Saturday, July 26, 2008

Damn. >:(

Back from phuket with a head spinning, bone aching friggin cold. not nice.
in fact its doubled/tripled/xxed not nice because all thanks to this damn cold, i wasnt even capable in getting out of bed the day i want to go bungee jumping, wtf. so not cool.
and i feel like a freak in jeans and jacket IN PHUKET. like wtf, its phuket, we're suppose to be in shorts and t-shirts or singlets. but wtf i'm in FULL jeans + jacket, still cold and everything's spinning (seriously this is worse than drinking because you dont feel as bad spinning from drinking) so so lame.

but right, i've got to be frank and say that malaysians are the most uncool people ever. fuckers, we've got problem. of course theres the nicer ones, but i'd say nice malaysian are only maybe.. 20%? the remaining 80% are dumbfuckers who think they're actually smart being so witty. Fuck you bitch.
seriously there was one fucking puki bitch at the airport who was queuing beside us while boarding the plane, and i was so damn cold i was shivering i didnt know (i only realize my hands were really blue O_O), and that bitch was telling her boyfriend "(wah lei tai hooi, zhan tou ngam mong yong) Wah you see her, shiver till like that. (yao kam dong mou?) got that cold anot?"
mind you i translate her language to dumbfuck cina inlish on purpose because i bet thats exactly how she'd put it if she could speak inlish eventho she's decent looking. fuck you bitch mind your own business and go dig a hole, fuck yourself and bury yourself alive. DIE. i know i'm not nice.

and i definately did not make my conclusion on only maybe 20% nice malaysians stats based on that bitch alone, there was some other more severe cases. damn sia sui. i'm not proud in declaring myself as a malaysian. *die*

P/S: i've really wanted to outgrow my dumbfuck curses/vulgars/rage, but i cant. i am really that easily triggered, and it makes it even more harder with ppl dumbfuckers like the bitch above living loitering on earth. Not. Nice.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sawasdee Phuket.!

hey hey, fellow dear friends who did not get bore out by my ridiculously small layout. SAWASDEEKA~ <3

So, here i am in Baipho, typing away with an headache from the dumb "snorkel trip" we paid 900Baht/pax to only snorkel for less than an hour BUT needs frigging approx 2 hours perway rowdy boat ride to Phi Phi Island. fuck.
Well fair enough, Phi Phi was rather beautiful, but its SO not worth the price.

and okay, my initial move was to just surf for the bungee jumping stuff in patong, but wee~ distraction.
okay bye and see ya all in KL :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Chinese in me, :) or :( ?

See i was back in penang last weekend, and food wise, it was the most progressive trip of the year, whereby i FINALLY ate LAKSA! x) wee.
i know, "wtf, laksa very hard to find meh?", but mind you, finding a GOOD laksa isnt easy, whats more AVAILABLE IN THE AFTERNOON, not need of early morning queue for one dumb bowl of "famous laksa" *cheers* haha, sorry my bad, i never like waking up early. therefore early ppl gets famous laksa, and i'd do good with simple decent road side laksa, no prob! ;)
this laksa stall dad found VERY randomly [we were heading for the bridge-byebye penang, until dad suddenly notice one stall by the road side that have FULL TABLES! then of course, being the full-time food detective whenever he's in penang, he parked the car without even asking for opinions! --good for me otherwise it'd be another laksa-less trip x) heehee.] isnt the usual "original-very-uu bi so" version, but a rather "improvised" type which soup isnt that heavily scented/spiced, but still very laksa, haha *falls* i dont quite know how to describe, it was indeed very pleasant! :)

And we had Lok-Lok, damn syok loh, like no need to count $$$, we ate... gosh i'd just say 8 ppl for only 43 ringgit! thats like, rm5++ per person yes? oh how i love PENANG LOK-LOK. *falls*

and we also had the infamous back-lane chee-cheong-fun = love.
and also found out a GOOD dried oyster porridge stall at the same shop = lovex2! x)
and yes not forgetting Masjid Keling nasi kandar banjir = LOVE LOVE LOVE! *bloat*


i went for a haircut.
because it was rm25. cut and wash, BY PROFESSIONAL HAIRSTYLIST.
and i hate it.
i feel la-la now.
not that it is that bad, i suppose its suppose to be "japanesey" but it is not ALL the way japanesey? you get me?
its supposed to be layers, not fangs bangs,
it sucks badder than my then
oldhaventtobeoutgrowndeadflathair :(

main point i feel sucky is because i dont actually need a haircut; i finally found a way to deal with my then-i-thought-bad-dead-flat-hair to not look that dead flat. =.=
[i know you're getting bored now.]
& i kinda get it now that, its not all about the money, coz i AM going back to that japanese salon in mont kiara, eventho the "masterpiece" was damn "naruto-fuzzy-eyebrows" and it cost rm75. but wtf, at least i dont have THIS much fangs bangs sticking out.

and part three.
well, i only went into mois, and i heard momo got raid. wtf.
and they have the noob-est DJ-s i experience in a club. :x
they switched 3-THREE-TIGA DJs for that stupid 3 hours or less we're in there [we was in and out of mois several times because there was "angin" mois might be raid after momo. wtfx2]
& they replay that damn repeated-Madagascar-theme song [yes they bloody repeat the same verse over and over again till i lost count], in between every 2/3 unknown songs, and through out the night, i think i only heard Rihanna and Madonna, each once. =.=

GO TO COCOBANANA INSTEAD. yeap the sunway pyramid one.
even though they have NO dance floor but their music was definately dance-able, the chances of you need to stand and wait for the next dance-able song is just... say 10%? :)

DAMN MY LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH PENANG. seriously there's nothing for me to do besides eating :(

Friday, July 4, 2008

Why I Love Soompi.

Soompi is i think the widest community of english-speaking k-pop fans online.
introducing korean stuff - media, fashion etc etc.
*btw, if you click on the image above, it should lead you to the forum.

there (the forum) you may see topic categories like fashion, beauty, health, relationships... and so on, but nothing attracts me more than their current events.

It is by far my most loved section as to how crazy and unpredictable the world is, posted copy-paste/writen with credits by in-awe writers that doesnt care if it actually sounds as stupid and wild as it reads.
No other forums i came about have this kinda section which is why soompi is the l.o.v.e.
I've came about crazy reports like...

robot lovers in "near future" like.. 40 years time.
the cat-woman who transformed from a cat figure into a woman when a truck almost hit them.
-gosh what? do they think its really transformation class in hogwarts?
murder cases...
-this is damn scary
man eaters...
- this really leave me speechless; i have no idea how to describe how scary & sad it is
rape cases...
-crazy world.
and the beyond imagination, how stupid crazy school kids could & would do these days.

I'm often dumbfounded after a fair amount of reads.
no doubt, i read about that creepy 75 yo old austrain who imprisoned his daugther & fathered her childrens from here, week before they were on the newspaper. :/

it is the craziest of all, it beats your daily papers "fresh" on your door step.

okay little kids, be good close your eyes, because this post is about vulgars :D

so i was chatting with xinghao, and our "smart convosation" sorta leaded him to spurt "sohai" out of no where.
-he was referring to his stupid timetable that doesnt allow him to work this sem, thus no disneyland for him anytime soon.

I never liked the sound of chinese vulgars like these, and commented on why sohai not solan? words like "tamade", "deng nimama", even "tulan" is oookay for me, but i dont like sohai i dont really know why.
which he asked in return what it meant and that he never used nor heard bout it.
to be frank my dear xing hao, i made that up.
and for those fellow kids out there who uses stupid vulgars without knowing what they actually means... its not cool, so please find out before you use it :)

anyways our convo went like this...
황 성 호... says:ermm sohai not gud?
사과 · 비 says:sohai = stupid pussy right?
사과 · 비 says:so lan = stupid penis lah
사과 · 비 says:wtf
황 성 호... says:=.=
황 성 호... says:deep
사과 · 비 says:wtf
황 성 호... says: srupid puss
황 성 호... says:ahha
황 성 호... says:u pussy
황 성 호... says:swt
황 성 호... says:stupid penis
황 성 호... says:swt
사과 · 비 says:you bloody use these words without knowing what it means?
황 성 호... says:mad la u
사과 · 비 says:"wow, smart"
황 성 호... says:sohai , i noe is stupid
사과 · 비 says:why cant there be a stupid penis when there's a stupid pussy?
황 성 호... says: but duno it is stupid pussy
사과 · 비 says:=.=
황 성 호... says:erm
황 성 호... says:coz ppl said sohai more

사과 · 비 says:its cantonese..
황 성 호... says: seldom hear got solan
사과 · 비 says:its because guys are usually ruder than girls, thus they started these stupid pussy thing because they're just too egoistic to admit they have stupid penis

I seriously feel smart for a second coming up with that last sentence, eventhough i have no idea how true that is, but i believe it'll at least be 99% right. because, no woman would go about calling her pussy stupid yes?
so yea, that was part of our pretty smart conversation. HAHA. randomness...
thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bringing out the trash was wise tonight. :)

I went to put out the trash, and looked up into a very starry sky. Eventhough the sky was not exactly clear, and they -the stars- are not at their brightest, it was still lovely enough to paste a smile on my face. :)

ow, how i love starry skies <3
maybe i should reconsider their invitation to redang, i might have two very beautiful starry nights to relish myself in. :) hmm...

*listening to Lily Allen & 王若琳*
faye says its a damn perfect series of songs under the starry sky :)