Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I think i need a new concept blog...

a ONE-photo-ONE-caption posts blog...


..if only i am four inches taller..

catchy, simple, to-the-point!
yes? no?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cheesecake factory! <3

my 2nd saturday, in CA.
Vanessa(elder sis) fell sick,
while Adrienne(younger sis) have finals to atten
d next week,
and Heidi has no friend. :(
So all there's left to do is stay home :((

The cold is such a booboo. :(
I'm always awaken by the low temperature in the middle of the night. eww.
& couldnt go back to sleep soon enough. eww2.
jet lag recurring. :(
then i got so bored, I start preparing breakfast.
at 3 in the morning. no kid!
thank goodness there's loads of ingredients at home, otherwise i'll have a tough time waiting for time to pass. :/
eww, this post is getting as boring as i feel! >:(

Anyways, curious as what i made for breakfasts?
I tried risotto friday morning, it was very tasty while it was still warm, but real nasty when it turns cold. Like heaven to hell, it gets hard and sticky c
old. I'd describe it as "nose poop", if you understand. hahahahaha.
So ppl, have risotto as much as you can in warmer weather! :P
Then I tried Lotus root soup with ribs and peanuts today.
My sisters says its okay, but i personally think it lacks something. (told you i'm a critique)
I could only taste fats(from ribs) and plain lotus root despite putting it to boil for approximately 6 hours and a lot of salt (imo).
hmm.. am i lacking any other ingredients?

*btw, no photos because i was still groggy from the lack of sleep & brain freeze.

I go back to bed when the sun is up, cause the temperature is more bearable then, and sleep the day away. wtf. sadness right?
went to micheal's to get christmas balls.

our christmas tree~
which gets all the heated air, because thats where its placed: before the heater. while I chill my limbs off. (ass is unsurprisingly the warmest, cause I sit so much.) tsk. lol.

And went for a ride with A. that crazy girl was still craving for FROZEN YOGURT despite the chilly weather. o_o
Thank goodness it wasnt open, haha. *evil*
So she brought me to a student hangout spot, to get bubble tea.
Then i force her to bring me elsewhere pretty, because it is just so boring!
(sucky architecture. cheap lighting. loads of "gang-ish" students hanging in the carpark. wtf.)
And we got to Santana Row on GPS! woohoo.
at 11.20pm. :D

Santana Row, San Jose, is sorta like Pasadena in LA (my absolute favourite place in America :D).
just lacks ppl.
I was here last year, love the concept, love the deco, but it still lacks crowd. *shrugs*
its "lifeless". architecture is pointless without "life" living in them.

Then like our visit last year, we went to the Cheesecake Factory, again, as our final stop. haha!
♥ ♥ ♥

This is their 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Chocolate Cake.
its a combined recipe of their original Cheesecake with (my previous favourite) Chocolate Fudge Cake.
mm-mm-Mmm, so divine! okbye!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

*high pitch*-"HI, HOW ARE YOU?!"

greetings from america!

how do i like it so far??
hmm... lets say, i still have not adapt to their sense of humor. (and spellings; its humour in British, so much more elite, dont you think? :P) haha.
and i also have not adapt to the way how americans are always so "happy".
i find this rather scary.
if there's a way to describe it, i supposed it'll be "like something truly out of the storybook", which is surprising because this isnt disneyland. you know what i mean?
but i suppose its a very good practice because they are very encouraging.
for example, you were invited for dinner at a restaurant.
after dinner, host asks you what do you think about the food.
normally, in malaysia, it wouldnt be odd or rude to give an honest feedback, if its bad, you can say "i didnt like it."
here, you have to say "it was awesome!" and it will be more polite if you say "ummm, this is REAALLLY GOOD!" with your mouth full.
cultural shock? yes indeed, considering i am such a critic. :P
haha. but i'm sure i'll adapt real fast. i hope.
be positive right? :)

The 2nd thing i love about america is, Food here makes me shit everyday!
its true, EVERY-DAY!
No more Constipation! :D:D
I hope i didnt just jinx it by saying out loud, to the world. hahaha.
i love shitting.
and they are all very pretty shits!
they're all of GOLD shade. isnt this phenomenon pretty? *adores* rofl.
Its so amazing, we eat home cook food, with ingredients pretty much the same as malaysia, but shitting is just so easy over here.
I couldnt figure the connection between them, what is wrong with malaysian food that causes gradual constipation? hmm... *wonders*

oh btw, on a totally off notice: its 8° right now. ccoooollld. my hands are freezing as i type. *bbrrrrr* :(

okay, where was i? *brain freeze*
Oh! I have something gay and proud to share!
I got into the highest possible english class available for international students. meaning my english is on par with the locals!
arent you all proud of me? :D:D:D

on the other hand, my math sucks. HAHAHAHAHA.
i am officially back to f1-3 math level. I am gonna do algebra all over again! lol.
yes i am very satisfied with my english score, my math score isnt affecting my mood. :D
besides, it was already expected considering i have not touch math for three years. :P *reasons* hahaha.

P/S: i was thinking about posting a comparison photo of how my complexion got slightly better after coming over, but then i couldnt find a photo of my -before. so there's not much difference to just post one. haha.
well then, at least i wont be contaminating your eyes this time! :P hahaha.

good bye now,
♥ Heidi Y.
(yes, wtf, i changed my name again! hahahahaha... everyone was saying "what?!" and how they would name their DOGS terri. wtf. but anyways i guess i'll be sticking to this one, since i already introduce myself as Heidi to everyone. its another story how "heidi" came about. rofl)