Tuesday, December 18, 2007

happy christmas and a joyful new year to all ;)

take care! i'm off to the airport now..

ELF yourself ;)

and be good.

happy birthday to mayyee unnie, 19th dec.
and kacy, 22nd dec. *huggles*

Monday, December 17, 2007

.had a wonderful day =) happy birthdays <33

even though blogging daily schedules are like the most lame thing on earth, but i have to say that i enjoyed every bit today. =)

K-session at the curve with my beloved eiko unnie, samsoonie, kacy, and Qing. and eventhough i myself have sang out of tune//slash//out of breath several times, Qing as amazing and loud as usual, unnie as knowledgeable as usual, kacy and samsoonie as fun as usual, its really really fun.
all it lacks of is our beloved "jjangriin"-amane unnie!

ookay. this is lame.
so overall what i did today is.

kacy texted: hey you wake up adi?
faye replied: ya. *goes back to sleep*

mom knocks on door, shouts: there's gonna be a blackout at 10am, better be quick!
me (thinks): O_O wtf? no heater? *drags self off bed*

Officially awake after the 1st few drops of cold water fresh pour of shower.

kacy texted: one more traffic light and i'll be at ur place.
faye replied: i'm not done yet.. you come in 1st lah.. (freakin mo-so i admit, thats one of the damn habit that possesses me especially in the morning)

faye screams: omgomg i dont have a belt!
kacy stares, then reply: i have one, but i'm wearing it.
faye runs around the 1st floor in search for a decent belt to pair.
kacy stares.

kacy: wah, 11am singK, 11am leave home?
faye: HOW TO STYLE THIS HAIR?! *jabs franticly at hair with lucido-L*
kacy grabs lucido-L, loreal hair mousse, hair curler and start strutting her stuff-my hair.
faye: *WOW*

woohoo. finally reach the curve.
and i miraculously ONLY FOUND OUT I OWN A SPEAKER PHONE. like after one and a half years? *scaredtheshitoutofmeshock*

11.40am, 12.10pm, 12.35pm, 12.54pm, 1.23pm, 1.48pm
etc etc etc...

eiko, samsoonie, qing, kacy, faye: HUH? FINISH DI?!
faye: TIMELESS, *together*이별은 아니죠 한번의 삶이라면 지금 뿐인데~...
samsoonie, qing and kacy watchin girl fight clip.

eiko *goes infront of them* : tell me tell me, dadaladala tell me~ *dances*
faye, kacy *tries to follow steps*
samsoonie, qing *watches vid on phone*: wahh.. WAHHHH...
faye and kacy busybody trying to watch the clip together.

K-session conclusion

"posing ni" LOL.

fooling around doing nothing spectacular around eiko unnie's house.

[samsoonie] the decent baker/whisk-er.
[faye] the machinary whisk-er.
[eiko] the in-and-out of kitchen-er.
[kacy, qing] the sitaroundkitchencounter,iwannahelptoo look-er

[all] woohoo woohoo! its done its done!
faye: Wah.. WAH.. *hand sprangs for one cupcake*
samsoonie *save cupcake from faye*
faye *sulks back to unnie's side*
eiko: how about we share one first?
faye's eyes brighten with hope =D
mwehehehehe.. thank you unnie!
and the cupcake really tasted GOOOD ^^

okok.. lets do the choc frosting!

okok lets do the icing!
icing turns out watery.. =.="

samsoonie: lets put it into the oven to "evaporate" the excessive water
eiko: put into the freezer!
conclusion: put into freezer.

kacy, faye, qing *Xbox-ing*
faye: OH YA! *runs back to kitchen*

faye, samsoonie, eiko: WAH!! ITS MELTING! FASTER FASTER!!
samsoonie *transfer cupcakes to fridge*
*takes cupcakes back out*
eiko, faye, samsoonie: EEE.. whats that?

eiko, faye *modify bigapple box*

faye: O_O yes yes. LETS GO!

*infront of amane's house*
*upon going upstairs*
samsoon's 1st attempt to "knock out" amane's door very yeng-ly... failed.
eiko *pushes open slowly.. and stuff faye in*
[amane] *stares*
[faye] O_O
[eiko, samsoonie, kacy, qing] .... *still outside of the room*
[faye] O_O
[amane] *stares*
...after several awkward seconds that feels like minutes...
[eiko&samsoon] happy birthday~~

언니, 사랑해요 알시죠? ;)
꼭행복하새요~ 화이팅!! *초-*

dinner/supper/yumcha session with the soon to be gone tracy ong.
adios sista.
may you have a holy christmas and wonderful year ahead!
have fun when you're gone!
take care ;)


ok. so this isnt "overall"; its "exactly"!
it may not seem exciting to all of you but i seriously had fun, every single minute of the day.. just being around some of my most favourite people, and the process of making something for another favourite character =D
even the scaryawkward moments when i was pushed into a room greeted by a pair of serious eyes.
and yes i need my sleep now.
good night. =)

Sunday, December 16, 2007


you simply HAVE to check these out!! *squeels*


meow. i'm gonna name him cotton, her heechul, him nagasaki, her patches, him milk, her doze, and her HONEY. *huggles-sayang*
**utmost apologies for my gay-ness, but they are freakin adorable you must agree!


little gracie ;)


dont you want to poke them nose and hug them all together?


u.g.l.y.-ly cute. hee.

i'm not makin sense am i?


TOMBOTS!! ugly cuties!! *screams*
ok.. i'm still not making sense.
give me 5 secs please would you?
*runs out and runs back in*


i dont know what/how to describe, but they are INCREDIBLY CUTE!!
"Just look at that tee.vee. set!" ^^ hee hee.


Pixelfarm pets signing off! ;)
peace out yo! .V.

P/S: these are all FONTS.
*click on the pictures for download link. enjoy :)

credits : dafont.com

Thursday, December 13, 2007

all ready for winter 07 ;) *lol*

I finally went to the japanese salon GUESSEN youngji unnie aka eiko aka heechul's eomma recommended in mont kiara..

the hairwash unnie recommended "kao-kao" was really... FRESH. i mean they dont, you know, "garu"/funny head massages that are often just plain hurtful. its really very pleasure-able as unnie said. but it kinda serves the saying "good time dont last". yes yes, it was over just like that, leaving you wanting more LOL.
ANYWAYS besides that, they place a piece of face napkin on ur face during the washing process, which is really thoughtful because you know we wear make-ups (well i didnt wear it today, coz i thought it'll be like normal hairwash, where a few droplets of water might just accidentally get out of hand and smudge my mascara, how was i to know they're just so detail? me likey =D)

SO! we proceeded to snipping. As i have no idea how to cut my hair/what style to try, but wants a haircut because its getting shapeless. and come on lah.. not much style to try anyways since my hair is short, too. she offered this style which is very cutely-bobish, something like mine before but not exactly coz the girl in the catalog styled her hair and its like puff-ed with shape, which i really like, and HOPE i have, so i said yes, and she asked what type of fringe i want. short as in WAY above the eyebrows, and long as in a little above the eyelashes. This i very well know, I get irritated and tend to have shorter stay-up lifespan when my fringe is too long and blocks my view, but i'm not ready for WAY short fringe (even though tempted several time) so she agreed with somewhere inbetween.
and thats when the snipping begins...
it is kinda amusing. instead of worrying how it might turn out coz your stylist seem unsure of what to do (they do wear it on their face, observes), she just snipped like a pro. no blinking (literally!), no doubting, just plain snips-snips ;)
and WOW do that lady WOW me, I had never know I OWN SO MANY HAIR!
seriously. you know, i already have short hair.. but by the way she snips, its like the hair cut i had when i 1st cut my long hair short O_O... (she snipped for almost an hour, 50mins more or less NON-STOP!)
and mind you I STILL HAVE MY HAIR. not bold.yet. :P

anyways through out the process, I Laughed-Out-Loud, internally (not mad you know) as several "i look like.." thoughts came by.
1st it was, Lick Hung, my primary school look *lol*
then it was, ULTRAMAN *rofl*
next (when they blowed dry), liyin's secondary school look. *LOL*
then it was, Ella 花样 look. O_O"
and she proceeded to fluff/layer/more snipping anyways... and it drifted back to ULTRAMAN again! *wtf..wahahaha*
but overall its really amusing, coz its the one time where i did not worry, and actually laughed at myself for looking bad.
Jie brighten me up this morning before the haircut by sending this link where she customized me. =)
its something very classic, very hilarious, very ME.
and it double the nice-ness coz that made all Qing, Jie and me laughed. =D
- i'll post up the link sometime later ;)
i'm sure some ppl are wondering "why is she happy when she look bad?" if you have this thought it means you dont know me well =) sad for both of us jk. heehee
Actually this move reminds me of the dorky side which i ALWAYS HAVE, and so i should really just live up to it than trying to be that "nice cute girl" most ppl (as in ppl who dont know me) thinks. anyways. its proven that my dorky side, even though not ideal (hideous to be frank LOL!), makes ppl laugh and thats all it counts right? x)

anyways, before today, I was still a blur at the directions unnie gave, i was never aware of the EXACT location nor the name of the supermarket she's desperately trying to tell me. so i went online hoping to find a map, but anyways i didnt find the detailed map, there's only ways to mont kiara plaza not exactly guessen. anyhow, since there's other reviews/forums/etc about japanese salons and stylist, i went into several pages and...
ALL said how jap stylist will get carried away and just snips hair till its really REALLY thin. to be frank, i was at first freaked out because i have thin hair, but by today's outcome i find it pretty alright, i think the reason why they just love to layer/snip away hair is because japs STYLE their hair, so less hair = less heavy = easier to style? i dunno. hehe.. anyways i've always wanted to learn how to gel/wax/style my hair, but never got the "umph" because i dont know how. BUT BUT! out of the several salons i went, this is actually my FIRST time getting hair wax on by a stylist. like seriously.. 1st time weh =D nicey! (some BIGGER salons with outlets all around dont even provide hair oil ok? tsk tsk.)

well thats all..


So how do you like my new hairstyle?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ammie's REAL LATE bday suprise ;P

Not very long time ago, a couple of weeks back, on a certain night, when ammie's rushing for her french research, leiyan's for her following day mid term test, and me, busily rottinthesims2-ing away examandfinalpresentationSTRESS. *woohoo, leaps in victory*

Yan and me was secretly planning a con scenario for ammie's SO DARN LATE birthday suprise. LOL.
yes yes, we've forgotten ALL about it dear. ;)

but our all mighty chef is just so smart in spoiling our original plan. so it was ALOT of tense-playing-around-the-bush type of lies being all wrap up into ONE BIG BALL on the night ALONE. and mind you, i am a bad liar, so it was ultra "kan jiong" for me, to a verge where i actually said SHIT!(really meaning it) when ammie said she wants to come to my house first, while we wait for yan to come back from tarc, after her class which "ends at 4"; we (me+yan) want to bake her cupcakes. yes yes.. so i have to lie to ammie that i'm not at home. hee hee.. anyways.. the convo was really teasing enough that IF i were to be in ammie's shoe, i'm sure i'll be so PEK CEK because both my dear friends are saying plain NO to EVERYTHING i suggested. LOL sorry dear, you know we love you ;0

WELL! anyhow, anyways, after that incident with kam's rock-hard cupcakes, this time we actually succeed! there's a little cheating on my side, but you dont have to know that ;P
WOOHOO!! with frostings and all. which earns us approval from ammie's pastry chef friend, Irene - nice to meet you, i like you!! ;) lol

Enjoy ammie, and tell me its better than Rain *lol*

I say,
Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth ;)

Friday, December 7, 2007

want to see something cute?

still not quite sure what to look at??

"sucking too hard on your lollipop oh love's gonna get you down!"