Sunday, April 29, 2007


as the title reads ^^
i, 양숙비, will be going on a diet.
just because I'm driving myself into poverty by having 5 meals a day. "bloody hell?!" =X

and i'm staring to feel the flabbiness of fats around my body O_O" ewww...

so YES, i AM going on a diet!
my diet plan?
1- only stick to 2 or 3-meals a day
2- avoid greasy food
3- takes LOADS of vegees *LOVE*
4- for the most SHOCKING moment.... Actually. SERIOUSLY. take FRUITS

Let's all pray for me, to be able to stick to it (de diet plan; espeacially the last "mission") & the recovery of suju zzangS~~ 0=)
love you all darlings~

damn i'm *still* so hyper. and my model is ugly.. =O
(so 'miraculously' i only had one cup of coffee)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


i dont know what have gotten into me, but i have been constantly hyper since 2 days ago. and to say the truth, my hyperness wears me out faster than ever, that eventually by 11 i'm already half a zombie, but just wouldn't retreat to bed cause i dont want to. thus sometimes, i'll be replying your messages on msn not knowing what i've said and why i'd said so. well, i hope its not too bad. 0=)

ookay... among the things that i've did when i'm in hyper mode for no particular reason was..
1. i screamed "NYAH~" (yes, i bloody did SCREAM-ed) and jump up from my chair (yes, i did jump-ed TOO) when i finally could connect to the internet, since the thunder strike my line yesterday afternoon.

2. I got frightened by my darling lucky. *ROFL* He was standing up on one side of my chair (i didnt know) barking, and i thought he need attention thus, bend down quite suddenly reaching for the ground. and then realize that he wasnt exactly on the floor, cause my hands were holding air instead of that piglet like dog, and then i turn left and saw him staring at me puppy-eyes, and since we're only (literally.. i guess?) inches apart, i shouted "WAHH!!" *pops back up to sitting position with my expression that felt very much like O_O*
seriously, i was like o.O? when i suddenly realize i was actually frightened by my own darling lucky, and that poor thing got frighten by my sudden reaction.. aww.. *sayang*

rofl.. i seriously have no idea why this hyperness is being with me so long.. but i'm loving it.. i think i tends to annoy more ppl than ever. mwahaha.. *evil fangs*

but i do need to concentrate on my final studio assignment..

... while keeping this hyperness for good... 0=D


while you still keeps the hyperness.. STAY WITH ME BABEHS~~

Monday, April 23, 2007

[20th april 2007] ::- Pre-exam ALL GIRLS Party~

oookay.. i was late on this post, and i forgotten to take pics.. yay to me~ ^^ *swt*
well anyways.. pictures above are from Atsuko who got it from eiko unnie and liyin chan~ ^^ Thanks~

Great gratitude to all who came =D

Guan gong 1 *gone*= shann
Guan gong 2 *pours next vodka*= yaya
The scratchy monkey = Liyin =P
De bbq expert *blow! blow!!* "very slow =.=" = Shirley
Cho saranghaeun Chingu= Eiko, Kacy, Tracy, Lei yan, Ammie
The Great friends when being drunk = Tintin, Harhar <33>Mickey Meekei
The exchange = Atsuko =D

sorry for not writing anything, i couldnt very well rmb all the on-goings that night, all i know was.. I'm damn worn out; and yea, blame me for not taking pictures.. heheh..*hides!*


Sunday, April 22, 2007

do NOT play with chillies~~ T.T

dont ever ever play with chillies!!! espeacially if its stated "EXTRA HOT"!!

ookay, i guess everybody knows that..
but how can you not touch the chillies if you need to cut/slice it??
T.T i dont know what i did, i rmb slicing them with only my left thumb and pointy holding it (right holding knife).. BUT.. both my hands are burning except both thumbs and pointies. and it's been burning since 6 this evening.. T.T
freakin painful that it went all red/pink/whatever freaking pain and even "bengkak"(whats bengkak in english btw?? *shy*)


-0-u-t- *whines*

Thursday, April 19, 2007

what's the point.. really?

as much as ALL my friends are excited in meeting Atsuko, and as much as she look forward to meeting my friends tomorrow, I've planned since last week to have a bbq at my place to let her meet them all in one go. which will really saves time and moneh!(its all about it)

(blimey, now i know why they came up with this word. "BUT/BUTT" it holds almost the same meaning.. there must be a negative.)
... the story goes like this..

her counselor called this very evening, about her next host, which will be near her school (good for her) and intends to move her out next monday(which make it only 4 days left at my place. =.=" nvm, tahan..) BUT. also, at the very same time, just told her about the rotary function in Ipoh from friday(2moro) till sunday, which she MUST attend. (WTH? he did not leave any space for me to even re-plan the thing.)
and the best thing of all? my mom called back and told him regarding this bbq, and he just say.. "its compulsory" or that sort. =.=

a supposed 3-months stay, turned out to be only 2 weeks. =.="
so much for an exchange student, i would be so worn out by now if i were to be in her shoes...
and last-minute inform-ation? wth? so you've very well predicted that they(the exchanges) have no lifes?
freakin one year, and you'll move more than you did in your life in the shortest time. =.=
i'm so sien.. crap. i might as well just copy the whole convo with kimchi unnie and paste it here...
so geram to even express.. damn!

seriously what is the point of an exchange when you move so much that you learn so many things but couldnt absorb?? they havent even allow her time to open up, we havent even make her feel exactly at home. and thats how i realize why she've been so polite.(& i mean really really polite) >"<

i feel like crap. no, i shall rephrase that, i feel rotary is crap. dont take it personally but they really have to re-plan/design/whatever-appropriate-that-goes-here their way of arranging hosts for exchangers..

** this post is posted un-rescanned. my feeling is currently too emo and mad to even do anything right. forgive me if there's typos, hard to understand sentences/messages/paragraph.. but i really dont feel right, as i can sense that she's having a hard time, weeping silently beside me.. argh >"<

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friends [part II]

Another wise friend who gives good advises and cooks really good. A self-driven person, especially when RAIN is concern ;) One of the most patient person I've ever know. Also that one person that will always ensure you that you will do great. Eventhough the youngest of the family, she's very mature and considerate. Eventhough we are not this close during primary, I'm really glad we took time to get to know each other better. Love you. AJA HWAITING!! ^^

lei yan:
Another not-close-during-primary classmate ^^" hehe.. but i am equally thankful that we have us (amiko+leiyan+faye) now. really appreciate this special bond eventhough it only formed 5 years later haha.. This girl is as talketive(in a good sense) and fun loving as can be, any call and she'll be there(no matter how packed her timetable are). As long as i can remember, out of 10, she'll only be absent once and thats because she really couldnt make it. She's the best person to confess in anything and everything. me heart you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

生日快乐 mummy ^^

we LOVE you. do we have to say more? x)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

finally, a yumcha session with Tiramicy tracy. =)

After such long time, i've finally able to make it ^^. Its been real fun, gossiping about others, talkin bout the problems we're facing & just having each other's companion. It really feels great =)

Well, as tough as the choice i've chosen is, i'm gonna stick to it. even though it means i'll be pretty much lifeless a lifetime. but still.. i dont wanna give up.

& about her, just give her time. I believe she's tryin hard to forget him too. =) Friendship>BGR.
have faith.

Love ya!

Tired. again. (Tin, I'm about to be like you *lol*.. love ya ^^)

Feeling tired again. Tired for the constant brain cell develop/destructioon for new assignment, new inspiration, new design, new deadline, new everything (doesnt that happens to all designers?). Tired for having the idea but does not know how to speak for it. Tired for the poor model quality i produce. Tired for having my designs rejected. Tired for trying even harder to kill all my braincells and still have n0 idea/inspiration. Tired for depending on changmin too much for drive (but i just can't live without it- Thank you changmin, but its unhealthy >"< WAE??!?). Tired for my poor performance at presenting/speakin aloud. Tired for being tired a little more often this sem. (and i have a feeling that this is NOT gonna decrease; gonna increase LOADs instead T.T). Tired for not being able to have a full rest even when i have time for sleep. Tired for missing the hectic schedule during the hols. Tired of me.
oh archiTORTURE, so-so tiring; but I still dont wanna give up. (wth.. am i self-sadism?? SIAO!)

I desperately NEED A BREAK! I wanna go to san jose!!! I want to go chongqing!!! (maybe korea will be a better choice) I need to get out of m'sia.. i want to get out of m'sia..

but.. oh.. "moneh!!" it's still all about them.-*adapted from liyinexposed.blogspot

three letters and one symbol... "WTF?"

giler obsessed betul.. dah sick ni...


Main article: (source, bww2. posted by yenny)

28 March 2007

Crazy Fan Brings Tragedy to Her Family

user posted image
Yang Li-juan ® finally got the chance to meet Hong Kong star Andy Lau.

A young lady fan of Hong Kong star Andy Lau has experienced an extreme up-and-down of her life. Finally she got the chance to meet her long-time idol, before receiving the news of her father's death three days later.

Domestic Portal NetEase reports that Yang Li-juan is a 28-year-old girl from northwestern China's Gansu province. She became a huge fan of Andy Lau twelve years ago. Since then, the only thing she cares about in her life was to meet her Prince Charming someday.

She quit school, and spent day after day watching videos of Andy Lau's concerts. She wrote letters to him, and traveled to Hong Kong for two times hoping she could meet the famous singer and actor.
Unfortunately, she got no response from him at all. Furthermore, her unrequited love has cost her parents almost everything.

Yang's father, a retired middle school teacher earning a pension of 1900 yuan per moth, was the one who supported the whole family. Her mother was unable to work for her poor health condition. They tried to persuade her out of the daydream in vain. Thence the family has lived indebted. They even sold their only apartment for Yang's traveling fee to Hong Kong.

Last week they came to Hong Kong for the third time, and finally managed to see the super star on Sunday with the help of his fans' association "Andy World Club."

The girl was too happy to realize it was the last few days she could spend with her father. The old man jumped into the sea early Wednesday morning when his wife and daughter were still asleep in a fast food restaurant open round-the-clock – they could not even afford a hotel room.

He was rescued by the coast guard, but died later in hospital. His last wish, expressed in a letter, was for the local government to take care of the rest of the family.

Andy Lau himself has yet to comment on the case.

Source: CRI English



[source 1:
(click for full review)]
HONG Kong singer Andy Lau is reportedly being asked to pay 500,000 yuan (US$64,599) in compensation by an obsessive fan, who has been accusing Lau of causing her father's suicide.
...she didn't claim her father's body because she wants Lau to pay his respects first...
...Yang still insists on a personal meeting with Lau, and the meeting should be "no shorter than an hour and a half."...

[source 2: (click for full review)]

Chinese media report that one of Andy Lau's fans, Yang Lijuan, 28, from Lanzhou Gansu Province has been so infatuated with her idol that she caused her family to be reduced to poverty and ruin. Her father, 68, even sold his kidney to get money in order to support his daughter's fanatic idolization of Andy Lau.

[source 3: (click for full review)]
A male netizen who had courted former online sensation Furong Jiejie, or Sister Hibiscus, has proposed to Yang Lijuan, the obsessive fan of Hong Kong star Andy Lau, claiming he has dumped his former love to give Yang his whole-hearted support.

[source 4:
(click for full review)]
...Director Chen Tianxing said the news struck a chord with him, and he felt a great need to make a film, showing such fans to appreciate their icons in healthy way....

[source 5: (click for full review)]
Crazy Andy's fan back to Hong Kong.

[source 6: (click for full review)]
^ longest and the most detail post i've found. With andy lau's reply to the case.


My review:
(as posted on bww2.)
wt... a-sweat.gif
she's sick.. and her parents are sick for not controling her, instead tries to fulfill all her wishes..
i mean seriously wtf? its not like andy lau owes her a living. he dont even know her, okay maybe now he knows her as "that freakin obsessed fangirl O_O"
anyhow, i dont feel sorry for her, nor her family.. they need to be brought back to reality. as in GET A JOB and stop living like the world owes them.. =.="
so what if your dad died? ppl die approx. every minute.

sorry if i sound harsh, but i just couldnt understand nor bare this kind of ppl. sorry!

& thanks yenny for the news =)


i mean seriously, they are f*-ed up lifes. bloody hell, their existance made the world even more f*-ed up. as my cousin kevin's favourite phrase a few years back "go dig a hole, f* urself and die" or something along that line. seriously f*-ed up.

** for more info.(s) google "andy lau's crazy fan"

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

5+1 reasons Why I <3 Penang =)

The recent trip back to Penang made me recall why i Love penang so =)
here goes~

1. the FOOD!
goodness, those hawker stalls(not. centre)/kopitiam/etc are available at all hours all around the island.!! beef noodles, chee cheong fun, hokkien mee, lok-lok[this is seriously cheap & good!! none of the sticks are more than rm1! & its tasty xD], 'che hu' etc.. AND its cheap. *floats with happiness*
well, not to say we doesnt have it here in KL/Selangor, its just that over here hawker foods are just not so popular and are usually suck-y...
AND!! have you ever seen any kopitiam that sells mixe rice with pork dishes at one side and nasi melayu at the other? i'm not joking, they have this in penang, all in one kopitiam. FREAKING COOL isnt it?? xD

2. the DRINKS!
Pat Poh Peng, Kopi-O Peng.
well, penang is the only place all around peninsular Malaysia to have Pat Poh Peng(I think ipoh has it, but it doesn't taste the same), and is the only place where Kopi-O Peng actually taste good. try it for yourself and I'm a 100%, absolutely sure that you'll agree with me. =)

3. the BEACH!
as much as i dislike the sun, its not-exactly-white-sandy-beach of batu ferringi with lots of (broken) seashells and rocks, & the polluted straits of melacca with jelly fishesss.. its still nice to look out at the sea.. & "seberang perai"..
....shades of blue from the sky till the greens of the sea and till the beautifully 'tanned' rocks till the lighter shades of grey seawater [polluted sea lah adui! what you expect?] till the brownish-beigh(?) sands with trees shadows. its still beautiful dont you think?? =)
& of course!! the WATER SPORTS!! JET SKI~~ banana boat~~ woot!! i just love love love motion and wind. and water xD wahaha..
sometimes you just have to love penang cause its the only place where you can do all these sports!! you couldn't be jet-sking in the middle of a coral-bedded sea thats why ;)

4. the NIGHT.
Day time in penang is as warm as a sizzling pan, but once night falls, its really paradise. The streets will be quite yet not frightening [the comforting sea breeze against our skin & the rustle of tree leaves]. the temperature is just so fine, so nice.. =)

5. the LANGUAGE.
Hokkien, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese and English. WAH SAE.. seriously don't play play with penang-ians.. even the indians and malays can speak fluent hokkien and/or chinese..
felt so paiseh when i accidentally ordered "jit... jit.. jit.. *i couldnt recall 'puaa' at that moment* err.. uwa(bowl) chee cheong fun" *shy*


- this is the best of all! maybe its cause its my interest towards foreign languages (espeacially asians) haha.. but yea, in comparison (even when i dont know any thai words except sawadeeka, and kapunkaa.) they have better TV commercial than us! & more cute people(guys) xD
they are so much more open and dramatic. which actually kept me to the channel during the ads & never fails to send me go *rofl*
-there's this one which was taken in the tube, where a short girl couldnt reach for the gripping bar above. then this cute guy her started grabbing around his waist/bottom while looking at her smirking.. *girl thinks:"HOMG WTH IS HE DOING?"* then.. Jeng-jeng~ he finally released his belt and tied it to the bar so she could reach it. xD swweeett~
^ freakin LOL.. I mean you will NEVER see this on m'sia boardcast.
there are many more ads which I saw in bangkok few years back, freaking lovely and humorous (I actually prefered to stay in the room at night/evening just to watch those just that.. i never know what they were promoting cause they're in thai language. =( yet =) .. haha.. kapunkaa.