Saturday, January 12, 2008

I think these are made especially for us =)

Eiko unnie and me:

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Shann and me:

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shann's the brunette 'cause i'm the obvious blonde; and the bond is of a load of shits. LOL. wt*

and to my other friends,
dont feel left out because i cant find the right quote,

okay maybe this one

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You know i love you dont you? =D *huggles*


I'm so proud <33 i'm a goddamn fan.

In conjunction of Eiko's iloveELF post.

I found this...

[TVXQ Member Quietly Joins Taean Cleanup]

ChoiKang Changmin, better known as Max of Korea’s hottest idol group TVXQ, has quietly lent a helping hand to Taean County devastated by the nation’s worst oil spill last month.

His secret volunteer work was revealed when a volunteer posted his sighting of Changmin on the TVXQ fan site. The person who saw Changmin wrote on the posting that it was a big surprise to find Changmin among the volunteers. The weather down in Taean had been cold and snowy, but Changmin and his father joined other volunteers in cleaning up the oil. The posting said that since no other TVXQ members were in sight, Changmin must have come to Taean by himself.

TVXQ had spent most of their time in Japan last year, but returned to Korea for a short New Year’s break. TVXQ’s agent confirmed that Changmin had been in Taean for volunteer work on his first day back from Japan. He was not accompanied by other members.

credits: bww2> source: KBS WORLD

need i say more? *floats*

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


from JS

Most improved friend:
Shu Fei *cute hotness*

LOL.. wth that means.. its fresh. thanks bro =D

btw have ANYONE clicked on that ELF yourself clip?? *points down/post before*

crap, i'm like SOOOOO "seeking attention", cause it looks like NO ONE did. boohoo. =(
its SUPPOSED to be EVERYONE's "CHRISTMAS greetings" from me, done by my sister. ishh.. so tak syok lah ppl dint notice, even worst those who saw but dint leave comment (eventho i know you're most probably out of words, but come on lah "give face" lah sikit.)

*-pstt. china sucks coz they block blogspot. and i am SOO left out! >:(

red because i love them.
eventho still among my new year resolution: boycott SM. *sticksouttongue*