Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I need to confess.. i have issues..

you know what's the most bitchy thing about me?
1- I have to be ahead...

i know that most of you would think "in what?" because i'm like the most blur/dumb/slow person you'll ever know..
well, in clothes.
If you ever went shopping with me, you'll be familiar to..
"it cost more that it should be"
"too.... dull/not my style)"
most of all..
*That's the bitchy part, i am f*-ing picky at clothes even though MOST OF THE TIME, they(the merchandisers) DONT HAVE MY SIZE T.T
I still, would never buy a thing that i dont like even though its in my size.

therefore, I hate it even more when ppl snatch/"steal"/buy the thing that I have EYED.

to that ass who took MY clothes..
thank you for having such great taste as I, but YOU'RE AN UGLY B*TCH FOR BUYING MY DRESS. (yes it is mine, because my mom sold it in MY room, even though that dress was bought by my mom, but i chose before you did, so you suck. *whatever*)
and i am a fugly bitch to say you like that, but i just couldn't bare YOU STEALING MY DRESS!! GOD-DAMN-YOU. i dont care if i end up in hell and i dont care if i'm not nice. F* you.

**utmost apologies to my dear readers, and thank you for baring with my omfg-so-rude post.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Blogthings.com - Halloween!!

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

A bit of an introvert, you like the special occasions just as much as everyone else. You just have your own unique way of celebrating Halloween.

You definitely think of yourself as someone who has a dark side. And part of having that dark side means not showing it.

Your inner child is stubborn and a bit bossy.

You truly fear the dark side of humanity. You are a true misanthrope.

You're prone to be quite emotional and over dramatic. Deep down, you enjoy being scared out of your mind... even if you don't admit it.

You are unique, expressive, and a trendsetter. Your ideal Halloween costume is over the top and one of a kind.

Tagged by Kam

Rule: Answer everything, then tag 10 other people.

10 people you love. (excluding family members)

1. Qing [oh she's the best to annoy]
2. Daddy
3. Mom [when she's not nagging] =P
4. Jie [miss the time when i can annoy her LIVE!]
5. Tweety [damn dumb yet adorable *lol*]
6. Shann [for being that innocent/naive/quite sensitive kid hard to find, eventho she have weird interest]
7. Eiko unnie [for feeding me korean news, heechul and kimchi *yumm*]
8. Lucky [for giving me warm "welcome home"s every single time and the cuddles <33]
9. my other friends, who's all special in their own way
10. me?
*not in order, and yes my dogs are part of the fam =)

10 things you want to do before you die
i've done this once, done it twice, and i'm still gonna do it for a gazillion times =P

1. go to KOREA
2. travel JAPAN
3. travel EUROPE
4. sky dive
5. adopt a BIG cat *RAWRR*
6. swim with the dolphins
7. live a life above average
8. have my parents proud of me
9. TRAVEL THE WORLD and experience ALL cuisines
10. earn good bucks and get married.

10 things you cannot live without
1. a place called home
2. Computer
3. internet
4. music
5. my bed
6. baby horsey <33
7. Qing [have i told you that i seriously like annoying her?]
8. hate to admit but still $$$$
9. good food
10. love. family's/friends'/pets' thank you!

10 things you Love about your country
1. teh tarik
2. roti canai, telur, planta, tisu etc
3. banana leaf rice, nasi bariani, nasi melayu
4. ayam goreng kampung
5. The fact that our malay and indian food kickbutts HANDS DOWN
6. bak kut teh which we chinese kickbutt hands down too XD
7. the fact that we have a tad more variety of food than any other country *hohoho*
8. the slow living pace
9. Penang island food
10. the Holidays ;)

10 bad habits
1. very lazy
2. very weather-based mood swings
3. hangat-hangat tahi ayam/gets bored very fast
4. always forgetting stuff
5. quite irresponsible
6. impatient
7. sticks too much to my "motto" - 对得起良心 translated as.. worthy of conscience?
8. quite hard to reach for my friends
9. a little too independent to certain level where it actually gives ppl around me and myself a rather hard time
10. hard to communicate

10 attitudes that turns you off
1. too materialistic
2. bullshits too much
3. ppl who uses "FRIENDS"
4. 2 face
5. backstabber
6. actors/actress - ppl who acts in REAL life, not as a job
7. bad sense of style, yet insist they are "IN"
8. self-proclaims titles
9. sweet-talks
10. smokes/gambles

10 words to describe yourself. (5 good and 5 bad)
1. blur
2. quite emo
3. self-centered
4. slow
5. untidy
6. impatient
7. quite "dai siu che"
8. perfectionist
9. stubborn
10. indecisiveness
*er.. i dont know what are my positive points! *hides*

10 favourite bands
1. McFLY
2. BigBang
3. Brown Eyed Girls
4. Epik High
5. M-flo
6. Nidji - only to a certain extend
7. MCR - only to certain extend
8. Linkin Park - only certain songs
9. All American Rejects - only to certain extend
10. -
* i am more of a RnB/pop person so Bands? i dont know much about them, but above are groups with good music makers =)

10 most prized possessions
1. Language ability
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Home
5. quite high standard for food - not that it have to be fine dining, but it MUST be tasty
6. stuffs in my bag - gadgets and purse
7. cooking ability
8. the fun of going nuts/38/embarassing myself more than i can rmb
9. my luck
10. travel opportunities

10 people to tag
same old, sorry not many ppl know my blog, even larger amount who doesnt own a blog.

1. Seth
2. Nelly
3. Liyin
4. Eiko chan/kimchi unnie
5. Leiyan
6. Ammie
7. Hayden

i dont care if you dont have a blog, but you're tagged.. *sinister laugh* =P
8. Tintin
9. -
10. -

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

the most ADVENTUROUS ride ever.

Let me introduce my new pet....

NOT! - Mr. Lizard *eww*

one fine day, i drove qingy out happily intending to just get her out during her holidays and let her watch the movie she's been wanting to watch since.. i dont remember. its the seeker by the way.
so anyways, we got all dressed up, start the car, reverse out of the parking space (home) and happily swivel out of the residents. Giddy over the fact that I'm driving my mom's lexus (even though not the first time, but me l.o.v.e. that car!), and qing over the fact that she's FINALLY going out (she've been forced to stay home the whole week because i'm too busy to bring her out. poor kid *tsk-tsk*).

then suddenly.. from the dash board.. I noticed something crawling at a pretty fast pace towards me..

ookay.. you can just pretty much imagine the scene inside that car - loads of screaming and i couldnt really say i drove in a straight line =X
and worst of all, the more we scream, the faster it comes towards ME!
like of all places WHY ME?! THE DRIVER!!
and it really did came so close.. it was almost ON the steering wheel that i have to hold that thing with my fingers instead of my hand. It was like omfg WTH?!? and then i dont know how exactly did we ended up around Caltex. and for that first time, i hated hyundai for having that "automatic" adjust seat device thing. IT WAS SO SLOW that by the time i've "push"-back my chair to have enough space to move out, qing was already away from the car, breathing for air. btw i was squating on my chair at that moment. lol. not to mention the loads of ppl at caltex, there's even 2 malay guys who's looking at us funny.. omg.. @_@


solution? i switched shoes with qing (i was wearing heels, and that tiny one was forced to go into hiding in the box that holds the steering wheel by our LOUD scream!) just so IF that thing ever falls onto the floor it wouldn't be on my bare feet. Praying that it'll stay put until we've at least reach our destination safely, we set out for our second attempt of departure. It was save and sound until the traffic lights in front of subang parade, where I "kay po" check if that thing is still in the box (out of eyesight at least) mana tau, i frighten myself by finding it sitting quietly on the steering wheel holder (pic. 2). Which I then, despite jumped due to the shock of locating it, is pretty fine with it as long as it doesnt move...

the lights turned green, and i drove at a very steady pace.. until, finally when turning out of the junction on to the very busy road, that damn little thing MOVED onto my meter screen (pic. 1)! and it begins, SCREAMING SESSION 2.
NOW i can promise you that i skidded a little because I FREAKED OUT!
screaming and shouting and pointing and shouting again. I finally succeed to safely stop my car by the road side.
and again climb onto my chair =.="
and again, somewhere that have quite alot of ppl watching =.="x2.

anyways.. after being tired of screaming, shouting and not being able to reach our destination by time (average 10 mins ride actually took 30 mins that day) I shouted at qing to ask her to shut up because she's screaming like there's no tomorrow (and that scared the thing to move even faster NEAR ME!), made her hit the lizard onto the floor (evil i know, but its not a good strategy from my spot *hee*). and that bit actually did made her shut up, because then she was so dumbfounded by the fact that i actually SCREAMED to shut her up. *lol* funny at a point.

so.. yea, it was hit onto the floor and went into hiding until we've reach our destination, park the car, lock the doors, watch the movie, paid the parking ticket and get back into the car (at least i did) only to find it on qing's seat. It's revenge - part 2 of the lizard in my mom's car xD LOL!

well, dont worry.. I shoo-ed that tiny one out of the interior of my mom's car in the end, i believe its still ON the car, at least not inside. =)

and we went home "happily-ever-after"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tagged by Yan!

5 things found in my bag..
- phone
- purse
- coin purse
- hello kitty pouch
- pencil case [i dont organize my bag, thats why]

5 things found in my purse
- ID card
- Driving license
- cards
- photo stickers
- cash. [this varies, because i am constantly broke.. but you dont have to know that =) ]

5 favourite things in my room...
- my lovely queen size bed with 4 pillows, jingjing and baby [its a HORSE!]
- my closet with clothes that i still complains is too little.
- my tvxq posters
- my love-hate relationship Ikea full-length mirror.
- uncountable amount of junks, books, paper, tit-bits all around and inside my table(s). [so not a tidy person for a Virgo *swt*]

5 things I've always wanted to do...
- Bungee Jump
- Sky Dive
- Travel-travel-travel
- adopt a BIG cat. i mean seriously!

5 things i'm currently into...
- sleeping/napping
- crunchyroll.com
- TV
- blogging?
- straining myself to concentrate.. ARGH!

5 ppl i'm gonna tag...
eiko - seth - nelly - liyin - hayden!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


i gatal-gatal went to kpopkingdom forum to look if i can search for any pictures of the guys in malaysia yesterday..


how was i to know they were at sunway hotel?
how was i to know they were so damn near to me?
how was i to know they were at that place till 10+pm while i was done with my assignment "of the day" by 8pm?
how was i to know..


changmin have been a good boy getting a hair cut, and gosh he looks like a small kid now.. =D
yunho was nice saying that malaysian girls are pretty.. *dont they always?*
xiah was awesome to say that they might want to take a MV in malaysia~~ yes yes.. lets go to all the pulaus and bukits~!! and i must kidnap them, and feed them loads of penang food XD kkya~~

but still... *emo*they were so near, and i let them slip out just like that *emo*
i could have see changmin in his new hairstyle LIVE!
i could have refresh just how charmingly dumb looking he was even though he's a genius who owns an IQ level of 186.
i could have just admit how much i missed him. - fan-girl way lah.. i'm not some fantasizer freak ok??
i could have just gone over to Sunway Hotel.

oh, and the most ridiculous part was..
being in the library, i very very randomly went to the window and stared at the Sunway Hotel for a while.. -.-
how was i to know... *continue emo-ing*

and then...
i went to thestar.com.my to look for the article, because shann told me she saw it in thestar paper this morning.
and my day is lit up again. ^^
hee.. changmin seriously looks like small boy now~!! eventhough tall.. ^^
the rest are as good looking as always..

anyways.. the real reason that brought me back to earth, and boosted me halfway to heaven is..

CMG absolute declaring that there will be an aquarium on stage for the concert, and there will be a part where tvxq's gonna swim!
and if you're a fan, you will know just how fancy their "O" concert is ^^
hopefully the concert here will be as awesome as the one around asia, and not last year's 2 hours show only.

Thank you CMG <33
24th of november. Merdeka Stadium.
I'll see you then.


우린 1004 - 동방신기
you made me go round in circles, i think i'm experiencing schizophrenia.
but still, i cant stop loving you... *dies*

Monday, October 8, 2007


October 8, 2007, 10.42 p.m.- I, 양숙비 ate half a red dragon fruit. (o.O")

...its so gonna rain.

oh, its already raining O_O

Sunday, October 7, 2007

cyora, syong-a, xiakki~ <33

우리 동방 강아지-ss~!! <33
- haha.. it means *the dong bang pups* for those who cant read korean ^^

^ micky's CYORA!!


^ junsu's Xia-kki - a husky <33

^ and our pretty parents - jaeho's SYONG-A!!
*jaeho = jaejoong + yunho*

yes, jaeho's is the same breed as micky's; to differentiate these two dogs, look at their eyes, the sleepier one with lashes will be Jaeho's HAHA..

ahh.. so cute.. <33 hee.. ^^

P/S: dont ask where is changmin's, that coconut geek is currently training to write with his left hand. =.="

Thursday, October 4, 2007


- i believe only closer friends of shann understands.. =)

it was 29th of Sept. =)
Happy birthday shann.