Thursday, March 25, 2010

human reactions// Part 1.

just wondering..

If you lost an item that holds some sentimental value, do you..

(a) blame yourself for being careless.


(b) smiles it off, thinking "someone must have like it so much they have to steal it!"



Monday, March 22, 2010

uber cuteness! ♡ ♡ ♡

mad love!

in case you dont play/watch FF (which you should, because its like the coolest thing on earth, and you've gotta keep up yes?) and have no idea how a chocobo looks like..

mad cute right?!?!?! say yes!
like how adorable can a cockatiel, (which by far could be the most similar thing to a chocobo after a chick) who sings the chocobo theme song be!!!

☁ (credits to Ian Fun. lolol.)
super happy right now :)))))

Saturday, March 6, 2010

happy birthday Adrienne! :))

yoo hoo!

in case you're wondering where have I been wandering off this time...
it would be twitter! :D

its truly awesome now that I have an Iphone data plan, so I can go online anywhere, anytime.
nevertheless truly discovering the meaning of twitting. because I can do so anywhere, anytime!
and goodness twitpic is like the awesomest thing ever, cause then I can post any picture I took on the spot anywhere, anytime!
so there's really no need to update the blog anyway, anytime! wtf.
okay, so the last line did not click. so what, who cares? :P

so yea, do follow me on twitter @heidiwhyyy because I do post quite frequent (like once a day) as compared to this blog of course! hah!

well, I wouldnt force you to, but if you would I'd feel


Anyways, on a different tone, it is *coughthebohtuabohsehgirlcough* Adrienne's birthday, so glad the 12-numeric-keypad arrived in time! despite fishbone-cordwrap fails, main character still made it!
and heck she just LOLed when she opened it. wtf.
is that appreciation or not? heck. lol.
and goodness is Kentaro (the bf) sweet, he hella stood out of the door until it strikes 12! awww..
note: it is hella cold these days. he scored one point more this time! ;)

so after that aww-so-sweet-of-you-thank-you-for-the-surprise-kisses-and-hugges, he didnt bought cake, so I made them make this awesome recipe I found online.

(I love, their recipe never fails!)

*the gentlemen cuts*

*she poses*

*and he keeps on slicing*

*dum de dum*

*mix the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter*
*milk & egg*
*no picture here, cause i'm ugly.fml*
*baking went from 20 minutes to more than an hour. methink*

*slice into 2 and she put on the first layer of strwberries*

*finally a picture of me my hand*

*first layer done!*

*on goes the 2nd tier*

*and the rest of the strwberries!*

happy birthday rebel! ;)
♡-ing you always!

P/S: the slight different we did with the recipe are putting only 2 tbsp of baking powder instead of 4 like the reviews advises so, and...
*gosh do I love lucerne, they have the best dairy products! ♥♥♥*