Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello, :)

How do you do??

these simple phrases, I believe was the first two sentences we learn in language.

In Chinese:
你好吗?(ni hao ma?)

Apa Khabar?

안녕하세요? (Annyeonghasaeyo?)

元気ですか? (konnichiwa! genkidesuka?)

Simple eh?

but sadly, I dont say enough of that.

I feel rather down today.
actually, it has not been my best week, but today's the day where it topped it.
One of my bestest friend, caught the flu.
Please pray for her not to get anymore sicker. please oh please.

Anyways, It has been a long time since I dont enjoy my birthday.
Younger, I would dislike it because I could never have my birthday celebration in school. Not that I have a lot of friends to appreciate that. But still, I think it’s pretty awesome to have such big party no? PLUS, we could have that one extra free period! :P haha.

I would wake up in Malaysia on the 31st of August, switch the TV set to Merdeka Parade, and get on with my normal day routine. Ppl ask, if I ever got any privilege for being a national day baby, I dont know, I have never come across any and no they do not send stuff to your house just because its your birthday. Maybe there was such privilege but I miss it because I was lucky enough to be born with a spoon? :) Thank you GOD.

Anyways, I loved how its a home tradition for me to get WESTERN FOOD for my birthday. I lovee steak on my birthday. Savour it once in awhile and its heaven! Have it every other day and its charkeoytiao. I loved how close our family was, having all FIVE of us together, sharing out dishes, drinking underage under guardian, talking, laughing, poking, and having the best dessert to call the night. Everything taste extra incredible with them around. :)

Then, I started celebrating with my friends, a day before, two-days before.. the next thing I know I am celebrating a week ahead through a week later.
Yeapp, 2 weeks celebration! It was a blast. I have awesome family and friends. :D :D :D <3

Next, My elder sis flew off, and the family dinner is incomplete to be as fun. It was still OKAY, as I have numerous friends to keep me busy for two weeks still :)

Later, I lose contact with those not so keen to befriend. And reduced to a week's celebration. I was still truly contented, because, hey, friends come and go, true friends stay. No? :))

Today, my sisters and most of my lovely friends have flown and I became more introvert than before, I suppose. Then, I remember myself as the one who said everything even though improper at times; Now, I remain quiet most of the time, Just because. Considering that I am already quite a quiet person, it is not a good practice, instead of thinking what to say next or rephrasing my words, I got so used to being quiet I sometimes miss that its my turn to speak. haha. It is embarrassing. :P

Anyways, today I pondered the definition of friend.

I suppose the Chinese saying "有难同挡,有福同享" links closely with FRIENDS.
This is what I learnt from my true chinese-speaking friends.
(sorry, I do not know how to translate this part, and do correct me if my words are used wrongly :))

And I realize today, I myself, not "friend" enough to my remaining friends. (I know sounds damn ah lian, excuse me. haha.)
I know I have perform badly when its pretty much, "有福没人享" now. haha.

To my friends,
I have not cared as often even though I understand the purpose of those words at the beginning of this post.
I am unreachable on mobile, most of the time.
I say all the wrong things at all the wrong time.
I very paiseh, to request for outings/yumcha sessions, just because I fear that those little request might be a burden to my friends who are either working or studying, unlike me.
I still say all the improper things. :(
I am such a snob, its a party pooper to have me.

Yet, I thank you all for putting up with me this far. :))

Dont worry, I would not remain upset, it’s my 21st year and I am keen to do better at being a friend. Compromise with me alright? 0:))

<3 more days to go! :D

*** edit! ***


to be disclosed later! :P


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

urgh. midnight post.

I woke up to pee and now i couldnt get back to sleep. wtf.

I slept at 2, went to the toilet an hour ago. kept rolling till i gave up (now). wtf.

hmm... I suppose I shall go search for good movies to stream.

why am I such a light sleeper?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love him. I love him. I love him.

for being a woman.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

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do not, i stress. DO NOT buy BROTHER merchandise!


because it is near to impossible to get replacements.
examples: printer inks.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Do you believe in destiny?

I flipped a coin, betting on head-melbourne, tail-uk.

answer: head.

I flipped it again, unsatisfied. switching the bet. (head-uk, tail-melbourne)

answer: tail.

still unsatisfied, I retreated to the one option that seems decent and sincere.
..going Vegetarian.
proposing that if i get into oxford brookes. NOT first years. then i would go on for another month.

result: 1st year or foundation year offer. (conditional offer)

hey sf, maybe its time to realize that there is such thing as Destiny.
and yours isnt in the uk.

P/S: thanks tracy :) with your bungee jump joke. i know it was unintentional, but it reminded me about destiny. maybe it is what it is afterall. <3









Saturday, August 1, 2009


well past my bedtime.

but i cant sleep.

nothing to stress about.

grad school is decided.

not uk. but us.

not architecture. but towards business.

definitely have reasons to the decision made, and i dont think it would be a bad move.

so what else is bothering me?


i suppose it could simply be boredom.

I dont have enough of today!

i suppose i can elaborate since i couldnt get sleep anyway. (no i am not on caffeine, the nearest i got to it was... green tea bun and ice lemontea. wtf? shouldnt be that bad right?? O_O)
So, today have been incredibly short!
the day i so look forward to the whole week, just flew by so fast and its already saturday, yet i only did ONE out of THREE things i look forward to.
but i realize several things today.
1- I loathe dentists. and their clinics.
(yes, note the S. went to several different clinics and i still hate them respectively; except this one old man whom i dont hate, but would be perfect if he speaks less. :P )
Someone should teach them about efficiency, thats what APPOINTMENTS are for in the first place.
2- KTM suck. big time.
i felt like a lost lamb. wtf dont make me sound so innocent. i felt like a lost limb.
yes. it was torment to get stuck in there with 1o898237427434 other ppl, and most of them stink of sweat, due to after work hours. and fuck why must the train stop so frequently which conveniently also shuts its aircon. wtf. i was literally suffocated by sweats and sticky hairy arms around me wtffff. and it took me more or less 45 mins to just get from sentral to subang platform. WTF! eww.
never in my life would i take another ktm train. ever! mark my words.
3- i am really emo-influenced.
4- i hate departures. (everyone's flying off soon!)
5- i love talking to someone, anyone close before i go to bed.
6- i love ma, qing, yan, kent, tracy. for always being there for me.
7- i love grandma for turning better and not asking me to kill her anymore.
8- i love seeing grandma laugh. and smile. :)
9- i love staring at the sky. and green grass.
10- i love coming home. i just hate coming home to silence.
11- i love going out, but i miss home when i'm out.
13- i love cuddling.
14- i wanna need a hug.
15- i wanna meet my tracy bad! :(