Thursday, November 11, 2010

Minolta Dimage Xt. (3megapixels)

view from my study

the first digicam to my family,

yo' Hello hooman.

the first camera I learnt to selca with,

the camera that produces photos of my prime-st days. yes i was hella cute, and i thank technology. ;P

just like nana.

definitely my only oldest camera still in use.

the hidden heart! (amongst my mess)

..loved it then, love it still.


the nasty separation in 2005, when it followed my sister to the states.

*barb wired );

the nostalgic reunion when I came to America... 2009

"my turn!" :)))

I say "let's just point n shoot!"

"haha, this is the specs i never got around to pass it to peg!"

.just looking about.

dear table, why are you never tidy?

or probably more? :)

this is still an antique, look at how much I aged evolved from this tiny one!

* Finir *

nana: now get back to your hw already, hooman!

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