Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In memorial of my most beloved dog, Lucky boy.

My darling boy, Lucky.

I am now incapable in hugging you whenever i like,
I am now incapable in sayang-ing you more than i could, 
I am now incapable in hearing your cheerful barks and howl when i get home,
I am now not capable in complaining about your tai-lou attitute on the street,
and I am not able to call for Lucky to be answered with the sweetest reply a dog could ever give.

You are and will always be the star of the family,
I am thankful that we've found you in year 2001, or more precise.. You've found us. 
and I am thankful for all the surprises and laughters you've brought to us,
I am evermore grateful for the never ending amount of love you shower us with,
and all the unexpected incidence you've attracted.
I thank you for being the first dog and pet to make me realize anxiety and worry.
but i am glad that you've made through all those times.
And I thank you truly for this contented 8 years.
and i will smile at the thought that I once had you.
You are my one and only star, the one that i would truly miss not being able to caress your silky coat, looking at your handsome chihuahua-pincher mix, and cuddle with.

But I am sure you would reach a better place,
you're one smart, affectionate, friendly and guarded dog anyone could ask for. 
Rest well, and go over the rainbow bridge as they say, my darling :)
and if reincarnation is real, i'm sure you will be born into a fine family as the handsome, smart and adorable son as you were.
I am sure, you know that we all love you dearly Lucky. :)
and I apologize for these late weeks where I was not always there to do all the things i wish i still have years to do with you.
rest well my dear one.
we love you, and always will.

missing you dearly.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

its nice to be home. :)

Happy Raya everyone! ;)

awww... SOOOOO NICE to be back in msia. x)

for those who didnt know, i was in Saigon, Vietnam over the weekend. 
well, actually from 26th sept till the 1st of oct to be exact. It was muuuuch longer than enjoyable that i was aware this is actually the first trip where i did not feel a bit of relu
ctance to leave the place. :x

an advise from me: only stay in vietnam for 3 days max. unless you REALLY REALLY love vietnam. :)


ookay, it isnt that bad trust me. just that having the same range of food (specifically phonoodles) for 6 days straight... is not exactly appetizing. you get me? :/
besides there's a language barrier. thus its quite hard to get around. 

OH! but how i love love love rainy seasons. x)
The sky of Saigon was cloudy. making the walks around much more pleasant than expected. <3<3<3!
and thank the nice weather i was able to take numerous fulfilling pictures, around district one especially. See, Saigon City is divided by districts for the ease of guarded areas, i think it is up to district 13 if i did not rmb wrongly. And holds a population of 8mil, with a shocking amount of 6-7mil of motorbikes. *gasp* therefore besides the crazy traffic skills, it is rather safe. haha. Also because these district was not divided accordingly, shophouses are required to display the exact address on their signboard, thus you'll definately not get lost around here. :D its so considerate dont you think?

District one is the most up-to-date area. its sorta like our bukit bintang, but its district plan would resemble much more to Xiamen, China's style. WIDE WIDE road, TALL TALL buildings on both sides, and also palm trees! shedding the extra road for bikes :)
i love bikes! dont you love bikes? its much more tamed than motorbikes and it resembles so much of asian culture (china, Japan.) no? :) :) :)

okay enough of my boring introduction. here are the pics x)

taken in the mid of crossing the street. lol. i swear i dont know danger.

i told you the sky is so nice! <3

i just love this shot. its like the most oriented space in whole saigon. 
Look at that sky, and tell me HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT? 
heehee. btw dont this just look so colonial? <3

feels like home. when everything's quiet. :P
- eh btw i just notice that they have cleaner streets than KL... wtf? 

the density of motorcycles in saigon. o_o
and thats the "tamed" society.
[i couldnt get a picture of the normal/ulu/suburban roads motorcycles cause they're just too much, too hectic, too scary.]

omg so cute! so vintage! so.... colonial! *lol*

on the mekong delta trip.

and it rained. quite vigorously. but it was still so fun! :D

i cant seem to find the part from "cuchi"/"guchi" trip. 
that was awesome
would post them up when i found them.
too good, must share! <3

signing off