Monday, September 22, 2008

God, I'm sorry.

Dear God, 

I'm sorry, I know I'm a bitch for not praying to you.
I know I'm a jerk for being this rude.
and I know I'm not worthy to ask for anything.
But please,
please, please...
let all good parents on earth live healthily. 

Shu Fei.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

another impromtu trip. :)

haha, as the title reads, another impromtu "trip" with kent and chze yoon. :)
yesterday. night.

well its "quoted" because, we were in search for dinner actually, and we went further and further till....

please excuse me i admit very ulu loh, i never know that place can actually be that beautiful.
[its also my FIRST time there!]
i am not in anyway patriotic, and sadly i dont memorize my WHOLE EXACT national anthem. [sorry lah!] and i dont particularly look up to any malaysian creation... therefore i dont usually gets excited by any new creation..
except maybe KLCC -which sadly is usually overcrowded by illegal immigrants. :/ fair enough they need a space to mingle without spending money.
hmm. other than that... bangsar is cool. a little too expensive, but still cool. because of its hilly contour and heavy topography. lovelove.
pyramid have became sooo convenient finally.
... okay thats all i guess.
parks and etc are shits here because we never grow enough trees for shed, i think their purpose of existance in msia is near to "merely for aesthetic view". :/
see, thats why i dont like msia [kl and subang in particular, because i've only live here all my life? d-uh.]

anyways, back to topic, we finally had our dinner at a little after 10pm. [i was dead-hungry, i think i might get gastric soon if i keep on with this schedule. SHIT!]
BUT ANYHOW IT PAID OF CAUSE... i really, really REALLY (just so you know) never thought any place in MALAYSIA can be THAT beautiful.
seriously! the nightlights of KL city was shimmering! no joke!
it was breathtaking.
and it have tall, TALL, eventhough skinny but still, TALL TALL TREES!
which i think contributes to the mist they have eventhough they're not that high. (i am not studying flora or any of that sort afterall).

so to all the ulu ppl like me, check it out! its pretty awesome!
no pictures can visualize the bare eye sensation.
they shimmers as if the reflection of stars on sea! -i am not exagerating xP
its really, really cool. x)

P/S: the mist kinda frightens me at first when we were still on the way.
imagine a road of darkness, and then your headlights only illuminates part of the windy road, very very hazy/misty. O_O
abit the scary right?!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


argh. today's presentation's shitty. fuck.

lazy for studio. goddamn me.

and why of all weeks, this week free but no plan? fuckx2!

ppl please get me out.. *pleads with puppy eyes*



damn i am SO bored. =.=

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy birthday. :)

well well, it wasnt that bad afterall.

let me just review what i did over the week.

still upset about lee un's departure. depress over ip [not exactly teamwork work] and fucked by studio [no inspiration/feel, nothing!]. fuck.

a little light headed after ip and decided to just fuck progression.

damn fucked by ip AND STUDIO. *breakdownpoint1*

stressed with ip and also studio. went ES site visiting, come home with boosted energy cause we (ES group) have hope. slightly depressed by stupid ip members. byebye studio.

damn fucking fuck stress with ip; the subject AND teammates. so damn fucking upset about it because its my birthday and i have no plan no nothing but a whole lot of shits to attend to. partly thanks to them. *breakdownpoint2*

feeling slightly better after finallya12hoursstraightsleep in a whole week(or two, i dont rmb already). was unhappy at the fact that i came like 20 minutes early but was among "the last one to arrive" because i was not informed bout the venue change for ip [stupid organizing skill really]. went for ES sitevisit with only 40% accomplished. nice weather. more ip. more puki. but nice that they did not fuck with me anymore. and finally an impromtu trip to GENTING with the nicer ip members.[happens to be my very first impromtu trip in life. FRESH.] not for countdown, nor fireworks, but dinner buffet at coffee terrace. woot! :D and a "suprise" BR. cake. and gosh nicer cold weather. fun de-stress ball throwing games. and laughters (yoon's one happy influence no one would pay to miss). and omg, FIRST syok-sendiri picture taking IN PUBLIC without bothering what the rest were thinking (i'm serious, we were laughing, posing, and snapping, WITH EVERYONE AROUND WATCHING. that the ones who couldnt stand, left within minutes they sat down).
thanks kent for driving us all up, and back home safely. the ride was definately "interesting". but i not sure bout the ride back, to tired to stay awake. thank you very very much!
thanks shirley, yoon & kent for sacrificing the 2nd day of the loo0ong weekend to entertain a whiner like me than spending the precious time with your loved ones instead. (seriously its precious because our weeks have been shit, still is shit, & oh i pray that we will NOT be in shit any longer, i would rather can live without a partner for another year. just please, let it not be shit.)
thanks hayden, seth and nelly for the birthday calls. happy birthday again nelly.
thanks leiyan, harhar, tintin, shann, chin, jeesheng, ammie, eiko-unnie for the text msges. love you peoples!
and also hwalik for wishing in person wayyyy before.
and the most longwinded birthday wisher of the year - chy horng. LOL.

only slpt 7 hours. (i usually slp 9 hours min.) awaked by ammie's very anticipated text msg annoucing her depart from home to come over. was just in time to "dash" out of shower and draw on my brows when she reach. with the most amazing greentea cake she herself baked. it's HEAVEN! eventho she said there was too much cream, and she lacked red bean. it was still omgoodness the best cake i had! x) thank you so much dear. me lovelovelovex120372187452342timesLOVE IT! [yan! you must come over and try it!]. then to my first meal of the day, BANANA LEAF. (oh btw, its also my first meal with my fam in a WHOLE week. i live at home. wtf?) and the first day out with my fam since.. i've lost track as to when was the last time we spent time together.. i think it was the day we sent my sister off. [double wtf. i feel bad.] back home and "brainrained" for studio (no it wasnt brainstorming cause i did not have much progress). then to BANGKOK. for dinner [its the thai restarant in OU incase you have no idea :)]. and i eyed a pair of heels in ALDO. which cost rm468. *hinthint* okay no worries, i should forget about it soon. haha. and mom bought me a tube of handcream. and i did not take pictures because i do not feel pretty today. but i love today eventhough i did not do anything in particular, i feel nice and cozy. i feel home. :D
oh, and maoyang sang me a birthday song because i was damn curious how he sounds when he sings, and he definately sounded like jay chou album1. HAHAHAHA.
omg! i just realize i skipped a number of ppl's text msgs which arrived in the wee hours, by mistaken them msgs as my alarm (i did not set my alarm the night before, purely the effect of stress school weeks). among them cousin ying, peggy dear and MUNHONG from melbourne.! gosh, this guy suprises me most! x) so nice to hear from him. haha.

it wasnt that bad at all.
i was entertained and having fun from all these simple little things put together. even among the extremely stressed foreweek.
and if i have three wishes, i wish for.
1- better, less stressed weeks; promising i'll graduate this sem. *prays damn hard*
2- i improve as an architecture student. please please please let me understand architecture and art and language and etcetc is profitable in the course better.
3- i improve as an individual. may i be more easily satisfied, thankful, approachable, happier, boost confidence, and better charisma/presentation skill.

THANK YOU. everyone.
for everything. :)