Monday, February 18, 2008

To my abanboned blog:

or should it be Happy Birthday?

lol.. now i feel guilty. when was the last time i post?? 12JAN! lol, i'm sorry 0=P
now i feel weird, it feels like the blog is an individual, and i'm seriously apologizing to it.. maybe its because its partially coughchangmincough's, maybe its because i'm a sucky blogger, or maybe its because changmin's such a perfectionist, hardworker and i'm a shytty blogger, procrastinator no doubt =X

ah! i thought i would have nothing to blog, but i have to say i'm starting to grow fond of Girls Generation, i dont care if i'm gay listening to pop, cute, small girls' music, but i just want to take back my words as to HOW MUCH I HATE GIRLS GENERATION because they're so fakely "innocent" marketed. I dont know if they're still fake, i'm purely judging them by their only album. Anyways, after listening to their music, i must agree that they can sing, but then again, which debuted SM couldnt? (except for that one group, which i dont even know =C i pity them) you have to admit that damn company is pretty smart in business. Its not only "producing" its "MONEY SUCKING"! look at TVXQ, look at poor BoA, look at only13, look a LEE SOO MAN!
btw have you heard about TVXQ FANCLUB, namely Cassiopeia got into the random book of GUINNESS WORLD RECORD? just because they have the largest amount of fans. like 80,000 i think. Omgness RANDOM! [yes i know i've told you, my closer friends about this, but still i'm doing so NOW because I'M GONNA BE SERIOUSLY ABOUT BOYCOTTING SM!] my boys arent gonna starve without my support. *flies*
no point in making Mr. Lee Soo Man richer, and myself miserable yes?
*nods franticly*

btw, i was in penang last weekend, burning my skin off literally, and skipping out penang food, wtf we dint even eat charkueytiao, laksa, pork porridge, rojak and whatever nots "penang delicacies" HAWKER! =.= sien
Even given that i WAS there the week before, those ARE the included in the list of food i did NOT eat =.= *failure
seriously, we need C.A.R. and thats another bullpoo to future architects coz we are suppose to be "sustainable products supporter" and/or in a way "the inventor". well i'm not saying that other fields should and/or dont have to do so(preserving the environment) but it just feels like I'm a Friggin HYPOCRITE because i talk about how i want to do this this this, but i'm still depending SO MUCH on automobile-burning fuels, the computer-electricity, OVERNIGHT ASSIGNMENTS-more electric waste, etcetc you get what i'm tryin to explain. and gosh all these hypocrite-ies are making me insane i'm starting to learn myself NOT QUIET anymore. a little bit too naggish actually.
and thats sad. =(

goodness i'm drifting again. OKAY! back to my point. WHY is there never bicycles to rent in tourist spot? seriously! i was based in Georgetown. more specifically Jalan Chulia, and its so frigginly LONG that we couldnt find food within like.. 30minutes? by foot. =.= SO TIRING!
therefore, in my new assignment, i'm gonna built a BICYCLE VISITOR CENTRE! lol.. i know it sounds not exactly cool, but i just want to revive this activity, do you know just HOW fun it is to ride bikes? espeacially if you're touring. it's just the best way to get around, coz you wouldnt have to pay the dumb taxies by 10s, can move a little faster than walking - saves time, yet a little slower than cars - allows one to absorb everything needed, stands less space - allows stopping anywhere, anytime, and its just purely FUN! dont you agree?? 0=D

well so much for now~
and before the day pass, before i miss it..

love is still in the air ;)