Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dont you f-ing come near my changmin!

To jessica jung of snsd,

you're pretty,
and you sing good i have to admit,
but i'm sorry i dont like you,
stay OFF changmin i swear.


P.S. 1: Poor taeyeon got upset by some anti-fan's postSSS. like seriously, that fan posted around 30 posts (or was it 300 posts? i dont rmb)
awww.... girl you're awesome! trust me ;) i was ur anti. hahahahah

P.S. 2: I actually feed more on instant noodles and fast food when i'm at HOME. what is this? i thought i was suppose to be healthier from outside food, someone SAVE ME! :(

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

someone, PLEASE give me Mr.Farmer Chocolate milk!

why is it everything that i love gets like.. "cold listed"?
first it was doritos cheesey nachos... (which now thankfully for the "cold list" i grew out of it already =.=)
now its mr.farmer's chocolate milk.
it is like sooo hard to get? i mean sometimes there'll be like 12 rows of it in the supermarket cooler, but it wont be on regular basis, sometimes i see them, sometimes i dont. just like recently when i'm craving for it again, went to jusco, and carrefour in 2 different week, same luck. =(
have you ever try Mr.Farmer?
idk about their MILK, but the CHOCOLATE MILK is HEAVEN.
i swear!
it is like soo0o0ooo00o0o0o0o0 rich in chocolate that its just soo so0o0o fulfilling, it beats me better than icecream! x)
it is not like dutch lady, where it taste somesort like milo. but i have to admit, dutch lady's 500ml (i think it was 4+0 but whatever, you know which one i'm talking about dont you?) packaging is the best out of all (of the same range) available. LOL
nor goodday, which i have no idea how to describe... maybe a little TOO dairy? but urgh @_@
FARMHOUSE's milk is good, but their chocolate milk still doesnt taste anywhere near Mr.Farmer's.
well, anyhow. i just need to rant.

and i want MR.FARMER~~
pretty please?? 0=)

Friday, April 25, 2008

*cries* This isnt art.

This was something happening last year, but i only found out about it when i was browsing through soompi just now. I have always have an idea where every artist is insane or mentally sick to a certain extend. but i couldnt believe this so called artist actually went this far. and whatever reason he gave for his stand is just plain ridiculous. but what ticks me off most is..
"The prestigious Centralamerican Biennial of Art decided that this horrible act committed by this guy was ART, and Guillermo Vargas Habacuc has been INVITED TO REPEAT his cruel actions in said Biennial in 2008."
wtf is this?!

source: -soompi>currentevents>KillingADogByStarvation"isAart"
petition blog:


Thursday, April 24, 2008

真的真的好自恋 ! x)

hahahahhahhaa, did you really think i'd just post those in chinese and then leave?
well actually yea, i know would, sometimes, when i'm feeling pretty irresponsible and i know how predictable that is (hahahaha...laugh =.=)
but i wont be that mean as i usually am today ^^ aint that nice?? o=)
hahaha.. i'm sorry my beloved friends who couldnt read chinese xD
dont worry, "little"fayefaye here isnt about to turn 100% chinese ;) [cause i am limited. sad case.]

well overall the title reads: she's really REALLY vain. =D
and yes you can guess the rest of the slides. xD MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa..!
please forgive me if i gave you eyesore, i'm feeling pretty ;P even with those "ow-so-sexy" given bruises i got from yesterday. [lol, it looks as if i did SPORTS! lol gosh, so cute xP]
but mweehee, i'm in holiday mode! which i'd be sooooo sooo soooooOOO x1239828364232 es-cee-are-ee-doubleu-dee in like... omg TWO WEEKS TIME!

oh wrinkles darkcircle eyebags hello-hello.

btw. thank you so much eiko unnie for accompanying me to get my new sandals today. i had SO MUCH FUN! xD

- much love "babeh"s. ;)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3rd attempt: bloggin from the psp

yes, as the title reads, this is my Third attempt posting from my "new" psp. the first 2 attempts timed out after i typed for a little too long, i think o_o"

so, yea.. i'd keep this simple & short.



Monday, April 7, 2008

It's soooooooooo warm!! >:(

why must summer be so warm?
why cant summer be just a little cooler?
why cant we work during the night and sleep during the day?
why... ok i'm out of why, and i prefectly know the answer too:
Q1:"because otherwise it wouldnt be called summer";
Q2:"because otherwise it wouldnt be called summer!"
Q3;"you can, just that all the shops (except fast food chains)and ppl will be asleep when you're awake, vice versa, thus you'd sooner or later become an outcast =D"
=_=.... sien
btw my term "summer" refers to the warmer phases in Malaysia through out the year, considering its "always summer" here.

anyways. i am such an impatient person think i've got pretty serious "SML" Short-term-Memory-Lost, just 5 minutes ago, i was happily typing from my new PSP (yeap!! my 1st attempt to blog from a psp! xD), and then when it got longer(the text).. i forgot what else i wanna type and therefore give up.