Tuesday, July 31, 2007

IF i have a million $$$...

tagged by my dearest kimchi unnie, but notified by my beloved amane unnie..

hmm.. let me just get things right for my small malfunctioning brain.. million=100,000.00=100K right? right..(corrected by kimchi unnie - can just imagine her:O_O "aigooo...") 1,000,000.000=1,000K

Ok... with 100K 1000K i'll...

- GO TRAVEL EUROPE WITH MY <33 amount =".="">ookay.. erase that and we shall start over again =.=

- give 60K to my parents (because they OWN me)
- go travelling with my friends over asia (I LOVE the food! nothing beats asian food. xD)
- invest into a business and earn more bucks
- spare some to the unfortunates/charity
- shop!!
- save

after i earn another million..
- adopt a tiger/leopard/any cubs.. (love them.) - maybe two.. =D
- invest into another business and earn even more

**oh gosh this is GOOD MONEY~!! hohohohoho..**

GO TO UK~~ WOOHOO~~! XDXD *kkya~~*
gosh.. if only i have that money.. $_$ *drools*

after i earn several other millions...
- donate a million
- design and build a bungalow for my parents
- go travel around the world.. (yes another round around asia!)

i think that's about it..
hmm.. should be pretty old by then wouldnt i? lol

anyways.. am rather busy these days, so apologies for not updating..
however I DO enjoy procrastinating. .MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA..
bye~~ =)

-edited on the 3rd of Aug 07*

**and yes unnie, maybe i shall update my toilet to a much bigger/comfortable/luxurious one.. if i could just know where's its new location.. hmm..

gosh! its GOOOOOD moneh! damnnn... @_@ wulong-ness *knocks head on wall* wait.. that'll make it worst.. =.="

Saturday, July 28, 2007

check out my toe YO!!!

I AM jinxed on stairs/elevators..

it's been a week, but it still hurts..
shall i just pull it off? @_@

*aduh >"<

Thursday, July 19, 2007


你会发觉真心的 朋友并不需要天天见面,偶尔一封问候就会使人窝心不已。真心的朋友是会有福同享有难同担的。当你有困难时他们会伸出援手,会关心你。当你生日时,就算人身 在外地,也会捎上祝福,就算是一封迟来的祝福,也会让你知道至少在他心目中还有你这个朋友的存在。当你获得幸福快乐时,真心的朋友会祝福你,就算你重色轻 友,他们也会原谅你。朋友是能量的泉源,它使你努力向上。真心的朋友是金钱所买不到的,是难可贵的。

Credits : ahyan_de_place

**- just because I find this really meaningful, just because its written by leiyan, just because leiyan is my friend, just because my dear friend leiyan wants me to update [wahahaha.. i know i'm cheating!].. anyhow just because... =)

Sunday, July 8, 2007


*jumps excitingly* =D
hahaha.. i know.. you're probably thinkin "wth? like that also so excited?...sua-gu"
but if you ever go/went/stay in penang i'm sure you know its indeed a very spectacular experience to drive in penang..
the small roads, those traffic lights, the motocyclist, the bicyclist, the beca-ist, the amusing buildings and scenaries, the trees on both sides of the road, and their one way streets... :)
however, the experience was amazing yet a little let down.. because the fastest speed i afford to go was only around 60-70 km/h and that was only for a very very short distance.. and also those motorcyclist who accelerates when they obviously saw that u've signal-ed to turn into a junction even though they are actually 2-3 mins away... =.= "bo-liao"
the scary moments [while i'm a passanger in the back seat] of turning OUT of a junction and suddenly realize there's a bicyclist in front when you're just about to accelerate O_O freakin shocking moments... even though I encounter the same scenes with diff. drivers every time i went back to penang.. but still.. O_O"
and their parking... i freakin got stuck in a parking lot because this stupid kelisa parked literally "in the middle of the road" O_O seriously damn "wai"
well, overall i have to admit, it was really really fun, and a good experience cause I drove my cousin's Honda Civic.. which was a serious beauty inside-out!! <33 haha :P

the 2nd thing I've tried this time round is.. singing in public... I REALLY DID!!
you know there are certain places were people lounge and sings K??
yea.. i did that on my first night! at
D' joint.. they have Karaoke Lounges upstairs.. both VIP and public... [i'm not sure where it is tho.. somewhere near Garage(?).. opposite Suppery Senoritas]
it was awesome.. reasons why it was fun:-
(1) dimmed lights - no one can see you.. you can go off-key without worrying
(2) you have one BIG projected screen - this is great even though you're sharing it...
(3) ppl from the next table will sing along - this feeling is awesome.. sometimes they are so LOUD that they covered your off-key embarassing moments.. it felts like a mini concert.. =P
(4) i dont have to pay.. - lol, i went with my parents... and the place is owned by a cousin.. =D

the only (-) points was the waiting part, cause you are sharing the K-set with several other tables and some songs they picked are unknown to you.. HOWEVER, its still all good ;)
anyways... if you're in penang, getting bored of your regular hang-out spot.. try heading over to D' joint.. they have Karaoke Lounges upstairs.. both VIP and public... just make sure you're legal :D

the 3rd thing was Penang Nasi Kandar.
if you know me well enough, or even see me regularly, you'll know that i'm a craver for indian/malay food.. roti canai, roti planta, roti telur, tosai, chapati, nasi kandar, nan... etc.. I FREAKIN LOVE THEM!
for our last meal before heading back to Selangor, daddy bought us to one of his "those good days" favourite stall.. which he suddenly realize its still there when we passed by the "Keling" mosque.. note that its NOT a shop, its only a stall.. in an alley.. really!! but i have to admit their nasi kandar was delicacy.. so rich with spices that overwhelms your taste buds but not at all spicy.. its just so fine.. we ordered practically EVERY side dishes there.. and i have to say the best was the Fish curry... the fish cutlets was soft yet chew-able and the curry was omgoodnessdevine.. 2nd was the "telur ikan" (do we call it the fish eggs in english?) *yumm* ;)
I wont recommend the beef and mutton though because the beef is rather tough and the mutton.. lets say it tasted more chinese than indian.. 0=) then there was the... sotong... which was alright.. and another sotong thingie which i dont know what it is, its white.. and oval..; texture was like.. squingy soft and tasteless besides the curry..
but anyways.. as long as the rice is "BANJIR"-ed it all taste good ^^ haha..
seriously its just so... rich. yumm =P

one more week till the starting of sem4. ONE more week!! i'm so excited XD xD mainly because it means another 4 months of hectic schedules with brain-squeezing assignments and fun classes (not the lectures but the interesting and bo-liao classmates, i really miss shann, liyin, tintin, shirley, chze yoon and the rest.. lol..)


ALSO!! Die Hard 4.0 is good.. ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

baby bunny~~ <33

cute right?!?! XD XD
gosh.. look at that furball!! i seriously have the urge to grab it and throw it around the air XD.. its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKING ADORABLE... so small.. so soft... sooo.... round. xD lol..

anyways, its not my bunny.. its a baby bunny my friend Mun Hong is currently looking after for a friend who went away during hols.. haha.. surprised! cause he dislike furry stuff.. i mean he's a little sensitive towards fur stuff (example - dog, cats etc..) not that he's hostile.. just look at that bunny who cant stop eating (pictures and the way he describes it)!! lol.. damn cute!!

btw... i'm posting because.. its too freakin darn cute!
AND i am that bored...

oki dooki,

baby bunny signing off~ ^^
- xoxo

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer Kam-kam back in action in M'sia!

yay~ i finally saw Kam last night.. and finally gave her those *points to the left-points to the left* rock-hard muffins/cupcakes I made with peggy's help.. haha.. *swt*.. how does it taste?? sadly.. i dint take picture of them.. therefore this is grabbed off summer's page.. heehee =P

also.. i dont know what's wrong with me.. but i actually bought the cam out.. but did not snap pics.. =.= WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??!!

anyhow.. kam's here to stay for 2 months.. so haha..
LETS PARTYYY~~ xD xD wee~~

July 1st outing.. with Amiko and ah-Yan

Had a fun shopping date with my dear primary classmates - amiko and leiyan <33 0=) where we conquered Mont' Kiara sunday market, Desa Seri Hartamas boutiques, Hartamas Shopping Centre(?) and made our final stop to 1u. Well it was a loo0oo0oong day where we walked, walked, gossip, laugh, eat, more walking, more gossip, more eating (at least for me =D), more walking again.. and less picture taken O_O

so yea, as i said.. less picture taken... therefore these are the only pictures we remembered to take.. well anyways... ^this^ was our lunch, which is really good, 총말 맛싰어요~ ^^ just that.. i forgot the restaurant name *shy* but i'll show you the way if you'll bring me along!! 0=D

anyways... skip skip skip the details.. and.. the result is...
Yan: 2 Dresses[in 1 shop! cool..] + a necklace.. [i think thats all?] OH! and a top from cyna doll.. [i think that really is all isnt it?]
Amiko: a pair of shoes.. [do anyone know any BALEY outlet around subang/damansara/KL??]
Faye: a Dress... [surprise surprise, i only got one thing.. i ate my $$ again =X]

I know this pic is a little blur =P.. but what do you think?? *points left* (please forgive my bad photo skill)

overall, I had fun! ^^ [i'm sure amiko and leiyan did too.. am i right??]
even though I K.O.-ed after i got home, bathed, show-off my new dress [to Qingy, who showed no interest =.=], snapped pictures [to entertain self], online for awhile and totally "KONG" at 11+pm. {amazingly early considering that my bedtime has been around 2.30am the whole sem. break O_O"}

**i'll post the purikura pics later after i scanned it.. ;)

Camwhore 1