Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Changminnie Day [part II]~ (^^,)v

haha.. i decided to cheat and celebrate Day 2 of changminnie day, since another half of the globe is still celebrating it.. hohohoho *evil horns emerge from bibi's head* wee~~~
Lets bring out the bitter cola, more drinks and cakes and mi sticks and doritos and kimchi and most importantly CHANGMIN~!! xD wee~~
Lets PARTYYY~~ dibidibidip~~ *dances around*

well, nothing in particular happened on the 2nd day of cny since i have limited relatives to visit here in KL *blurgh* =.=
but anyhow, here's my camwhore session~~
much love & blessing to changmin from <33

.edit. changminnie really taste good ;P <33

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Changminnie Day [part I]~

Even though its like the 1st day of CNy, its more of "Happy Changminnie Day" than "happy chinese new year" to me xD xD lol.. i know its weird, but i just can't stop the happiness from spreading xD xP
I sent text messages like "happy chinese New Year & Changminnie Day~!! may luck love and happiness be with you throughout the year of *oink!* =X" lol...
and ppl replies me with "changmin" or "dong bang" included randomly in their messages xD <33>ALL changminnie sticks I have. I only manage to munch up Cafe Latte and Mi since I only got home at around 9pm. after being 0-u-t the whole day. But now that i've tasted all three sticks. My ranking would be Chocobrown + Mi > Cafe Latte.
This is a tough call, coz both Mi and Chocobrown is really good!! if you dont believe me try it yourself!! :P Cafe Latte was a little too creamy for me :\

well dear changmin,
Thank you for coming to this world & thank you for being in the industry. Thank you Mr and Mrs shim for allowing your magnificient/amazing/talented/smart/absolutely hot son to be in the media. Thank you Lee Soo Man for choosing Changmin as one of the TVfXQ member. Thank you Changmin for always trying hard. Thank you for bringing smiles and laughters to me (and all your fans around the world). Thank you for the inspirations you gave me. Thank you for always motivating me to do my best. Thank you for being here. Thank you for never giving up. And last but not least, Thank you for being Shim Chang Min. (ours forever Choikang Changmin)

-- yay~~ i finally found a topic to post! and yes, changmin really had this impact on me :P

Last but not least,
Happy Chinesey New year and Happy Changminnie day~ ^^
^^ Sehaengbokmanibadeusaeyo~! Gong Xi Fa Chai~!! <33>
may everyone have a wonderful and proporous year ahead~!