Saturday, January 31, 2009

With my girls @ Bangsar. 24thJan09. :)

As Yan said, it has been a month since i last met these girls.

& even though i absolutely hate not getting anything whenever i go shopping, this is miraculously one of the rare times that i didnt mind and actually enjoyed it. lol.

anyways, picture time!


aww, aint this cute? :)

[the only fitting room shot, cause i forgot i brought my camera before that.]

anyways! Food's next!! <3> teehee.

@ Delicious. Bangsar. again.

because this is the only nice portrait picture of her.
cute no? ;)

Me, Yan and our shared salad. :)

Digging in!
[ ammie's our very own chef, who always does the slicing and etc. :) ]
me love you ammie!

** btw, it was supposed to be balsamic vinaigrette dressing, but all we could taste of is...
..salt. besides the bitterness that i taste off some leaf. o_o

Our Main dish. 
which i've forgotten whats it called.
but it tasted good.

Our Dessert: Chocolate Cake!

I know it looks like any regular brownie with vanilla ice cream.
we even asked the waitresses if this was what we ordered.
but whatever lah, chocolate cake or brownie.
this is an absolute lovelovelove!


[ oh how i love chocolates <3>
the darker it is the more lovely it is.
and i have the habit of ordering the most shitty looking icecream ALWAYS.

anyways, back to delicious. chocolate cake.
why is it love?

it is DARK.
it is GOOEY.
it is RICH.

i hope that explains it and sound appetizing. :P
just try it for yourself.
its L.O.V.E. ;)

signing off.

* * * * * *
oh btw.
i just have to post this incase no one ever notice. :P


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pluck Yew!

Received this very interesting email from my younger sister this morning. :)

The History of the Middle Finger

Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating victory over the English, proposed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the renowned English longbow and therefore they would be incapable of fighting in the future.

This famous English longbow was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing the longbow was known as "plucking the yew" (or "pluck yew").

Much to the bewilderment of the French, the English won a major upset and began mocking the French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French, saying, See, we can still pluck yew!

Since 'pluck yew' is rather difficult to say, the difficult consonant cluster at the beginning has gradually changed to a labiodentals fricative F', and thus the words often used in conjunction with the one-finger-salute!

It is also because of the pheasant feathers on the arrows used with the longbow that the symbolic gesture is known as "giving the bird."

main point:

And yew thought yew knew every plucking thing. 

pluck yew! :P

Friday, January 23, 2009

i found my english name!

*inserts british slang* [if i could ever do it. heh.]

was suppose to blog bout this several months ago when i found out what my real english name was.
no, no, it wasnt harry afterall. lol to that.
i found out before my trip to vietnam last year actually. but never got around to post it because i usually forgets bout it within milliseconds. :P
anyways, it has been rushing back into my head a little too often these days, by random.
and so coincidently, it just came pop-ing back in while i was browsing through facebook and saw a picture of Jin, mr wtf & the big sea turtle he bought me. whom i shall now name it MR turtle. omg so lame. lol. wtf. [i told you it just come up randomly.]

okay, back to the topic.
wanna know what my english name was??


my english name was.....


lol. not much of a BOOM there was it? hahaha.. 
i actually stunt for a minute when i heard bout it 'cause it do seem a little too tame for a girl like me, i think. however, i do like it, to a certain extend, cause it sounds so lady. which obviously isnt quite me. lol.
what do you think? 
should i stick to it and become a lady?
x) haha.

signing off,

haha, should need some time getting used to it; 
if i've decide to stick to it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

make up. part 1. :)

I just bought a pink shimmer stick which acts as a eye shadow from etude house for rm12.90 yesterday.

i saw this tutorial from PONY. a famous korean blogger/uhljjang or something it appears.
and i so wanted to get her look. 
they are just SO amazing!
[anyways that was a couple months back when i saw that tutorial. and only recall bout it yesterday when i saw the shimmer stick.]

so, i attempt to try out the tutorial.
as below.

ok lah, maybe cause she herself is already an uhljjang (korean: pretty face) therefore  she could pull off those make up that beautiful and easy. not to mention BECAUSE IT IS HER TUTORIAL of course she must look good. :))
i dont even know if its possible for anyone else to look that adorable with the same make up.

anyhow, what i achieve instead is:

ok lah, not too bad i guess?

i do not have any eye shadow so i just use whatever its found in the house. 
which apparently seem to be my sis's very cheap brand-less make up set she bought years ago due to certain reasons. anyways, the palette have a sun-yellow shade but its so hard to bring out the color. that i decided to mix it with a brighter colour, which then turn out beige on my lid. no brightening effect at all. but i'm not complaining, cause there's no other option. Next i put on the "high lighter" with my white-eye liner stick. and minimal effect to be seen still. [i guess i need new make ups? *hint hint* ;) heehee] and then woohoo! i glide on the shimmer stick. i guess the pink didnt really contrast on my fair complexion making me look as if i have sore eye. [gah, could someone pro take me make up shopping please? cause i tried it on my hand and the pink was sooooo vivid on my skin compared to the neon purple one, eventho i loved the purple one more. hmm. should i not bought it at all? :/ ] then because i only own black LIQUID liner, i couldnt but to make do with my brow pencil for the smudge effect. i kinda like it really, but it ought to be a tone darker. cause i'm using light grey etude house brow crayon. [which was nice for my brow, but does no effect to the eyes, but still my favourite item of the shop!]

left: without fake lashes;
right: with fake lashes.

which do you prefer?
i personally think without lashes, there's not much difference to my everyday mascara + eye liner look. the pink is quite fade, and i duno, it just seem not quite there/lack of essence, and actually made my eyes look a little puffy no?
but with lashes, do you think its a little over dramatic for normal DAY make up? 
dont get me wrong, i love my first picture, in fact the more i look at it the more i'm into myself. wtf. lol. jk, i mean the more i look at it, the more i love the look. 
and to think bout it, it should be an awesome clubbing look dont you agree?

So, i need your professional comments people!
[cause i'm a noob at make ups]

is it "good" for normal cny outings? 
i'm determine to be & look more grown up this year! without looking desperate for it of course.

0:) 0:)

other make up tips and tutorial and greatly welcomed too! x)

0:) signing out.

because tin request for a closed-eyes picture.
this is what i have nearest to a closed-eye :)
yes i ps-ed the previous 2 photos to remove those blemishes/marks! :P


p.s. 1 : i just found out today after the orthodontist consultation session that i actually have TWO wisdom teeth.
so proud!

p.s. 2 : its actually quite annoying about MOST malaysians, professional or not.
ok, the post shall continue, cause its not any p.s.-short.

We look down on ppl, for no particular reason.
i was at the orthodontist, and she treated me as if i dont understand english eventho i've told her several times i'm 20 y.o. in perfect english. and somewhere into the session she actually asked me repeatedly if i know what "asymmetrical" is (wtf?), and we came to agree that i have a slight asymmetrical symptom. :(uck! And cause my mom isnt satisfied with paying rm80 for such short session, she asked me to go back in, and i explain again about the wisdom tooth i'm having at the end of my jaw which she totally ignored when i mentioned to her in the first session determine about the point, "teeth arrangement do not affect jaw lines!" i prefectly understand that sentence, lady. but she didnt give me any suggestions until the third session i have with her. wtf. this is worst than going to the government office. 
oh anyways, i missed my point. her attitude changed after she had a conversation with my mom followed with me insisting that my jaw line must have moved because it hurts so bad when i just came back from the STATES. 

wtf. balik dari luar negara then very cool lah issit? 
mereka yg tak travel/pursue studies overseas tu orang babi yea?
stupid one.
tsk tsk. shame on you, professional lagi.

p.s. 3 : that last phase was in malay because the orthodontist is a malay who graduated from england.
omg. please dont tell me england produces stuck up personalities. please oh please oh please! x(

signing off, truly.
faye :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

its over and over again. -the same ol' stress point. :( :(

you know, i've been real stress out everytime a question is popped to me regarding where will i be going next.

cause it just isnt as simple as before anymore.
UK is no longer my option even though it is my first choice.
Aussie is the "best" choice, and i dreaded even at the thought of that. ;(
next would be USA. as much as their cultures, its people and etc are l.o.v.e. i'm still not quite sure. one thing about american architecture i notice, isnt at all focused on environmental science. its Architecture no doubt. but the point is, the more i do ES, the more i fall in love with it. so unless i'm doing urban planning, i dont think US is the best choice.
well, next would be GERMANY. omg have i even tell you how much i love this country. the sound of its name itself gets me high. yes yes, germany is WAYYYYYY above the uk in my list really. :) kkrazy architecture.
just check them out. GERMAN ARCHITECTURE.
dont they look absolutely welcoming? <3
& how can you not love those high pitched roofs?! <3
they're the cutest thing ever.
i mean they may look "safe" in a sense its so familiar. but you just know you're gonna discover more of its magic; german architecture and germany. in your heart. somewhere. ok lah. it just feels like angels are singing at the mention of germany.
but the obstacle for germany is... language, no doubt! so its totally OFF.

it really is a bummer to learn that UK is out of my league. :(
not to mention the cringe i make every time i recall the statement. :( :(

but it wasnt so bad then, cause at least i get to choose either aussie or US. still.

which in this case i would so die for US. 
i dont really know why i dislike aussie this much. maybe cause its not winter in dec. o_o" haha such bs. or maybe its because... it seems like the whole kl is there. wtf.

however today, my mom told me my dad said "its either aussie or you're not gonna continue at all."
wtf? he didnt even want to tell me that HIMSELF.

anyways, i was already so lost at the thought of NOT being able to go to the uk. 
and now he's giving me the only option of the one i DREADED MOST. 
it was simply tsunami. :'(

i know its a lot of money for UK. but you should also understand when you've already dreamt for that for like 3 years.. then you wake up one day to "its either aussie or your not gonna continue AT ALL". you feel absolutely shitty. you dont just get over it. not that soon at least.
its like.... how do i explain.

hmm.. ok. 
imagine you're sleeping beauty, you're bought up all kind and happy and smily and beautiful things because you dont really know whats there outside cause you're protected. you dont hope for anything cause you were very very contented with what you have now. 
then one day, fairy god mothers come to tell you that you have parents! (wow) and they're the king & queen of a great great kingdom, (wow wow) you're a princess! (WOW). 

now wouldnt it be nice if sleeping beauty could just go back to her kingdom and live a fairytale story? 
yes it would cause its more than she could hope for. An amazing life awaits her, she'd get to see the world, and do all those stuff she dare not even dream of when she was little. :)

but reality isnt so. 

So lets go back to after fairygod mothers tell her bout the WOW WOW WOW! news, 
followed up with.... "but you wont be going back, ever!" :( *thunder*

now if only she never knew that she have parents, and is a princess who owns the great kingdom. she would have been so contented and happy with what she have. 
but the fact is, she realize she has all this, but she's never get to see her parents nor learn how great her kingdom is, whats the outside world like, and if handsome princes with white horses REALLY exist. nevertheless, the thought of being a princess could only be imagined through reading other fairytales. :/

do you get what i mean? do you understand how i feel?
its actually getting to me so bad, i dont even know how to discuss it with my parents anymore, also, it've made me even more oblige to talk to them bout any of my dreams, cause fairytales dont happen. 
i guess i should just stick to "less hope, less disappointment." like i always did. :((

Saturday, January 17, 2009

me and me turtles :) :)


he's back he's back he's back.!



after like 6 weeks!

gosh, that was long.

dont get me wrong, its not like i miss him 24-7 while we're apart.
but its just so good to have him back <3


this means I CAN NOW GO OUT OFTEN! :D :D :D

jk lah, its just so nice to have him here. o:)

and knowing him,
the darling bought me more presents. <3
and this i absolutely love!! ...more than the bag. 
[shh. he doesnt know i own a blog! i think.] :P


sea turtles~
there's actually one more, Bigger one. which i took sucky picture of. :x

*sings under the sea~*

oh and also gifts from my dear eiko unnie <3<3<3

mr. tortoise from redang!
[naming it so to make him feel not so small. wtf. lol.]

komawo unnie, nomu choa. 
-cause its staring at me type right now. lol. jk.
ME REALLY LIKEY! its so cute staring at me like that  x)

ahh.... :)

i dont know why is everyone getting me turtle. 
& i dont think i have even declared that i love turtles.

but really..
i guess i should just shout it out loud now.


teehee. :)

thanks for all the gifts! x)

oh btw sent seth off yesterday. :(
everyone's leaving.
damn i hate departures. really.
but it was so nice to see him smiling so happily. :)

be good and have fun is scotland aiight?
all the best ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

remember me? :)

i hope you ppl havent forgot how i look.

anyways, just to refresh your memory [also since i haven't been vain much lately. lol.]

jeng jeng jeng~

i think this is the first time i reveal a picture of me with long straight hair (since straightened). 
nice ka? 

anyways, have anyone notice something not quite right?

hmm. how bout this.. 
did you notice my jaw-line is actually like one sided?

well, to be honest, my jaw-line has always been one-sided.Just not to this extend. meaning, it dont used to be this obvious. only when i talk; and if you have the habit of looking at one's mouth instead of eyes while conversing, then you'll notice. *awkward smile*

anyways, the reason to this should is simple. (i think)

my one and only wisdom tooth has finally grown to its fullest!

*jumps in circles*
arent you proud of me?  *beams*


ON THE "CON" SIDE its a non-functional tooth! 
its so sharp and its grinding against GUM! :(
Its hurting so bad! 
how horrid could it be? :( :(

wtf. damn wrong loh. 
- cannot smile properly.
- cannot bite properly. (i've been swallowing large chunks since i've been back)

and the worst of all. 
- i cant even place my jaw right on default mode. (i have to move/chew/bite/whateveritscalled a few times just to find the "comfort spot".) 
and it varies EVERYTIME! o_o|||

:( :( :(

well, i ought to get it extracted, but the orthodontist is only available on weds and sats, and i HAVE to wait till next wed cause her schedule is full! *whines*

i guess :) would be more like :/ for now.

buh-bye. :/ faye signs out.

* btw i just dunno where to start for the US trip. its a hella load of pics! and i havent even gone through all them. omg. *falls*

Saturday, January 10, 2009


hello ppl.

i'm home again~ <3
on the 8th, afternoon, to a sticky, dusty house without even the lovely dumb and simply adorable tweety-bee to be welcomed upon (he stayed at my uncle's when we were away).

surprisingly i wasnt even feeling at all depress even though there's sooo much work to do. my spirits was indeed so HIGH at the thought of FINALLY SEEING MY FRIENDS AGAIN SINCE
 A MONTH! lol. god knows what would happens if i were to leave for a year, but i suppose it wouldnt be too bad as i'd then get to know new ones too. [think positive! -quote liyin] 

then i happy happy clean up my room, happy happy do house chores, happy happy sort out the dirty & clean cloths, happy happy do everything... etcetc.

then something switched that night. my mom received a news that one of her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and just got one of her bosom removed that very morning. well, its nothing to be that upset about to be honest, because at least that dear aunty didnt lose her life or anything scary. and breast cancer is kinda normal. cancer are normal now anyways. 
but the point is.. see i was just so upset about 2008 being such a shitty year. and when i came back 2009 being high and giddy and absolutely positive that less shits gonna happen this year cause its supposed to be a new start. i got this news. its THE FIRST NEWS i receive for 2009. how nice. :(uck!
anyways i dialed kent's number next cause i was so upset. and celaka "y
ou finally "ROLLED" back!"-(inchinesechinese) was the first sentence the babi greeted me with. wtf. i know lah it was suppose to be sarcastic but it wasnt funny when i'm upset ok. 
oh btw i found out upon "reuniting" with my dear mbp, [which was waayyy before the call; still happy giddy faye time] that kent's been so sweet stuffing A SHELF FULL of presents in my closet. <3<3<3 [didnt bother to open them because i wanted to save them till the end of the day when i've finish doing cleaning]

i seriously wouldn't have notice if i didnt thought he'd do something. its the top shelf goddamnit! LOL. i love him. 
and then i feel bad because what i bought for him just stacks up to... meh. a quarter of a half of the quarter of a half of the very same shelf or less. you get my idea. 
anyways the stupidest thing ever a person could do, i did. i babi-fied put those presents back up to the top shelf again cause i was feeling so guilty. and dare not buka. wtf i duno why am i like that. 
so while on the phone he asked me if i noticed the presents, i told him i feel bad hence didnt open any of them. i think i rmb him being stunt. LOL. i'm sorry. 
anyways, i opened all of them slowly after i hung up on him [because he insist, and i was still upset.] 
and you know what? the key that made me less upset wasnt his presents. but actually caughting him "cheating" by stuffing my closets with BIG BAGS instead of full presents. LOL! i dont feel so bad anymore. anyways, he's still so cute. <3

by the way for those who wanna know, he bought me a harajuku lovers perfume, a nine west bag and another one... i know, he knows, leiyan knows. LOL. i love you both! x)

ANYWAYS, still cleaning till today (somemore to go tomorrow). and i finally came to my senses to throw out those stupid dbsk chocolate boxes which took up so many spaces! [ok lah i admit i was a stupid fan]. yet not to the extend where i threw everything - i still keep the front piece of all boxes. :P 
i guess i'm still stupid? heehee. anyways, imma put them to good use (finally) i swear!

and then i found this in one of them...

[f.blogger i dunno why i cant upload picture.]

its the air ticket to beijing. 
ca972. date: 12aug. time: 0050.
shann, i wont forget the trip we went together! as humid, warm and stuffy beijing was, and how that stupid tour con-ed our money, it is still awesome cause i had you! i'm gonna miss you babe. x)

happy new year everyone. :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

why am i like this?

how to make myself more conversable?