Saturday, November 21, 2009

i thought i'm not going to, but i am anyways.

omg, this post is gonna be such a girl!

Yesterday, I was channel flipping then a sudden halt at channel 316, and the bar reads "BIG BOSS..." so cliche right the title? wtf
so anyways, the opening theme was playing and it was wtf damn poor quality (damn low pixels can see graphic burst) anyonewouldinstinctivelyswitchtothenextchanneliswear, but i didnt. i dont know why, it isnt my normal behavior.
Next thing I know, they were speaking about personal paranormal experience, and I was glued to the screen. I love paranormal stories. wtf.

Then it rained again, just as it would when it strikes 3pm for the past few days. Oh i hate going out on rainy day. But I have to go exchange qing's shoes at Cotton On, because she's a size 7, and i bought size 37 for her. wtf. I get really annoyed with malaysia lah. like seriously fuck shit, there's no "STANDARDIZATION". I am a US 5.5, wears nose size 4 and miscellaneous size 5.
Then at cotton on, there's 30+ shits. wtf.
without a chart. wtf2.
without assistant. wtf3.
fair enough, the flats are really cheap, like rm60 for 2. not the cheapest i get, but moderate enough. but fuck lah. poor service makes it rather not worthy now.
all they have are just "pretty ppl" cashier and shop-lookouts.
I dont think such word exist, but I am positive its the right word to describe their position.

Okay, let me first declare I dont hate Cotton On.
I find their style design fairly hype, but they do lack Colour.
and I have to say their layout is horrible. The circulation space is not designed at all. (I do believe they did not hire an interior designer, otherwise i pity the person. wtf. so many things so little space. siii-kiam-siap!)
There was only one person gap walkspace through out the entire floor arrangement. (have been to OU and Pyramid, both poor but pyramid's poorer.)
It is that small when small ppl like me could even feel stuffed in it.
their layout could easily be compared to cheap departmental store layouts. kid you not.
I suppose they have got the message across to me, if "just get what you want and get out!" is what they're trying to say. :)
They really lack that "happy-land" thing, like in F21 or Topshop, which makes even browsing so entertaining. multicoloured merchandize and good interior is plain ♥, wont you agree? 0:)
Nonetheless, Cotton On is not that bad too. Their only plus point, "more affordable". :)

Now back to the story of shop-lookouts.
See both OU and SP C-o Shop has 2 entrance/exit. of which, i could not notice any beeper (whats that thing called?) allocated near them, because the store really is just too packed.
So "shop assistant" have to arrange displays and looking out for shoplifters. I do pity them for having one extra position than other same retail line.
But its such a turn off. like wtf. are there so many shop lifters around? shame on you malaysians!
(serious shit, just need slight observation and you may spot them eye-ing from afar if anyone is doing something queer WTF)

Anyways, in conclusion, there's nothing I could do about the exchange because i lose the reciept. stupid me indeed :(
But seriously lah, thats not "everything" pun. I only bought it couple days ago (SP branch). They could easily trace back their sales for such purchase and continue with the exchange. I've done this at several international retails too. its just merely a matter of whether the shop assistants would go through the hassle to gain customer loyalty (in simmy language: customer star), or not.
conclusion, C-o tak nak.
*irrelevant info: they have weird crew, ppl who cannot speak decent english. It is stereotype of me, but its like *fish-slap-in-the-face* when English dress style is not paired with English language.
and i was put through 3 different employees who all could not do anything.
oh, this i have to rant.
I went up to this best "english style" shop-lookout because there's no one at the cashier. (he was seriously eye-ing the racks when i approached him!)
and told him my situation. fyi i have this weird accent when i speak english. dont ask me which country am i imitating, i just blurt an accent. i dont know where i picked it up. wtf. he could not understand me. and i was staring at him stupid while he stared at me stupid. wtf. then he went on with broken english phrase. no sentence structure. "exchange, you, need, bill, *draws a rectangular with 4 fingers* bill. ok? *smile*". babified. Seriously i was staring straight on at him with vulgars filling my head that couple minutes right after he spoke. wtf. and i repeated myself in a much slower pace than i usually do "yea, I understand I need a reciept for the exchange, but I dont have it. *explains specific situation* Can you please do something about it?"
He stared at me with a sour smile.
Then this annoyed pretty girl who so happens to pass by, flicked her eyes at me, then eye-contacting "any matter" to the guy. wtf?
He then "explained" in weird patched up english again to her. And i just cut him straight off to explain myself. again. (I was trying to work under than 15 mins free parking charge).
Oh she's awesome. She said "sorry. wait ah. TASHAAA!" *screams for "manager"*
Tasha, now we all know, took several loooong minutes before attending to an upset customer (me). apparently "arranging" displays is whats more important to attract customer. but heck the whole shop looks like a mess, and there's really not much difference with her said "arrangement". serious shit am even more upset.
I then explained my situation in my weird english accent again. and haha stupid floor manager Tasha stereotype back at me. HAHA! and carried on her explain of exchange policy in pure malaysian slang. damn pain to the ears, from some one who dress US now. she's in Uggs. in malaysia. wtf? Wannabe!
I then pleaded with puppy eyes. cause fuck i'm short. i couldnt do the stare. i mean i could, if only i'm seated along everyone. while explaining the whole situation again. catching a plane, the receipt is not with me, could not make it in time really! what am i to do with a pair of shoes i could not wear? hello, please help? be a little more flexible. PLEASEEEEE.
and again PURE MALAYSIAN SLANG "cannot. i understand your situation *damn unconvincing look* but i cant do anything cause i cannot write a report without your receipt *stereotype look*"
I then stated out, there's like 721827319387 of the same kind, you could have easily just switch it for me, (and it hit me, i could have just do the weird thing, switch the shoes right off, and walk out. since there's not techy device anyways. fuck.)
conclusion: "cannot!" straight on.
fuckkker.. damn stupid lah seriuosly.

I thought ppl nowadays are supposed to be smarter?
we are suppose to practice quick thinking at problem solving, and should be fairly more customer service-able after years of experience.
heck I even gain knowledge as to how to handle a difficult customer through my young years of shopping experience, yet they cant even achieve "peace solution" despite being "floor manager".
I was not the most difficult customer.
I gave up, just as the 15 minutes timeframe ends.
MD. these stupid shoes are now rm61 for ONE workable pair.

oh by the way, another good practice Tasha owns. She gave mom the store line.
Sunway Pyramid. Cotton On.
03-5631 0759.
being very upset too, mom dialed the number just as we left pyramid. explains how very upset she is about their service, and offer if we could to write them a feedback for the report.
TASHA said "ow.. *pause* erm, can i call you back please? i'm with a xxx right now. thanks."
she never called back. mom tries again every hour.
1st she was on break, next she's busy... wont you be fed up with some manager like this?
"Good PR" definitely *sarcasm*
Anyways, in resort, I feedback-ed on I know it would not be much help, especially with the HQ overseas, but there's no malaysian website. you couldnt even find malaysia in the "branches" provided on site.

now happy moments.
I finally self-altered my online-bought pink blazer. with the help of lovely DDM owner, kacy's sewing machine! ♥
followed tightly with my first L4D play with Eiko-unnie, Loo2-unnie and CY dongseang. ♥ ♥ ♥
By far the best online game!
not that i play much, heehee. :P

reach home around 2am. when to clean and prepare for bed.
bloghopped for a while and saw halloween pictures on thy-dowager.blogspot.
lie on bed at 3+. and suddenly realize. heck i think i have too much paranormal story for a day!
and started hallucinating imagining smokers, ju-ons and the witch all around my room. On my closet, from the toilet door, and shadows under the room door to the family hall. wtf. until i got too tired and eventually fell asleep.

but why am i awake (again) and typing such long stories right now?
NIGHTMARE! obviously.
wtf. i woke at 5.30. by some freakish paranormal attack without a gun to back me up!

All i have is the remnants of cotton twine strings (architecture model materials) and thread (I was sewing these days) around the room. wtf. sad-nya. :(
Apparently, this tvb drama aunty who always acts as psychic, alerted the paranormal by sewing on the sewing machine in my room, during a thunderstorm. I'm not sure if its a pantang hour she sew at, or if she sew the raindolls (Teru teru bozu) too ugly and angered it. haha.
then *gradual dramatic thunder strikes* and old black and white flickering screen on my laptop, the possessed white cloth (half way through production) came flying to attack me. heck i dunno how that tvb aunty just disappears after snickering at me when she triggered them. such a witch! ugh. :O
Then i tied the incomplete possessed doll with the first thing i grab from my study table, cotton twine strings. and started smashing it agains the wall. and it bleed. wtf? scarily, my door was stuck open by an unknown force just as i shouted from my room for my parents. for help and also for company. I heard my mom's reply from her room and walk cautiously towards my room door, with the bleeding *dead?* incomplete one in my arm for "bail". which i then face to face with a 3meters UGLY raindoll outside the family hall window. it was so sad hanging/flying there in the rain, staring at me (if it has eyes). so even more dramatically scary with the thunder lighting. wtf.
I could not be bothered as it stared & put a curse on me while I staggered towards my parents room and fiddled with the door knob. I only got into the room after several desperate attempt. But mom and dad wasnt there as i heard them.

wtff.. i think i hate halloween.
lol. okay now i shall sleep. in peace. its 8am. already.
"goodnight" ♥

Friday, November 13, 2009

good morning. *sarcasm*

hello, 10.24am.

I understand those who have to wake up early for work and school.
you may whine "fuck, why do i have school/work! T.T"
but its actually cool to have school/work.
its great that you have something to wake up for in the morning.

They say, "breakfast is the most important meal of the day!"
I do agree, but i also stand by a point where "it must be a lovely meal worth break-fast to!" otherwise, the day would just go downhill. i kid you not.

and for an off-time student, there's absolute no reason for me to wake up early in the morning.
I find waking up solely for "breakfast", is the stupidest thing ever.
(1)because there's absolutely no "lovely break-fast" around.
hawkers these days are sucky. Either they get the food right or the drinks right, its rather amusing they can never master both. its not like these hawkers have 2 jobs. they have "professional coffee ppl" and "professional noodle ppl" and still they cant complement each other.
(2)because aside from having your breakfast, you have nothing else to do except watching bugs wheezing about, and you cant kill them cause if you do you have absolutely nothing to entertain yourself. wtf.

I dont even rmb having a "favourite breakfast corner" in recent years, reason isnt because i never wake up early enough for them but there's just no "good breakfast" to look forward anymore. :(
I am serious, I have this theory "Good food only starts at brunch" & it is reinforced by the years, you wouldnt read if i continue to rant on details of sucky morning hawkers. :((
oh! at least SABD days still have lovely sandwiches to start the day, even if it is slightly overpriced & without drink, because we usually have our breakfast bought to class :D good days! ♥
well at least i didnt have reason to sulk because the drink is sucky. wtf.

anyways, in conclusion, breakfast is a waste of time, waste of energy.
then why am I awake you ask?
simple. my mom wants me to eat.

and do you wanna know the way she cheats me out of bed this morning?

yes, the sound of the city woke me. wtf. lol.
I havent been to the city for sooo long, i miss Pavillion, Bukit Bintang, and KLCC. why in particular, i could not answer. I just miss walking around these places. :)
force myself into the shower because i have a very nasty morning temper whenever i dont get my 9 hours sleep. and i knew they were gonna force me to some sucky breakfast first.

P/S: I got conned to wake up for breakfast. they already left for the city while i'm still doing my hair, and didnt even told me until i called them at their favourite morning canteen with sucky food and drink. yes i am pissed. but wtf. imma go to kl now! :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I know the key to having a harmonious relationship with an elderly person requires patient, love and more patient.
and I can be patient.

I am patient when i'm doing work. I am patient on the highway. I am patient while eating.
I can be patient sitting infront of the dumbbox researching most of the time just so i could get something smart out of it. I can be patient spending time doing proposals which i might never use. I am so patient, I would smile and wait my turn when there's a line and most ppl would have just cut the queue to demand faster attendance. I can be patient spending all my time trying out/learning new programs by myself, if I want to. I will wait patiently if anyone finds it difficult in finding the right words before helping (if i know the word/term). I am patient, thus I knit. and I can be more patient, if you speak to me in a less stressful tone (never scream/shout/high tone on me please. no big baby tones too. i'll slap memalukan you or ignore you indefinitely.)

but sadly, my grandma can only speaks in high tones or SHOUTS. except for that 3 times a day when she's eating.
and my respond? very similar to "talk to the hand!" (cause she's my grandma)
no joke.


*thunder-slapped by GOD*