Tuesday, February 24, 2009

hehehehehe. i LOVE wintsen!

it has been awhile since we talked. :)
and i was pretty much done ranting bout job and resignation and a "friend"'s respond to it. 
he was in a rush for class.
and he wrote this!

wintsen 2009 says: (10:14:28 PM)brb.
wintsen 2009 says: (10:14:31 PM)ill get to class first.
wintsen 2009 says: (10:14:34 PM)ill bring my laptop.

heeheehee. damn cute i find. lol.


*feeling all better~

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I lost weight. not cool.

during cny i was weighing 37.8kg.
yesterday i weight 37.1kg.

it isnt cool.
i feel tired all the time.
and work's shit. they dont wanna give me a raise.
its depressing. 
and my weight isnt doing any help.
erase that, i think me not eating isnt helping my weight, and my mood.
but i couldnt eat. its just so sad. to think bout quitting this ridiculously low pay of monument-ing profession.
is architecture really that worthy?
would i be doing the right thing leaving it for now?
seriously in architecture, there is no AGE-limit. so does it matter if i pursue it later?
youth is slipping anyways, at the pace that we're always stressing for more time.

ok i think i should stop rambling.
i'm just upset. :((

anyone wanna go tenji/jogoya with me? i need to gain weight!! :(((

Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 in the morning.

its the first time i dreamt bout that dear boy...
and it wasnt pleasant at all.


*dream*- We (the JessTwins, Liyin and me) were shopping at some new mall. And right outside Osim, we were laughing crazily just as we would when the Jesstwins' around. Then after some time, the twins' nanny(?) sudden came from the shop opposite and nagged them to get home to do chores. i'm guessing some last minute packaging before they leave for aus(?) It was really a bummer, cause we intend to leave already, this suddenly nag-gy nanny is really unnecessary. just then Qing called to ask me to pick up lucky from the groomer. and that he have not eaten for the whole day. I saw him at the doggie zone - it was a 2 floors play area for dogs, with a playground-size spiral stairs to connect the levels. he was on the upper floor, right at the edge of the spiral stairs, he was a mini schnauzer. I got some food and treats from the shop and encouraged him to come forward. but he just wouldnt come down, apparently afraid of the stair. so i went in to him instead. along the way friendly little dogs came and i gave them a little treats each. it was a little more than half gone when i reach that dear boy, i was so happy to see him again, as he was to me, he's still the same, despite the schnauzer look. with just a tad bit quieter than he usually is, as if he's afraid of something. i placed the remaining food infront of him and encouraged him to eat, still, he dare not move. then out of the corner of my eyes, i acknowledge a mean looking real size pincher, on full-alert, radar especially on him. I was instantly protective, grabbed lucky and the food, turned and run down the spiral stairs as gallopy fast as i could because it was built for doggy/kids size. It was a tough one but i made it to the door. it was half close. Just as i whisk it open in a rush, i plan was to grab on the knob and close it back immediately, which i missed cause i was in such haste i over-threw the door ajar. Which now place me in an ultimate exposed position, just right for that pincher to get me bulls eye. I turned to check where have that pincher reach. he was just a couple steps more. i fiddled desperately to grab on the knob. one step away. i got it and desperately close the door. i was only half way there when the pincher sneaked through the more than half closed door diagonally and roughly bit him out of me. he screamed. I was shock to tears. trying to get him back from harm. my vision blurred, i could only see the vague shape of the 2 dogs, lucky in another's mouth. I simply grabbed to the blurred lucky, but the pincher was firm on it. i couldnt get lucky without any tug-a-war experience. and each time, i lost.. because when ever i touch him, the pincher would go crazy and swings his head just as a dog would, trying to keep his bone when someone's trying to take it away. the whole swinging thing hurts lucky alot and thats when he screamed even more. My vision got blur-er and blur-er till i could see no more, but just a grey river....*dream*

the other part of the dream before i meet lucky isnt nice either.
(its a story-dream.)

*dream* i was degraded to the kembara again. all subang roads have been poorly maintained, and suddenly our house planning are w.r.o.n.g. i was going through the small roads in a neighbourhood, inconsistance of the terrace house end lots force me to swivel to avoid car crash, plus the extremely poor roads were filled with rough gravels. very very rowdy. It wasnt a pleasant drive at all. just a little after i've joined the main road. i saw peggy, stop to give her a ride. but the minute i turned another corner, a cop was on me, and i was penalty-d for chewing on gum...*dream*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



i duno how magnificient my changmin reciever is. 
i never miss feb18th!!
and i'm usually giddy and joyful throughout the day on autopilot. just because.

isnt today such a good day??

you must have known why.

the day of the
BEST power, MAXimum forces, and merely.. CHANGMIN energy! <33
I am a super retard when it comes to changminnie <33 
teeheehee. :P 

oh.. you dont know actually? 

>:{ hmp!

its alright~
no grumpy retards around on feb18.!
cause everything's cool on changminnie day~~
teeheehehehe.. *falls*

what did i do today???

nothing much... except work. 
which was still fun eventho the pay's ridiculously LOW, and well, yea, a stupid hella BIG load of work for such titsy bitsy pay. !uck!
[seriously its stupid. we have "OT" E-VE-RY-DAY. and they say it so nicely "we dont have ot, because thats our job, and our job is to get everything done, it would be your fault for not having it done on time. *smiley face* //sf: !uck you, ur job is more than moderate!!]
and "un"-lucky kent got off work. :))
its soooo worth the celebration!!
[no i did NOT "" it wrongly, and yes its worth the wine, cause i seriously think he's lucky, instead of un-lucky getting off work. Its nothing to be talk about, but i'm so happy, eventho he's upset :/ + its the only THING of the day...]

now pull the cork!


Monday, February 16, 2009

This is the best of twilight! ;)

I got this site from suetli's blog.

Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her "Edward". I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her "Twilight" book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

hahahahahaha. i love emails! *falls*

Murid : Selamat pagi, cikgu.

Cikgu : (Menengking) Mengapa selamat pagi sahaja? Petang dan malam awak doakan saya tak selamat?

Murid : Selamat pagi, petang dan malam cikgu!

Cikgu : Panjang sangat! Tak pernah dibuat oleh orang! Kata selamat sejahtera! Senang dan penuh bermakna. Lagipun ucapan ini meliputi semua masa dan keadaan.

Murid : Selamat sejahtera cikgu!

Cikgu : Sama-sama, duduk! Dengar sini baik-baik. Hari ini cikgu nak uji kamu semua tentang perkataan berlawan. Bila cikgu sebutkan perkataannya, kamu semua mesti menjawab dengan cepat, lawan bagi perkataan-perkataan itu, faham?

Murid : Faham, cikgu!

Cikgu : Saya tak mahu ada apa-apa gangguan.

Murid : (senyap)

Cikgu : Pandai!

Murid : Bodoh!

Cikgu : Tinggi!

Murid : Rendah!

Cikgu : Jauh!

Murid : Dekat!

Cikgu : Keadilan!

Murid : UMNO!

Cikgu : Salah!

Murid : Betul!

Cikgu : Bodoh!

Murid : Pandai!

Cikgu : Bukan!

Murid : Ya!

Cikgu : Oh Tuhan!

Murid : Oh Hamba!

Cikgu : Dengar ini!

Murid : Dengar itu!

Cikgu : Diam!

Murid : Bising!

Cikgu : Itu bukan pertanyaan, bodoh!

Murid : Ini ialah jawapan, pandai!

Cikgu : Mati aku!

Murid : Hidup kami!

Cikgu : Rotan baru tau!

Murid : Akar lama tak tau!

Cikgu : Malas aku ajar kamu!

Murid : Rajin kami belajar cikgu!

Cikgu : Kamu gila!

Murid : Kami siuman!

Cikgu : Cukup! Cukup!

Murid : Kurang! Kurang!

Cikgu : Sudah! Sudah!

Murid : Belum! Belum!

Cikgu : Mengapa kamu semua bodoh sangat?

Murid : Sebab saya seorang pandai!

Cikgu : Oh! Melawan!

Murid : Oh! Mengalah!

Cikgu : Kurang ajar!

Murid : Cukup ajar!

Cikgu : Habis aku!

Murid : Kekal kami!

Cikgu : O.K. Pelajaran sudah habis!

Murid : K.O. Pelajaran belum bermula!

Cikgu : Sudah, bodoh!

Murid : Belum, pandai!

Cikgu : Berdiri!

Murid : Duduk!

Cikgu : Saya kata UMNO salah!

Murid : Kami dengar KeADILan betul!

Cikgu : Bangang kamu ni!

Murid : Cerdik kami tu!

Cikgu : Rosak!

Murid : Baik!

Cikgu : Kamu semua ditahan tengah hari ini!

Murid : Dilepaskan tengah malam itu!

Cikgu : *Senyap dan mengambil buku-bukunya keluar.


This so reminds me of the muka-tembok story.


teehee. ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009

must rmb the day he "figures-out" the symbol: <3


i love how he wants to see me everyday.
i love how he'll get upset when i didnt hear the phone.
i love how he'll show up at my every call.
i love how he'll try his best to fulfill my every request/wish.
i love how he'll always drive even though he's tired cause i hate driving.
i love how he'll always order a WHOLE table just to make sure i'll be full enough.
i love how cheeky he'll be trying to get cheesy lines like ily and imy out of me.


Love u too BEE.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just like any other day when i feel alone..

and didnt mind so.

i'm such a sad sad person. 
i can be yippidee-yippadee-do one second~
and melo-i'm-so-yellow the next.

[no, i dont know where did that come from, but it just rhyme :)]

thus today, is one of the days when i feel like being home.
i dont know if thats a good thing, cause i reject all invites on days like these.
and this ticks mr.wtf off in particular kao-kao.


and on days like this, i would care less to even entertain anyone, including him.


haih. how?

& hungry.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hi need help on CSS!

hey, hello 
i'm getting so unhappy because i've been having a problem getting my previous posts and new posts link working ever since i switched to this new skin.

i've been googling online numerous times just to find the right css that works on blogger.
but to no avail, the nearest thing i got is only that. *points downwards* try it yourself! [only the previous link is "working"] help please? *puppy eyes*

very sad one loh.
its bugging me so much i feel so dumb. :((

so if you'd be so so so so kind,
please guide me where should i correct my css code, cause i just cant link them to any of my posts!

my current css code for those new/old posts link are like below:

b:if cond='BloggerPreviousItems'
[span id='blog-pager-older-link']
[a target="_blank"; href='$BlogItemPermalinkURL$;' id='data:widget.instanceId + "_blog-pager-older-link"' title='data:olderPageTitle']
img src="http://www.geocities.jp/choco_asa/img/icon/arrow/01/01-4/02.gif" previous [/a]
[b:if cond='data:blog.homepageUrl != data:blog.url']
[a class='home-link' expr:href='data:blog.homePageUrl'][img src="http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm62/happyy-stop/smilecup-yellow2.gif" border="0" alt="home"][/a]

[span id='blog-pager-newer-link]
[a class='blog-pager-newer-link' expr:href='data:newerPageUrl' expr:id='data:widget.instanceId + "_blog-pager-newer-link"' expr:title='data:newerPageTitle']
next [img src="http://www.geocities.jp/choco_asa/img/icon/arrow/01/01-2/02.gif"][/a]

your help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
thank you! 0x)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy 牛 Year~




not so jolly oh merry oh new year~
MY cny didnt exactly started out "great!"

what happened was...

i missed reunion dinner on 30th night. 
[well, i could feel less bad if i'd take it to be any other dinner, because it was only A family dinner (yes only dad, mom, qing,  and me-supposingly), but of course it was 30th night, therefore it is NOT explainable, even for myself. It was some very very very stupid mistake which i screw up so bad, wtfbbqicandie. i couldnt forgive myself either that night.]

went back penang on the 1st. 
never felt this guilty in my life. EVER. for the whole ride.
dinner with only 3 families, namely the 3 sons of YEOH & family-sss. booooring. cause we I secretly dislike t.wo from them, but couldnt make any drama and talk shits because i'm still guilty. wtf. After dinner, wanted to stay in because i just dont feel like drinking, but ended up being dragged by 2 MNG promoters and grudged into D'joint for the first "drinking session" with my dad. WHICH i did not drink. [that is the saddest thing a FAYE can do ok? because I DONT go to clubs/pubs if I'm NOT drinking. very potong stim one ok ppl? learn to drink, dont give me shits like you cant drink cause i know you can otherwise you wouldnt DONT be there. wtf.]
why did i not drink then?
Cause i was having diarrhea. wtf. stomach damn behsyok. i dont even know what i want: sit, stand, lie down also feel uncomfortable... to top that off, i was wearing my green lenses for the first time [first day of cny, MUST wear new things mah. lol.] which hurts so effing bad i can die and dig out my eyes... you dont have to know that, its not good to say bad things during cny :X. 
*popi my 牛 Year be smooth, prosperous, and joyful. kamsia.*
and there i sat for 3 hours straight, staring groggily at my dad through my half dead eyes. quite miserable. & so un-glam. wtf.

2nd day..
what did i.. OH! yes, finally step foot into Queensbay to catch a movie [purposely go there one, gurney was just a good 10mins or less ride from where i'm staying. wtf.]. after so many years it stood there, the paint and all were already failing. wtf. btw its normal, seaside buildings require more maintenance, that is a fact. so does all the other GOODS; they'd last shorter than they're assumed in sea bay area. Quite surprising that Msia could still build such insignificant building after those "WOW, so glam!"-Suria KLCC, Mid V & the Gardens, ever-improvising OU, Pyramid [the humble one who usually owns the title of overdramatic lightings :D] and not to forget GURNEY. kinda a let down cause Queensbay was suppose to be the BIGGEST mall in penang, but so unglam lah. i feel...macem carrefour finishing to a certain extend. i feel! :x [dont bash me please, i duno why i have this sudden habit of checking building finishes lately]... 
then what did i do?
eh i think thats all lah it was a very sloooow tuesday. and then cause my drinking mood wasnt on the night before my dad decided to take us food hunting. but wtf qing says she "dont feel dirty tonight" wtf? *stares* penang HO-LIAO must be HAWKER FOOD, what else? how cannnnn???? *whines* byebye ho-liao, hello goodnight sleep. 
**I am being dramatic here, cause in-fact, we dunno where to get good food around penang anymore. :P

*jump* 3rd day
3rd day, 3rd day, 3rd day... oh yes. 3-ko & family to be expected on island, from KL.
omg this was the most scary day of the week! O_O
My dear grandma [turning 80 this year, i think] went to the jamban of the kopitiam we were having breakfast in, and couldn't stand up after she's done (squatting type).
i was outside waiting for her, holding the door, when after quite some time, i heard a faint sound. i couldnt quite make out what she was saying so i thought she was done. **note: my grandma have the habit of NOT letting ppl help her, cause she will feel old & insignificant with help.** So i just waited a little more until she tug on the door, as usual. mana tau still tak de respond, then i became concern and started asking if she's okay, then she mumbled repetitively boh lat [she was that out of breath to even speak properly.]
and i hated myself at that point for being the same height as my grandma. wtfbbq. ㅠ_ㅠ
i not boh lat loh, but because i was the same height as my granny, i can only hold her up to the extend my height allows. nevertheless i helped her up in the end. but gosh do i hate being short.  :(

jamban = WC ;
boh lat = no strength ;
TIOK CHE KKIA = scare the sh!t out of me!

And so another slooooow day ahead because dad was out for golf, as we "stranded" ourselves in tua pek's house enduring the extreme warm weather of penang. +_+
But good glory, kenneth and sara came to our rescue! :D :D :D
and we went to BR. oh, this is the first time in 5 years where i actually agree to BR ice cream.
wanna know why?
i totally love this one called... Premium Churned Light Milk Chocolate Ice Cream i think [i seriously dunno what its called, i just picked the most shitty looking one and it was mm-mmm GOOD]
even though the other hates it, maybe because its made of soymilk instead, or something "healthy" lah.
but gosh conclusion: its darn good! and darn shitty looking!

after that session, kenneth's friend david brought us to pulau tikus for my FIRST HO-LIAO of the trip. [damn sad right? for 2 and 1/2 days in penang yet havent taste anything good. wtf.] anyways, the char kuay teow was damn good!!! :D:D:D:D damn satisfied after 2 days of "starvation" (slash dissatisfaction). :D:D:D:D

tua = BIG ;
pek = elder uncle ;
ho-liao = good/ nice/ awesome! :D

later that night, woohoo! final night madness.
since i was less guilty (i apologized, and they forgave me. :D), 
tiok che kkia-ed in the morning, 
and after having a very satisfying ho-liao
everything bad was pretty much at the back of my head.
A party session is definately ON!
so down to D'joint, cause its safe. teehee. :P

picture time~ cause i think i look damn good here. lol.
must <3 those green contacts even though it hurts like hell. you didnt have to know that either. o:)

qing, me and kevin.

Candid, very nice. lol. behpaiseh.

this one also very nice loh. 

Thanks whoever who took the pics ;D

Came back KL on Day 4.
nothing much.
Day 5...
nothing much either, except yan came over at night~ [[ i want ang pao too! ]] :)
and i hated mr. wtf alot these days cause he keep cari gaduh with me over very small issue. wtfbabifiedpunk. menyampah lah.

House Cleaning again on Day 6.
woohoo i have sensitive skin~ so i usually dont have to do those "heavy chemical" chores. :P teehee. what a brat.
and then dinner with all the uncles (friends) and families. = more angpaos~ wee! :D:D:D

little howie and me. 
:D :D
[p.s. he's that little boy whose story went like..
howie: lalalalalalalalala~ (continues lalala-ing)
bro: shut up lah.
howie: ok.]

after dinner, with sleepy tweety boy. rawr.
kesian lah that buddy, whole day eat, sleep, play catch nia. 
no more doggy buddy :((

7th Day.
gaduh-ed with him again today, face to face. cause that babi celaka, my sis wanna go out cannot follow. i dress up excited at finally seeing him again, but his mood tak cantik, didnt bother to take notice, cause my sis still came out (i just cannot do that lah) then everything went byebye nice faye to fuckyoucelakaihateyouwtf.RAWR. oogly.
then after all those stupid conflicts...
mr. wtf trys to make up by Blackjack-on-webcam. and i must say, its working. <3 wtf. teehee.
i hate these love-hate relationship. ish.

well, thats all for now.
i hope everyone else is having a blast!

faye wishes you a very joyful healthy & prosperous 牛 year everyone! ;))