Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LOL. how come i never learn?? lol.

ookay, i know my life's getting boring when my posts evolves around FB.

but this is so funny i have to share.

No, its not the point about how a BARN is my dream house. (i know its like doot.doot.doot.)

But way before i play this quiz, I was LOL-ing at how someone on my sis's fb could have a barn as a dream house.

and thats the result i get.

However this is not the first time this happen.
months before, i was laughing at how anyone could have "PAIN" as a mask. (fb quizzes too)
no doubt, i had the cream smacked right on my face too!

hahahahahahahahaha. tsk tsk. tell me just why wont i learn?
ok maybe i can tell you the answer: Cause i love laughing at myself too. ;P *rofl*

*** edit ***

look what qing comments.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My First: Talking to a paper.


I am not joking.

I am talking/rehearsing to a paper.


kk, imma back to the paper, got a speaking test to attend in 13 hours!

Goodluck to me!

P/S: its IELTS.

Do pray for me please 0:)

Have a nice day~

Do not act like you know me dude.

**WARNING! Not gonna even attempt to be nice.**

wtf. damn boh liao this guy.
All we have in common is just... oh yes. we were in USAHA. (like that was my choice)
goodness, i would not even do anything to get to know this guy honestly, he's so sad he's bugging me just because he knows me and qing, BY OUR NAMES. fullstop. wtf. (i am serious! that is just exactly how far he knows us!)
why do i only hate him, when there's like 23724y1243774 other ppl who knows us sisters too? I have no idea, oh wait, i do, cause he's the saddest among all. wtf.

^ hey dear nigel,

Please dont act like you know me,
I dont even know why are you being so excited about.
Just so happens you know me and my sis does not mean you know anything about us.
so stop trying desperately.
like what the fuck does it have to do with you when my dad keeps the bottle away? NONE.
you wanna know why? Cause we wouldnt invite you over for anything.
So really, you could just keep everything to urself, and if you cant, dont "faye" here and there, cause frankly speaking you dont know shits bout me.
all you know about is, i was one of ur ex-classmate.
oh, maybe now you know something else.
I dislike you nosing into other ppl'sMY life especially when its for joke.
go dig a hole and entertain urself instead.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today I did a deed that i am ashamed of.

Its been awhile since i last took a LRT.

I think the last time i rode one would be.... mid/early last year? not sure.
things like this wont happen with seth or kent around. heehee :) love you guys!

I took the LRT today because i have to attend ielts workshop at IDP centre in wisma selangor Dredging, in the city, cause the subang branch doesnt have sufficient students to hold them. :/
and the reason why i did not take my car instead is because, i'm a very nice person who cares bout the environment thus do not encourage single drivers to the city which would burden the traffic congestion and further burn unnecessary fuel which would eventually leads on to further global warming and omg everyone of you should really not depend on air conditional anymore if you want the weather to cool down!
dont that sound nice? 0:)

ok enough bullcrap.
I'm not nice, even though half of that is true, but the primary reasons i am not driving to KL is because, i hate traffic jams, the ridiculously expensive parking rate, some more traffics, getting lost, one way streets, and f*ck i just missed that turning, now how do i get back drama.
Yes, indeed i am a very selfish person, so all these things comes naturally to me to retreat back to the LRT solution instead. still an 0:) wtf haha.

anyways, back to LRT. it surprises me, ok slash that. it disgusts me so much that the moment i step foot into the train, I was so overwhelm with how low maintained this used-to-be-so-lovely transport has turned to, I just stood and gawk-ed for a good 10 seconds before i went to get a seat. :(
boo! the Light Rail Transit was one of the proudest thing i had for malaysia. no doubt, they still remain their efficiency, but the lack of "powdering" is not making them look any better.
I was quite dramatic that for that 10 seconds standing stunt at the cabin door, stupid questions like "am i on the right train?" "is this REALLY the LRT?" "did they change anything?" "this is the kelana jaya station right?" actually ran twice in my little brain, ending with a "should i go back to my car right now?" before i went to get a seat when answers from the previous paragraph kicks in. =.=

By the way, i was hungry and sleepy, and a little snappy this noon staring at the "no food and drink" sign in the train the whoooole time, while holding on to my take away. i know i'm sucha chicken :(, but i have reasons! see above that sign reads another sign that says "no smoking" so if i made a move to just eat in the train since it is approximately an hour ride anyways, some smoker on the train could be encouraged to just "puff along" anyways. see i so civilized. f*ck i seriously couldnt save myself if i'm this etiquette always, really. i was starving! not exaggerating.
I was in a almost faint mode staring at that sign and praying for my stop to arrive soon that i barely notice this weak uncle that just came in until he very often interrupted my view of that stupid sign. then i hesitated cause all i could think of is food and someone else can spare him a seat. (lame excuses) it took me several looong seconds before i came to my senses and gave him my seat, luckily before the door closes and the train starts moving.
omg.. i felt terrible at that time. i was so ashamed that i dare not say anything when the good old man thanked me. he's so nice! i feel bad, doubled.
i am sorry for keeping him waiting.

and that the ends my sad sad LRT story. :/
(goodness, xiasueh punye things also can blog. tsk tsk.)

P/S: Thank you tin, for saving me!
i was heading in the opposite direction! *sweat*

Thursday, July 16, 2009



Because I have not feel pretty for a very long time.

I allowforce you to indulge on my one-night-old SS* photo w/ excessive defects. :P

excuse moi!


Monday, July 13, 2009

I stop...

& even talking.
when i see grandma (the healthy one).

[please dont let karma get back on me.]

cause she beats me at it!

No porridge for lunch - complain.
extra porridge for lunch - complain.
little porridge for lunch - complain.
nothing to do - complain.
things to do - complain.
can walk - whine.
can eat - complain.
look at her - whine.
dont look at her - whine.
talk to her - whine.
dont talk to her - whine.
worst of all.
still alive - whine.

Shit, I so deserve death liao.

howwwww... ㅠ.ㅠ

*Terri sinks into depression mode, again.*

Sunday, July 5, 2009

To Mr WTF:

x sneaky viewers!

:) thankyou darling.

for a change of blog genre..

Read thethoughtsofanegg :)

She was a Junior at my workplace [I quit last june]
A year 2 student from Taylors. :)
very sweet girl.
very potential, and by what I see, Ms V's should love her! :)) heehee.

Her writing is a very different approach from normal blogger.
simple, to-the-point, poetic :)

I especially love the post bout her injured finger :))

Good luck Zhi Ying! Hwaiting! 0:)

P/S: Its in Chinese.