ/SJ area are MALAYS. not just any malays cause seriuosly i'm fine with them, but dumbf* malays who's damn bloody proud with their small cars. specifically "waja" AND "kancil" (well i already despise kancil, specifically for their parkings, damn pita, sorry). seriuosly have you ever met a rude malay in better cars? no right?
then why are they just so blooody proud with those damned cars? i have no idea.
they'd either go too slow, or too fast. its sooo annoying because on the road, there's already like 120837178245632834 other cars to comprehand and bloodyhell these inconsistancy. its driving me nuts.
haha i cursed ALOT today. and then i was like "next time when you drive, DONT CURSE LIKE ME!" to my sister, wtf.. hahahahahah gosh.
but really, these drivers are damned. =.=
not that i'm a good driver, i'm a reckless one to be frank.
so please please please dear friends, if you got a car, get me out? 0=D
the world will be a much safer place that way too! =D =D

anyways, this is a rather cute e-mail i got today.
titled : Chinese Da Vinci Code

press ctrl + A! =)
** open a new tab/window for the pic, cause it'll only work that way. =\

Thursday, May 29, 2008

my very weird body system.

#1 - Fruits doesnt befriend me =(
i dont know why, but it seems like most (note: approx. 90% of the time) fruits which taste SWEET to everyone around me would taste SOUR or weird to me.
this IS the reason why i hate fruits. (hahaha.. curious as to why my nick is applefaye then? *rofl*)
am i more of a sour person? is that the reason why all fruits become sour, because they know they'd be eaten by me? i really dont know why they despise me!
last weekend, we had steamboat at home, and my mom being a corn lover, had corn boiled for all of us too. now, now, i know corn isnt a fruit... is it? anyways, i dont like them either. for a matter of fact, my mom only cooked ONE corn. yes ONE BIG corn choped into 6 peices (one each!), & amazingly OUT OF THE WHOLE jagung (lets just let me use "jagung" alright? its so much more homey than "corn". haha) mine tasted just like water, when everyone's else tasted of really SWEET corn. =.=
is there any hypotesis as to why my jagung would taste so pale, when everyone else's damn sweet?
blah. idk too. =(

#2 - I gets hiccups for drinking more water.
FYI, i could live with only a bottle of water when i'm outside and a glass a day if i'm home. that doesnt not include my daily intake of soup, and breakfast/lunch-yumcha sessions which is minimal (like only 2 cup max on a VERY WARM day). but anyhow, i'm talking PLAIN WATER right now.
i ALWAYS gets hiccups if i drink more than that. okay. i'm only taking my example from home because its the only time i'm be so free to notice i'm having hiccups again. See my usual habit is a cup a day, and whenever i drink my 3rd or 4th glass of water; excluding soup, i'd always get hiccups. no, drinking the next glass of water without breathing would not help either. i guess i can declare myself a hiccup-er(?) lol.. my cure? JUST IGNORE IT. seriously, ignorance is an art. hahaha. you'll have to be cool enough to not let those hiccups get on ur nerves and really just ignore it. it should be gone before you notice ;)
haha. i know it sounds like bullpoo but that really works for me, so the next time you have hiccups, try it out? =D hic. hic. hic.

#3 -...
okay i cant think of #3 anymore.
anyways.. #1 and #2 is enough to stand my point: is my body system weird or what?

i dont like driving on a busy road.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

i'm sorry i'm gay

But i must admit that i'm a sucker for HK.
not HanKyung of super junior sorry, eventhough he's really, pretty adorable. =P
i'm talking HELLOKITTY.
in fact, i love ALL SANRIO.

anyways. why all so sudden the talk of "gayness"?


Seth bought me these lovely cans of candy drops!

Thanks alot. xD
haha.. well he also bought me a cape? or is it a table cloth?? =P
anyhow, the whole "scenario" was very funny i think.

:He passed me this esprit bag, and i asked "what is it?"
and he said to look for myself. and i did.
the 1st thing i took out, was the cape (because it was most "reach-friendly" from the bag; haha.. me and my invented words)
and i went like o.o? *stuntforasecregisteringthesubject* cause i dont use these stuff, so seriously the words "whats that again" really DID came across my mind. haha.. real sorry for the dumbmode seth, i didnt mean it.
and actually really anticipated the weight still in the bag. and i pulled out these TWO cans of candy drops!
HK printed!:
it kinda seem like i had a 180 degree change of expression, because we were both laughing. [i think i was partially giving that dumbsmile as i used to whenever changmin's name is mentioned, i dont know]
LOL. anyhow, thanks seth.

well, that was real funny for me:
1- to realize its hellokitty (i think everyone knows i'm a sucker for it, despite my persistance of "man-ness" in my daily habit.) - SANRIO makes me smile =)
2- to realize my OBVIOUS change of expression. *rofl*

nevertheless, i've found something uber cool on these cans.

1- "same ol'" right?

2- LOOK! they have prints when the seal tape is removed!

like so cool really, its in GOLD somemore.
i cant really read whats printed but i could roughly make out the word "开封" which means its opened. well anyhow, its really cool. hahah.
and therefore i present......



Qingy's NEW calculator set!

hahaha.. i love my little sister. i dont know who wrote that, but its ugly not very nice, ANYHOW now its upgraded by me. LOL.
damn muka tembok weh.

*err.. i think that's my sis's writings? O_O"
oops! =X

Friday, May 23, 2008


greatest gratitude to khalil fong.
the underrated RnB king - for me at least x)
who helped me throught the "labor" nights.
hahahaha.. but seriously, his soothing melody just made the nights less tense. =)
Thank you A LOT khalil. =]

anyways.. i just want to share this beautiful images my father e-mailed me.
and i just thought no other music than khalil's would fit best with them.
therefore the change in music, but i couldnt decide upon ONE, so anyways...
Enjoy =)

H.O.L.D.I.N.G. T.H.E. S.U.N.

*haha.. i dont know why most of them like to hold it from the left, but it's still pretty awesome isnt it? =)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please vote for PoohPooh~!

hahahahahah.. xD
Please vote for PoohPooh on the clip! (with title Pooh's Day Out)

Pooh will love you always! ;)


Saturday, May 17, 2008

from my dear leiyan

1.Real name : Yeoh Shu Fei
2. Nick name : faye, shufei, bibi (this are the ones thats still been called recently)
3. Married : i hope i at least have a partner?
4. Male or female : female.
5. Hish School : SMKSJ
6. College : SABD Taylors
7. Short hair or long hair : shoulder?
8. Are you a health freak ? : a little..?
9. Height: i think its 15...2? (gosh why do they this love this? RAWR.)
10. Do you have a crush on someone? : ahem. lol.. no i dont think it is a crush exactly
11. Do you like yourself? : yea, pretty contended *lol* but it depends really. i'll conclude myself more of a hate-able person than a love-able person. you get me?
12. Piercings : one hole on each ear, but i pierced twice. each. =/
13. Righty or left handed? : righty. i hope i can do both hands tho. that'll be soooo cool, and i'd be smarter coz then i'll have TWO brains. which i desperately need hahahahahaha

14. First surgery : er.. should be F3/F4? not sure, but it was minor. AH! wait there's one when i was still in kindi or so very young anyways, and i need stitching on my brow coz i "drifted" on my bike, scraped and slit my brow on a sharp edge of the old type curb. yea.. long story short, i wasnt afraid, and i didnt even know i was bleeding, i just rmb seeing my parents screaming frantically (i'm serious!) from across the street and rushed me to the hospital.. O_O
aww... its pretty cute isnt it? when you're young and ur parents would treat you like you're the precious thing on earth? i miss that.. heehee =)
15. First piercing(s) : highschool. i know very lame, but my mom was against peircing cause she have sensitive ears and fear that we might inherite it.. so to save the trouble, dont pierce, anyways only me out of my sisters have them. boooooo...
16. First person you see in the morning : person.. person... err.. my maid? occasionally my mom. hahahaa
17. First award : kindergarden. gosh i miss those days really, all i have to do is draw and colour and OMG i get presents. life's so simple back then. =)
18. First sport you joined : "officially": volleyball (yes you may laugh all you want. haha); leisurely: cycling =)
19. First pet : rabbits!! a white and a brown and white patches! and i love the brown white one more, coz its slimmer, and would jump all around the backyard, while that white one just sits in the cage all day long. i rmb this one time, when a snake invaded the cage. and the brown white one was all jumpy around, but the snake only laid eyes on the white because it was just there squatting still with its eyes all buldging out of alert. i was praying for the snake to just go away. but it still bit on my white's hind leg =( and that wound never heal... but she only died months later. and then patches went missing and i never want to rare rabbits again =.=
20. First vacation : the one i remember. JAPAN! hahaha.. but it should be AUSSIE.. =)
22. First crush : heehee. primary.. but the one i liked most was much later. xP
23. Eating : what? first eating?
24. Drinking : what are these question actually?
25. I'm about to : i'm suppose to go to bed... 0=D
26. Want kids: YES! hahaha. mind you adoption would be fine.
27. Want to get married : if i meet the right one why not? but if he doenst want to, no big =) i really dont need a paper to prove anything, as long as he's loyal, loving and truthful to me then everything will be okay.. now i'm going a little to far am i not? haha.. lets come back!
28. Careers in mind : err.. one that have constant hours, well pay, and is of the same field i'm working on? 0=D ....AS IF that'll happen. i dont know anymore =(

29. Lips or eyes : err.. i think eye? haha.. i dont really notice where do i look 1st.
30. Hugs or kisses : HUGS! i could live with one everyday everyone ;) heehee.
31. Shorter or taller : Taller please....
32. Romantic or spontaneous : both would be perfect ;) i couldnt choose!
33. Sensitive or loud : sensitive. i think they're cute this way... heehee. =P
34. Trouble maker or hesitant : er.. trouble maker then, since i believe i'm a "hesitant"

35. Kissed a stranger : no.. i havent even kissed... O_O
36. Drank bubbles : bubble tea's bubbles.. yes
37. Lost glasses/contacts : no. i dont wear them. =D
38. Ran away from home : no.. i dont like the idea of that, nor do i support any who does that, but there are times when things goes wrong, i just wanted to be away from home for a few hours.
39. Liked someone younger : haha.. you know what? really there are sooo many more younger cute guys these days. why am i not born a few years younger? but anyways.. no =)
40. Liked someone older : not that i'm aware of.. no.. = gosh i'm pretty sad am i not?
41.Broken someone's heart: i guess...? *eeks!*
42.Been arrested : thankfully no. =)
43.Cried when someone died : so far, none of my beloved is dead so no (AND THANK GOD) but i get real upset at the thought of death and afterlife. its just sooo sad.. =(
44. Liked a friend : this it have to be the same as leiyan, but i always only liked a person from the bestfriend/friend stage. hahaha..

45. Yourself : i hope i have more of this. =\
46. Miracles : yes i do. but it turns out more in fictions.. =.=
47. Heaven : yes.
48. Santa claus : I REALLY HOPE HE EXIST! hahaha
49. Angels : well yes, and i believe they dont have wings, eventhough angels' wings are so beautiful =)

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now : hmm... not particularly.. no.. someone make me fall in love? lol. jk.
51. Do you believe in god : i believe in the existance of god, but i dont believe in them always being there, and i believe there are more ppl who needs them than us the fortunate. thus i wouldnt pray. but i do extremely believe in karma, thus i know i'll be a lonely grumpy old lady one day. hahahahahah. omgosh.

my dear OXH, and QINGY-QING in particularly because they are new-bloggers!!
come on ppl welcome them~ ;) [link's on the right. dont bother xh's, i dont evenknow his concluded blog, i just know he's working on one. hahahaha]
now you all have something to start with =D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

such a happy happy day~ xD

hello hello babehs~

omg i'm so happy right now i'm REALLY smiling!
actually i've been smiling the WHOLE day, which i feel the sore when i'm not smiling, but that seem like a tiring job to do, so i just continue smiling xD

just look, you can sooo tell the VAST difference of school time me and holidays me right? i know it. and this is why i love hols and not school, ever since primary. haha
but i love school otherwise i wouldnt get to know all these friends i have today x)
and yes, eventho education wise i'd say home-school would be better, but for the sake of friends, please please please send ur kids to school. they're(friends) the best thing ever!
anyways i'd have to PLAY ALL I WANT now before all my coll friends return to their hometowns.

i went for K-session with shirley, harhar, and chze yoon today~~
it was ssooo much fun eventho seriuosly the curve's rooms are lousy, compared to sunway. and they doenst allow drinks enlargement (available at sunway), and doesnt have soup for lunch (available at sunway too). BUT! at least they have better main course than sunway. seriously usually i'd have seth or liyin to finish my portion at sunway, but i finished mine today!! not bad at all not bad. x)
haha.. really it was sooo much fun, finally have someone (harhar!) to sing timeless with me. woot!
and that girl can sing japanese.. well she can read japanese, with kanji, but i never know she can SING! well i didnt mean i didnt know she can sing, i've heard her sing a line of britney's gimme more in the car, eventho with that very short line of lyrics, i can already tell she's a singer. i just meant i never thought she could also sings as she reads in japanese. very very impressive. ;)
and having chze yoon the amazing singer, who can do duets prefectly with her amazingly sweet voice. xD
and also my beloved shirley, the one who'd sing with everyone to everysong, eventho she've never listen to any, but still she'll grasp the rythme in seconds, such an amazing company ;)
and thanks to all who bares with my amazingly out of tune "Y". hahahaha! thank you for the fun. xD

and then we went shopping at ikea, which i bought like SOOO MANY STUFF I'M SO HAPPY.
hahahah xD
i seriously am still smiling right now x) heehee.

and i had korean with har and shirley at pyramid after dropping yoon home.
it've been a pretty amazing day, i'm so happy, and i'm going clubbing later! WOOT!!
ok i shall go prepare now.


p/s: i'm gonna pass my studio with a C. Thank you! xD hahahahhaha..
*happiness x1029382174236417623648245391749028502783721428039*

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


xD xD xD KKYA~~~~~~

ahhh.. its so nice, now i can have ALL the sleeps i want. x)
and to those dear loved ones, if you choose to send me facial masks or beauty treatment, anything that sort. It'll be my utmost pleasure to recieve those with full gratitude.
am in critical need for intensive recovery session! x)

as for now, thank you all for not bothering me much through the times.
i love you all, especially shirley, seth and tin, eventho you all might think you didnt do much. =)
but to shirley, thanks for listening to my shits all the time;
seth, eventhough i was "tu-lan" at you CONSTANTLY reminding me of the time, still thank you for being concern.
and my beloved tiny tin, thank you for calling back after every depressing msg sent out. and thank you for those comfort session you gave. thank you so so much. those words really meant alot to me, thanks for helping me through. *hugs*

now its time to parrrrrttaay~!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

salad cold noodle~

my brunch today, want some? ;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

this is a little cute surprise [the courtesy of caffeine x), i think.]

w i sh


I was thinking of a very short post. because i'm not suppose to be here, but i really really want this to happen.
which means, "god, please give me a better brain.";
so, as the page loads (my comp lags, thus it would take a good few seconds before it runs smoothly) i typed to shirley "my metabolism rate is too good." -cause i poop-ed like 4 times today. =.=

and the page loaded just in time as i switched from the convo box to the explorer window.
and that "w i sh" appeared along the usual new post page.
right where it is.
i did not want to edit any part of it, cause it is just too sweet.

to whoever that's listening:
please please please give me a better brain.
i really need 'em.
thanks a bunch, i love you! x)

Monday, May 5, 2008

I really believe that I have an antenna which recieves information about changmin.

cause you see, despite the fact that i've been sleeping only around 4am/5, for the past few DAYS, and i already slpt for FOUR hours yesterday evening, i chose to sleep again, at 2/3am last night.
i wasnt even tired-tired, and rolled around for quite awhile, i HAD to go to bed "just because" -quote eiko. hahahaha xP
and i kept rolling/sleeping till around 10+, eventho i was already 60-70% woke by seth who called around 9.30 =.=

and miraculously, eiko-unnie sent me a msg on msn around 3+am, about changmin being paired with jessica.
SEE!! i told you i've got an antenna, otherwise why would i instinctly get myself to bed when i already slept in the evening? anyways, this is not the only time, there's other stuff that only me and eiko-unnie knows -because she's the only one i can tell without feeling like i'm "blow-water"-ing (unless she forgot) that makes me believe i really have a built-in antenna for changmin.

I understand that it's not jessica's nor CHANGMIN's choice to choose their position/role in any video, cf, whatever.
but wtf why did you just paired them up when i swear her to stay OFF changmin?
well, actually jessica dint "get on" changmin, technically changmin did =.=
you suck, SM/the director/the producer, whoever you are... *MAERONG!*

Saturday, May 3, 2008


i think i've become too tired to even say "i'm dead".
not physically, coz really i've been sleeping for 9 hours almost every day.
but i still get really really drained out whenever i force myself to sit infront of the comp and start something.
i'm not frustrated, not like when i use to when i couldnt come up with any design. i just get immune to it. bored of myself, i know i can do better, but i dont know how. it doesnt pay off just sitting here infront of the comp, coz i couldnt finalize.
i couldnt say i'm sad either, cause i just dont feel anymore. yes my expression/emotion have gone pass 0 and i just feel grey.
passion? i still holds the hope to build beautiful, practical homes for families. but when things like this goes on, i dont know how long i'll hold on to it anymore.
its so grey, i'm lost.
fuck architorture.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

my itunes..





loves SuperJunior-M.
it just keeps tuning back to their songs.

my list owns 950 songs.