Thursday, November 29, 2007




heehee.. so, the all time fear-ed final presentation is done and over on monday..
with a feed back of "nik's group none failed--well done folks!" from nik, through seth's notice.. WOOHOO! let me hear ya-all cheer babeh!! xD XD

and... oh ya!

tvxq's concert on saturday, 24th november 2007..
I was not exactly hyped up, because i still have assignments to worry until 23rd.. =/
but still i must admit how much i missed them, which i emo-ed when i so coincidently enter the stadium as they arrived, the guard had to actually shoo me off the road in order for their "grand entrance" to the stage.. i was a little shaky at the time, because it was like "OMG! i get to see them first/here/now!" when i was already pretty tense for not being able to be among the 1st to enter the stadium/pit. AND THEN... some lady b* instructed them to get off from the other side.. and and i could only recognise xiah from the back.. which totally cost me to lost my cool, that i couldnt even scream for xiah, and as dramatically as it may sound - i walked (eventho "moved" will be a more appropriate word here) like a lost deer into the density of human crowd, blurred vision, not knowing where i'm suppose to be or even go, but with only one aim - FIND QING FIRST.

after being guided into the left pit zone, by their wonderful and totally kind concert helpers, and found qing.. i think i manage to tell her properly that "i saw them coming down from the car."
and then qing replied something like "yayayay! i saw them too, which i wanted to call you to see if you're in and if you saw them!"
and then thats when i teared up saying "but i only recognized xiah from the back!","did you know how small he is??", and "i couldnt recognize changmin.. HOW?!"... yea.. i friggin teared up BEFORE the concert, right in the pit. BEFORE THE CONCERT! friggin dramatic right? *sweatsselfandhide*
i friggin teared up because i couldnt see all 5 of them. and only recognise xiah's back, and yes notice how small he really is.
=.=" oh gosh i'm a friggin fan.

anyways.. it was not entirely great, after encountering RAIN LIVE (he's the bomb, just admit it). TVXQ lack interaction. its like their mission is just to PERFORM. End of story. However i must say that yunho is the best interactor on stage, 2nd hero and micky (a tie definately), 3rd xiah coz he just have the charisma you have to agree, changmin.. cute voice, cute face, needs better training for stage perf tho =P.
Still still, I screamed my lungs out due to the fact that it IS my dearest tvxq. which i just have to show them my love, eventhough i wasnt entirely IN the concert to enjoy it to the fullest. which yes.. overall concludes by: i just have to scream because this is MY TVXQ.

heehee. changmin's voice is seriously so friggin baby-ish! i was like "aww"-ing the whole time, after every sentence he finished (for the prologue of his solo) lol.. a little bit shockin myself - for my act..
what else?? OH! his english.. definately needs improvising. tsk tsk. or maybe its just me.. =.=" changminah~~~~
and yes that fat dancer who "wave"-ed on changmin *glares*... why that fat dancer? WHY???? like cant we have someone better looking like xiah's on him instead?? like.. W.H.Y.?! *shakeshead*

Hero's W.H.I.T.E. which i envy, coz he's like a guy, and he's having better/fairer complexion than the girl dancer next to him, which contrasts him even more.. not as healty but still he's cute.. haha.. i shall address him as "the-mad-white-cute-hunk-with-smexy-voice.HERO JAEJOONG" *faints*
haha.. sorry. =P
Btw he doubled his cute-ness because he smile/play/tease whoever it was was at the OTHER END of the stage, WHILE performing. which is amazing coz these little acts sent us all fans crazy! definately a ++ point, for he understands us and our needs *오빠 사랑해~ ^^*
this is our lovely HERO JAEJOONG. the Fan-loving-guy. <33

hmm.. JUNG yunho.. as mentioned, he's the best interactor on stage, despite the fact that he only knows how to say "are you guys having fun tonight?" in english, (the other verse are korean with subtitles on the screen - LOL!) with very very thick korean accent, which i think he himself is shy about it.. therefore micky overtook the task, and to be frank, i would say .. micky doesnt sound better than yunho.. only louder, but the slang and words are almost similar. so IF yunho ever ever comes to this blog (dream on Bi), i just wanna say, *referring to his english* JUST SAY IT! you sound perfect. =)
anything besides that.. ask kacy or qing..
but he's nice;
me likey too =)
not affectionate tho, he've already got soo00ooo0o much love..*blueks* haha.. immaturity, I DONT CARE
oh ya.. btw his solo is the BOMB! freaking love it. it sounds better live I swear.
and yes yes.. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. as qing mentioned, his "signature move" - sliding off his jacket to reveal his upper arm a little, tease, and wear back on. yes.. a little gay, but in a good way coz its having the positive effect. freakin sent us laughing our heads off, saying "must he really do that?" "omg, he's doing it again!" which in real sounds like we want him to stop doing the gay move, but secretly no.. lol.. omg.. he's so gay, so hilarious. so yunho ;) me love. (NOT AFFECTIONATE! - i will be stalked and murdered if i declare its affectionate love. which i dont wish for, because i dont.)

but compare LOVE. you can sooooooo see the difference of hero's fandom to the others.. the stadium shakes to hero's fans' scream. I SWEAR! not exaggerating.
and this does not include my scream. i actually shut up and cover my ears when its screams for hero. lol, sorry hero i still love you, but no point stressing myself when there's so many other hardcore fans eh?? ;)

micky.. cute, teasy, dint come to stay long enough at my place tho.. no comment.. =)

xiah.. he scares me when he's not smiling.. i friggin "kecut" after his solo, the rain thingie, when he's going back to the main stage via the route before me.. and i was like "JUN"(all high, when he's like still a few person far away)"-su"(right before qing, saw his expression)... O_O"(right before me *kecut!*)...
*breaths* and say "omg he scares me!"(when he've passed by me, at the other edge of the stage)
lol.. a little funny coz he's that charismatic dude which totally melts hearts when he laugh, and yea his infamous dolphin scream... but all in all, HE SCARES ME WHEN HE'S NOT SMILING! =X

hmm.. thats all i think..

oh ya btw! changmin got stuck at my place during that "platform lifting ceremony" while singing "babo" which was.. incredibly CUTE! i'll imitate his expression if any of you ask. its like the ultimate classic. *rofl*

*omg, i cant believe this bunch of fully grown men is actually being described C.U.T.E. by me-LOL*

Friday, November 23, 2007


this is not official but still... EVERYTHING is DONE!!! *cheers*
all that's left is presentation on monday -GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!
and i have coughangelstvxqcough to keep me hyped for the weekend.. oh changmin~ =P

ookay... i'm losing what i intend to say, nor do i know what i'm typing..
so goodnight for now (its 6pm)

x) *goes to bed happily*