Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Egg.. :/

So i was eating nasi lemak this morning. v. alang alang (i dont have a habit of having breakfast), just cause i wanna laze more. wtf.
anyhow, you know how nasi lemak would always have egg? ardboiled half egg/quarter egg/whole egg/sunny-side-up/whatever-egg-lah, its the EGG that reminded me of i story i have to share.

let me tell you a story about how egg smells like shit.


haha. i'm sorry, but it really do.

See i was on an egg-free diet since someone told me eggs are actually harmful/useless to our body. either the nutrition level is really low or something i dont rmb, i've been on this "diet" for quite a period after i heard of it PLUS the fact that my blood pressure is higher than average. and its really suprithat i could live OFF it, considering i was such an egg lover back in my highschool days.

Anyhow, one day, I was eating egg after this loooong period of laying off it. i actually ate a whole hard boiled egg. Only ONE. in the morning.
Then i went to shit in the evening.
DAMN, do that stink I could give this batch "the smelliest poop from shufei's ass of year 2009" right away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa.
and yes does it smells exactly like egg! a BADDDD egg i would persist. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


try it out if you doubt me. go on an egg-FREE diet for 5 months or so and then eat an egg. I'd remove this post if you tried it but your poop doesnt smells like egg.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


How many of you took part in the Earth Hour program yesterday??? 0:))

Thanks to Fly.fm Malaysia's hottest music.
I was more pumped for it than any other event of the year so far. the influence is truly there, because it made ME, the most obnoxious bitch on earth ever to... not go against it go with it [you would have 5 pages of boring+raged story of this pathetic self-centered girl if you want to know. :/]

So what did YOU do doing earth hour??

I.... cuddled with mr.wtf. :PP

at first..

then it started warming up.
and... we stayed away from each other cause we're getting on each other's nerves due to heat...
[damn i suck at suspense. what's suppose to come next??]

Ok lah, so what we did was only Sketch-up. from like say 4.30 or 5pm? not sure. i initially wanted to go watch Confession of a Shopaholic. but mr.wtf have to rush for his proposal at work so we've got Sketch-up, the-ridiculously-high-voltage-light-bulb-ever-on-weekends in the middle for the whole weekend. :( boohoo.

and that was the cause of another outrageous argument.
because miss shufei hates work on weekends. it make me feel miserable and depress. 
but wtf. i was forbidden to even express my little frustration on that stupid (but useful) program (when i'm in a rush) which leads on to a psychotic faye who doesnt give a damn if she's triggered a fire.

And so there goes round:i'velostcount: ring fight of mr.wtf and ms.shufei!

damn stupid lah.... -.- *sigh*

anyways, we did cuddle for a while. before the weather of our lovely malaysia gets the best of us both, and the suspended freedom to express slight frustration gets another strike on ME. <33

eh how nice ah if i can hug him to sleep every night instead of the combination on two pillows, a turtle and a horse, with a hippo occasionally? lol.

it was so romantic, being in the dark, with someone you're close to to cuddle with. 
its sweet... and different.
i supposed it would be like... 123083327492364293 times better than soft toys during cold winter. :D
But of course i dare not offend dear mr. turtle, horsey, jingjing and hippo on any occasion. what if they hate me and decide to make themselves dirty, and knowing ME i wouldnt put them in to the washer because i believe tumbling them in the machine would somehow make the "inner self" of them to degrade. and that'll make they ugly from the inside which would definitely be shown on the outside too. wtf? 
anyways yes, i'd rather them be dirty than ugly. :/

*drifting drifting... -screech- "ok, its back on gear!"*

eh wtf. that was ALL i did during earth hour.
wtf. why am I so lame? FML.
and Fmr.wtf'sLM (FUCK xxx LIFE MORE. hahahahah! i made that) for having such unbearable gf like me. *shrugs*

Eh, answer my question:
what did you do during Earth hour??

Friday, March 27, 2009

heehee.. tweety's an angel! <3


that little one knows trading!!


gosh, this is such LOVE! he so made my day~ *sayang*


today was a bad day, cause my hands hurt from a week of colouring and i still have to colour a new stack today. its traumatizing no i guess demotivating is more the word. something like going to work isnt exciting anymore. cause no matter how many stacks i've done. there's just more AND MORE (of the same ol' thing)! wtf. haih. why cant they just colour it on autocad then print? its the same thing. for like 2 stacks. each stack have approx 10 layout developed on FOUR design only. its repetitive. truly repetitive. if its on comp, it would have been so easy copy and pasting. and thats all. i suppose its to save cost. but its.. phew it was tiring. I'm so glad the weekend is finally here that i bail out on the dot, before they could hand me summore!

sigh.. why am i such a whiner??*lol*

anyways thats not the main point.

mr. wtf (it so suit him on days like this. lol) begged me to borrow him my dear mbp only to stand me up. yes i can so hear you screaming his name.


i even skiped lunch with my colleagues cause i thought he would grab one with me when he come pick it up. mana tau... sigh.

i DO hope my psychotic side dont get the best of me and turn me into a revengous bitch. :/


He refuses to eat his dry dog biscuits. [he's so used to us mixing it with canned dog food chunks] and i'm lazy to get him that. so i just simply grabbed JerHigh cookie and evily teased him "you'll get one when you finish that ok?" repetitively in 4 different sentences with the same meaning. and he got it! he quickly wallup the whole bowl and licked my leg once while i'm still on the comp to get attention!

gosh is he a darling or what??? x))

heehee <33.>

p.s. : The Lizard Story i got stuck trying to word the vision i had of that revolting lizard incident. its very... hard to put into words. it was staring at me. longitudinally, stuck between the extend of the bucket and dry dog food packaging, STARING AT ME CAUTIOUSLY. i even have a problem retrievin any of the dog food eventho its NOT in the packaging at all. do you get me? its hard to describe!

i think i need sleep now. after 3 late nights purely because i couldnt sleep early. heck. T.T

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girls... tsk. tsk.

Just got into another acquaintance with A LIZARD.
excuse me. i'll get back after i've settle this upturning stomach. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

始终不了解的人 是我.. :)

哈哈。。 我们好成功,5-months-versary 又吵架了,又哭了。。 好厉害!

可能真的是我太自私了。对不起。 有些话, 对朋友可以不用过虑,但对你却不能一一实说 。[好辛苦]:(
第二个对不起, 做了5个月女朋友 什么都没学会, 只学会怎么让全世界人伤心。。 好没出息。。:((

此刻 我也只能认同。我,杨淑斐, 可能真的因为那时侯的一时贪玩,破了个友谊。


你说, 我让你觉得在我的世界你无地位,不重要。

可能吧,确实你心意 是多余我能所给于你的, 但不代表 我不重视你。

我真的很希望我的男朋友 可以和我家人,朋友和平相处。 没错,你 是后来者 所以只能委屈你了。我很明了 你不会对我说 “我办不到。” 因为 一定会尝试。好感激我男朋友那么疼我。你说得没错, 我什么都没做到。。 敷衍的话,只能说: 我终于 为了一个人 肯再次写/复习华语。:)

你真的很好。 好至于我一个人的时候都会自问: 我值得吗?
。。。 也自答了: 不值。     哈哈,好笑吧?:/

这世上,有好多好多对我好的人。但我都不珍惜。。 反而犯贱了。。

你又说对了, 我太爱面子。 可能就因这样, 我觉得我说的每句话都有道理。被弹到的每一句也不愿意接受。。。

说了那么多, 我真的不值的你们对我这么好。。 更不敢再要求。。



Monday, March 16, 2009

my english.. is going down the drain, too!

i seriously think my english have deteriorated. 
Its so bad that i cant even write a decent english paragraph for my personal statement. 
i know, i know. its supposed to be damn easy cause its like an essay to introduce oneself. BBUT....
I fail.

i've been thinking to form beautiful sentences just as it came easy when i wrote essays in highschool or whatnots. However, this is especially difficult to write, since its about ARCHITECTURE & ME.
Gee. i think that would make a great movie title, like Marley and me. *lol*
All i could think of is negative points because i do NOT have any good starts.

Its being so emotional that i seriously think i'd easily kill any chances by having the admission staff rushing for the "decline" stamp while registering "extreme emo freak!"

...just read on...

See i only took ART classes in kindy (when i was the only STAR whereby i always gets prizes for even the most simply done artwork, let me lc just this once please. *angel*) cause... when i got into primary 1, in lick hung. focus was bought AWAY from Art classes. I know there are "ART CLASS" on the schedule, but seriously i do not remember doing anything for it. I think the whole experience of ART in my SIX years in lick hung, could be compiled into less than half a year. If i rmb rightly there were attempts in my first year, then the continuous years were just only that one time in N years when they have "art competition" which of course would be won by teachers pets. I am serious. Lick hung is the most bias school i can ever imagine and i still hate it with disgust. cause i'm a poor performance student, who is outshined in every aspect that she's gone psychotic to even start a paragraph of hatred at every mention of that school. *gasp* zhong zi damn sad lah, my primary school years.

see, i was that poor performance and not to forget a VERY lazy one. which drives the teacher up the wall because i was that lazy. i seriously hate homeworks. i never wrote those spelling things like ejaan and sen zi etc. which was why my bm was that bad and my chinese was never good. but i wasnt that bad altogether. even without homework, i would not fail without an attempt. *beams* which was why i always thought that homeworks are bs*. oh of course i was relieved when i entered secondary. relieve at the point that homeworks are unnecessary, and even more relieve that I AM FREE FROM LICK HUNG! WOOHOO! :D:D:D

ANYWAYS, back to the main point of being emo... my interest in Art was overpowered because.. being under HARDCORE CHINESE EDUCATOR LICK HUNG. Art is pointless. so they, eyyy, i actually rmb something like art class being a "free period" where they teach somemore math or make us do more "homeworks" [was it so ammie? yan??]. Which was why i totally forgotten bout it. until i came into Sec 1. when suddenly i was like "WOW. we have art classes!!" like a REAL ONE! like when we learn bout technics and etc, and we have to wrap our art book in fancy wrapping paper or.. just DIY the whole cover. which was damn cool ok? i still rmb the one i had. which was obviously Do-It-Yourself. and i did it for a whole day, and was damn effing proud of it. cause its like the FIRST masterpiece since kindy days. wtf. and of course mine was DIY, therefore it was ONE AND ONLY. *beams*
but anyways that was only in Sec 1, cause I learned new things, and they were repetitive in Sec 2. totally pointless again. so i took my Sec 1 book, revamp the cover and handed in and still scored well. wtf. malays are... very easy going. no? lol.

So in conclusion that was all the experience i had with ART. until Sec 5. where i took painting classes just to ensure my score in SPM which of course IS expected. [I dont like doing unsure stuff.] but i did not continue, because i totally hate classes. i dont know what is wrong with me, having extra classes depress me. I have the least tuition classes among all siblings and cousins. but i scored pretty damn well on that effort. :D:D wtf. lol.

Then, my interest in Architecture begins when I was... i think 15,16(?), our family adapt a new hobby of going to project launches around KL, PJ, and Penang. every other weekend. :D
And i took a fond in home designs. there were ones where i could totally move in at ease. and there are ones that size wise is ideal, but needs renovation which totally means its layout is shitty. and surprisingly, there were more of the latter than the former. which leads on to my determination to fix the ratio by pursuing to be a key influence in home designs. :D:D:D 
of course there are IDs. which i adore too. but if an AR comes out with a perfect layout, there's minimal need in ID, unless well you want to refurnish the finishes. no? 0:)

Oh, of course thats not all the research i've done on. i have also been to time square launch, some other mall launch in somewhere i dont know, and commercial garden launches. but its boring. because these are just merely plans of empty spaces. like its so direct you dont even need a layout. just state the buildup area + number of rooms + number of toilets and security measures then you'll be good enough for clients. IT IS THAT DIRECT. which further enforce my interest in home design and only that. :DD

and i'm out of points.


and i'm getting bored by myself, again.

*continue being emo*


I'm serious, anyone who could help me with this would win a meal from me!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

teehee. i swear changmin is being jealous! x)))

SO, after that stupid argument last 23rd.
things turned out better when mr.WTF actually volunteered to watch an ENGLISH movie with me.
frankly speaking, I was S T U N T when he told me to pick any movie.

I chose... New In Town.

of course i picked that on purpose!

Renee isnt even my Favourite Hollywood star. i just love her accent, but come on lets just all admit she isnt exactly an eye candy. :/

no, the latter was NOT the reason i chose the movie!

i chose it because... its under "ROMANCE" genre. *evil fangs*
... and of course "comedy", but this was least the point.
My initial move was to bore the hell out of him because he brings me to chinese movies most
of the time. and i absolutely dont like watching chinese movies at theatre. [why am i being so revengeful? O_O"]
I personally thinks its a waste of $$ cause.. chinese movies are usually... not that amusing.
PLUS! got astro mah, just wait for it to be played there lah.
[sorry if i offended anyone who's of that interest.]
its only a personal preference :)

okay lah, wtf, what i said above are 80% bullsh!t.
I chose the movie because I was still not in the mood to see him. but because he pleaded was trying to mend what he made dent. I could not be so cruel. [!uck lah, i know i'm so dead. being so soft-hearted.. especially towards someone like him. -_-]. And New In Town was like the ONLY English movie without brain-needy mystery/suspends/action/horror/and etc.

I was seriously NOT in the mood of going out.

but turns out, not THAT bad really.
it was simple, and funny to a certain extend its so-NOT-stupid american. :P


oh, and before that, he bought me for japanese dinner; my absolutely l.o.v.e.! [i can never get enough of jap food! even with a bad stomach i would still feed myself sashimi and sushi. wtf. okay you didnt have to know that. :P]
so yea, he was pretty much forgiven then, for being this obedient. :D:D:D

this post is about CHANGMIN BEING JEALOUS.
hahahahahahaha *falls*

So... everything turned sweeter after he himself want to watch another english movie - STREET FIGHTER - The Legend of Chun Li. on sunday.
*tears-damn proud*

and on monday night, he was hoping I would go pasar malam with him the following day.
**note: I, shu fei, do NOT go to night markets. because they're usually wet, and too crowded to even walk a straight line. which is enough to bore me.

which of course, mr. wtf was instantly "disappointed" again. He absolutely love markets.

So he text me saying how he was tired from work, but he just wanna spend time with me. and etc etc his reasons.

Which amusingly, even to myself, I was in the mood to cheer him up!
[lol, this is damn rare i swear]

I replied saying
it would have been cuter if you just said that you miss and wanna see me.
simple and to the point. no? ;)

then I went to bed.

and.. mwahahahahhahahaha....Dreamt of Changminnie~~ <33

*-* dream *-*
there was a music festival somewhere overseas. All artistes from Japan and Korean were in it, it was BIG.
Qing and I did not get our tickets, but amazingly we were able to catch the finale.
this part was funny, cause all the female artistes are short, guys were TALL. like the girls are all until the guy's shoulders tall only.
And the stage was a Ship design. All the female artistes was on the front deck, guys at the back (off deck).
So being artistes, it is only natural that the guys also "fight" for their best position AT THE FRONT. I think it was kimura takuya being the first to lead the guys to the front which blocked ALL the female artistes. AND HE WAS TALL! so not true. LOL.
the girls' expressions were hilariously ugly too, when the guys were blocking them. LOL.
The guys was being very graceful and friendly receiving stuff from fans.
Especially Changminnie, who has the most fans were extremely cute and smiley and sweet receiving FLOWERS. LOL.
We (qing and I) were very contented that we even caught the finale and went off to buy some blended drink, qing absolutely love ice. and it was long, cause qing wanted some cola-grape-blended drink and insisted in making it multi-layer because "it will taste better that way!" that even the bartender was confused of what multi-layer she's asking for the bartender asked her if its okay to do it herself, which qing gladly accepted the job, fiddling with both the shredded coke flavored ice and grape jelly. I was not bothered at all. maybe cause i'm still very contented at being able to see changmin at the finale that i'm so giddy and joyful the whole time. :D:D:D
then when qing was half way through the making of her drink, i noticed changmin sitting at one of the stool of the same bar. ordering a latte frappuccino. he was forced to wait cause apparently there's only one blender and qing's occupying it still. we didnt know, thus qing took her time in preparing her perfect drink. and I was too busy laughing to keep poise because her expression while making it was... Classic. hahaha.
anyways, it was just a couple minutes when changmin glances at his wristwatch and decided that he didnt have time, so he cancelled his order and left, but just a few steps away from us, he stop, turned and looked at us. as if he was pondering bout something.. long enough for me to go ahead, shake his hand and introduce myself. He still waited... and i stared, with question marks all over my head. thinking what else? Then he started doing some hand signs which i dont understand.. until the very last, when he mimicked a movement that is very similar to snapping photos. I instantly went like "OH! QING DO YOU HAVE A CAMERA??" hahahaha. HE ALLOWED ME TO SNAP A PICTURE WITH HIM. and cause we were so close together, i put my arm around his waist, whilst waiting for qing to take our picture, and he instantly drop his arm around my shoulders *cloud~* then being very greedy, i proceeded to put my other a
rm across him too -slash- hugged him. and he hugged me back~~ <33 *heaven!*
*-* dream *-*

isnt that sufficient to say that he misses the attention i had for him? teehee. xP
Of all nights, he came to me on the night i told mr. wtf the effects of saying something cheesey.
dreams of him just keeps getting better than the one before!!
its no wonder his favourite number is TWO. cause he's always chasing for no.1!
so i'm sure there's better ones to come.
teehee. x)


*that was what i got for v-day! <3333
창민이 촣아~ x))
thank you unnie~~~ *chu-*

~a very giddy faye x)

*edit: For Changmin to come visit me in my dream. I guess, the stupid argument isnt exactly stupid anymore! ;) mwehehehehehe...