Thursday, September 24, 2009

:) I am back.

Excuse me for procrastinating for so long.
have finally sent mr.kent off on monday. :)

hee, notice i've smiley faces even though its not exactly the brightest days?? :)

yes, i am truly contented <3
where have i been for this one month time?
answer: spending time with the boy. (obviously)
never alone, but its still good. :)

I did not weep at the gates,
cause he told me not to + I dont know most of them who sends him off.
very challenging ok, for someone who weeps so easily. :(
no doubt, i got very emo when i got home. I am quite impressed by myself. manage to tahan all the way from KLIA through dinner then home, which was 2 hours later, before emo-ing infront of mr.mbp, in my room. *wow*
even my mom was shocked, she thought i'd be crying cat and dogs before i got home. she was so worried. hahaha.<3

anyways, it was a lovely month.
+ he's enjoying Portsmouth, and SPEAKING ENGLISH. <3
impressive, his english is getting more fluent, and slowly diffusing the thick malaysian accent after only three days. i'm so proud of him :D

yes, everything's good. :D
Goodnight everybody.
Be safe.

*Oh yes, as i promised.
The birthday gift i got myself.


notice anything??


jeng jeng jeng..
yes, i got my wisdom tooth extracted.

Love Faye~

**oh btw, its really quite nice, tho shocking to see how close his family is, as in BIG family, uncle aunties cousins.
Seriously, i've never seen this huge sending off group. say, i supposed it was over 20ppl. no joke, it was 20+ sending ONE off.
or maybe its just me, being ulu or should i say too "in"?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

bored! >:[

Urgh. I still could not find my camera transfer cable, so i can not show you what i got myself for my birthday :(

neither could i upload pictures from the recent trip.

my dear lovely friends, worry not! :)
i am quite thick skin when it comes to friends matter, dont you forget.
as annoying as i may be, i would still continue bugging you guys. so fret not! ;)
the previous post is just to remind myself to be more hardworking in meeting everyone, and making myself more available when you need help :)
Hwaiting! :D <333

Despite the traffic, it was a fresh experience i had with Cameron Highland.
cause with my family, its always check in-steamboat-sleep-petai-home ritual. hahahaha. i am serious, it is that simple and sweet/boring. :P
everyone's quite surprise when they asked me what to do and i said "i dunno!" and i am serious. cause i never go to the market. I dont love strawberries. I dont love corns. Cactus can not survive in my hand. [I think all plants dies in my hand; and here i am gonna majoring in environmental study. wtf. its irrelevant anyways :P]

This time tho, we visited the Night market, first time having sweet potato balls(?), seeing heck loads of strawberries, kena by some "smart" vendor who sells "made from china" cameron merchandise(wtf? hahahaha), bargaining without much success, very limited mushrooms. nothing fresh, but was overall pleasant due to the cool weather. me love! :D

STEAMBOAT. me love! me love! but sadly Camerons steamboat restaurants could never make soups as good as china steamboats. anyhow, i still had fun. :)

Kea Farm, kinda boring, cause every stalls sells similar items, and the sun was high and wind "tamed". no pretty potted pink daisy for sale.
they have every other green thing tho. :) oh! and i only realize cameron markets is more pleasant cause they aint icky, cause they dont sell meat! <3
its so much cleaner than our usual market. Which is why i dont go to markets back on flat land (subang) mwahaha. :D

Rose Valley, Lots of lovely daisies and i think those are called poppies (if not wrong, i learn them from sims! no joke.) Yet the sun was so fierce despite the cool wind. I got a slight sunburn on my back and a strip across my cheekbones and nose. *damn proud, first time having sunburn on my flat cheekbones. wtf haha!*
Yes, i also realize i got them from a hill instead of beach, haha, laugh. lol.

Cactus valley/Strawberry farm(?) for awesome AWESOME AWESOME strawberry shake. :9 yumm, it was love love love. i must emphasize. :)))
well, we had strawberry waffles, strawberry pancakes & strawberry sundae too. The waffles are still good, the rest however, i'd say... pictures are deceiving. haha. :P

OH! how could i forget the scary single lane for 2 way drive to the well-known Sungai Palas BOH Tea Plantation with their new over-the-hedge cantilever structure, that has GREEN VALUE? :)
The raw-materials, cantilever, light concept of the tourist centre is beautiful, the green rows of tea hedge all over the hills are also spectacular. it is very serene indeed, i could stay here forever. hahaha. No doubt, being the snob that i am, of course i could pick out flaws still. wtf. (i think you see this coming didnt you? ;P) ]
personal speaking, as appealing as the "tea walk" propose, I think it was surprisingly short. It was too short to be remembered or commented on. You could argue that it consider elders and children respond, but the steps are rather steep for elders, so i'd say it was applied inappropriately for that purpose. For healthy youngsters, it is sorta like a small children play ground. "skip-climb-slide" done. :) slight disappointment for me.
I'd highly recommend the other path. made of fine tar road (fine cause they dont have sudden sinks, malaysians know how "nice" our roads could be). Perfect for elders and kids :)
It still have the same pleasant view of the green cup as far as you can see, with our very own tropical rainforest canopy for shading <3>

Then on our way back to KL, Waterfall! :D

and also bought fresh-lovely-totally-sweet wild PETAI, from the aboriginals :)
they sell the best petais ever! me LOVE! :DD

ookay, i'm going out to meet tracy, who fell sick on my birthday. haha. bye~ <3s