Thursday, October 29, 2009

note. THE DATE.

yes, I know Halloween's around the corner!

and I've got an invite from the youngsters for a night at the curve.
the whole plan, i'm not quite sure, but considering i'm currently ridiculously low on social level, of course I said YES!

however, there is something that is troubling me.
My issue is : I AM CURRENTLY HAVING A RIDICULOUSLY BAD SKIN, should I still proceed wearing dramatic make-up for the night, for the fun of the holiday?
it may be a meh! *waves away hand motion* for alot of people about my said issue.
but its so dejecting to even look my face in the mirror i kid you not. :(

Well, truth be told, I have actually decide to go make-up free. For I just had my face cleansed by certified beautician, and is actually scheduling for a thorough cleansing treatment next week, which would not be cheap. Mainly because I am leaving in a month time and could not afford risking this scraped face any further. HAHA. lame.

Anyways, of course I wont have such lame post.
I come across this awesome 15 year old on youtube, who's really good at make up.
She've got some awesome halloween make up tutorials.
among my favourite, Freddy and Heatherette.
You guys should really try them out, if you decide to haunt on the 31st night that is. :)

(where do i find the embed codes from youtube?! i am indeed failing in this digital world. T.T) wuu~ *haunts*

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

bubble tea.

Bubble Jasmine Green Tea~

while I was savoring this lovely cold drink on such warm day like everyday today.
Suddenly I read..


in english:

Why are corpse cold?
Because find peace, and we would be cooled.

I am defeated.
whats the true intention of such message?
"enjoy a cup of bubble tea, and you would find peace, just like a corpse" :D
=_=" w.t.f.?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Tweety's Good.
He's slowly getting back his body temperature.

and I have cool friends.
they are so cool I find myself consulting a Girl on Digital stuff,
and Guy on beauty regime and products.

aren't they the coolest?? ;)

you may question, why this blog is so full of emoness.

I may answer, because i am an overly sensitive individual.

its been a year and 3 days in exact, since the day Lucky passed away.
Today, i woke up to a huge accommodation downstairs, whereby the maid and dad was trying to feed Tweety a quarter dose of Panadol.

Every single memory of Lucky's final couple days came flooding back vividly. Immediate mourn overwhelm me, and I turn grey on a fine sunny saturday's morning. I am pissed with daddy, who then encouraged mommy's idea in feeding lucky a panadol. He never learns the lesson. And I am even more pissed with the maid, for out of sincerity I tried to communicate with her in Malay, but she is ignorant to do as she was told. She even has the gut to continue feeding him after I told her to stop (without my notice of course, because I went out). Later on added "look, he's doing fine, he even ate a whole bowl of dog biscuits! :D". yes I am very pissed.

you may comfort me by saying, Its only a quarter dose, it should not be enough to do something fatal. I hope so too. I googled again, as I did a year ago, and the answer to "Is it safe to feed dogs Panadols?" is still not concluded. Some say it is fatal, especially to cats. some says it is fatal depending on dog breeds. some says its not. but none, gave me the exact answer, in regard to small dogs. You may also say, if you're so insecure, visit a vet. I had, after lucky's death, I've questioned 3 vets, from different animal clinics, and i got, "its more advisable to give them aspirin."(got hope, but not answering), "its okayyy~ its ok!" (damn selambar kind), and the best answer I got, "I dont think taking 2 dose of panadol pill within this 2 days was the kill for your dog." (with an extremely unconvincing look on his face, i bet he's a fresh graduate and is not quite sure except some books said so.)

I am trying to convince myself, it should be too light to make any damage.
He's napping right now, because its such a hot day (although i dont feel it at all being indoor), and its already his nap time (it really is). But his body temperature is colder than usual, which reminds me so bad, that couple days how Lucky's felt too.

praying for the best. please let Tweety be safe.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

那 人生的第一次s

果真 。。


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

stupid, i'm only TWENTY ONE!

accompanying my dad, I brought my grandmother to the hospital today.

i dont know what went wrong, besides maybe (1) I was in the passenger seat, (2) there's only the three of us, and (3) I have bad skin ;(. (3) is damn sad ok, i'm so depressed.

accordingly, I first greeted the wheelchair attendant, then the receptionist, proceeding to emergency attendants #1, following, valet attendant (to retrieve her previous medicines), again to emergency attendant #1, with #2, #3, and dr.A, a little later, attendant #4 and Dr.C., then administrations, and finally HDU attendant #1 & #2.

as you may have guessed, from my title, I had my very first AGE GUESS impact.
yes. very "thunder storm" kind. T.T wuuu~
Emergency attendants #1, #4, dr. A (damn degrading ok doctor, no caps for you!), valet attendant, administrations, and HDU attendant #1, all asked me the same question separately.
"So you are.... the daughter of the patient?"


mind you my grandmother is 80 y.o.
how the eff is a then 60 y.o. able to fertilize me?
Even a 50 y.o. could not be healthy enough to fertilize someone as healthy as me ok. (despite being small in size, i'm perfectly perfect!) and fucking degrading, myself, to even think myself as a presumable 30 y.o. just to entertain your low mentality. wtf.
yes i am very pissed and i doubt their profession (5 out of 6 is of "health service" department. now you see malaysians standard. ouch.). wtf.
babi. i do hate hospitals.
thankfully, they gave me reason to hate them more today. :)


p/s : apparently someone's curry is more important than listening to my once-in-many-weeks, whats more, first AGE IMPACT story. tsk. >:[

Monday, October 5, 2009

채미이는데? :)

Some might not know, but I live in an awesomely strict guarded neighborhood. (yes, I am proud of it.)
We have an elite security system, where guest must first register at our guard house. Next, a call from the guard house to the visiting household for confirmation before being let in.
Isnt this awesome? I feel so elite. lol. wtf.

Anyways, today I had the funniest call ever from the guard on duty.
Situation: Dad and I was returning upon dinner, cousin and family was held up at the guard house.
Cous.: Hey, there's a slight problem, they're not letting us in, i'll pass you on, hold on.
Guard: Hello, this is from guard house.
Me: Yes, Hi. *gives address and details*
Guard: Hello, I tried calling your house, but no one's answering *clears throat* no one's pick up the phone *clears throat*
Me: huh? (grandma and the maid's at home)
Guard: *clears throat* no one .... they only speak chinese!

bwahahahaha. I laughed so hard after hanging up, my dad's looking at me funny. hahahahaha.

isnt this interesting? :)

Anyways, had an interesting outing with kacy after such a long time.
Had lunch at Ikea, and went for a walk at the curve sunday market. just like old days. :)
It was fun.
What's more interesting is that after such long time apart, we still eye the same thing.
Diam Cake, weave bag, mini hats... There's actually more than mentioned, but i couldnt recall.
Haha, with this girl, its a surprise how we got to know each other better.
The first impression of this girl came to me only after 5 years knowing "such person is in my school". (Lol, I dont rmb ppl who I dont have class with, but then again, I dont rmb all my classmates either *falls*) When I always ponteng to her class, and one day laughed very cartoonishly at what Ivy had said, which she (ivy) then pointed out that we (kacy and me) laugh alike. Similar prom clothes (which she wears it better), sunday markets & boutique shopping (skip the malls! but still she does it better, her nick IS shopaholic), not to forget... 동방신기! :)
Rather comforting to know bits of this special connection still remains till today.
To say it in korean: 신기내? :)


p/s: Kacy, the spaghetti straps you got me, fits perfect! thanks babe. ;)

p/s 2: Its been awhile since I said "spaghetti straps", all of the similar kind I have, I call them "singlets". But this is too lady for me to call it that. Its been awhile, since I get new lady tops for my closet too. me love. :)

p/s 3: The pretty spaghetti straps kacy bought me, is made of bright red checkered cloth, folded in a neat rectangular. I jump at first glance because I only register: Tablecloth!
hahahahaha. :P

Sleep tight everyone 0:)